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Broadway Shows

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7/5/2016 8:54:06 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
It just occurred to me that most people haven't seen a Broadway play. Growing up in NYC, I probably take them for granted. Personally I hate that you can't see a decent show for under $150 per ticket in most cases. That said, some of them are worth it.

The last show I've seen on Broadway was The Book of Mormon. My favorite play was probably... Rent? I've seen Wicked (long considered the best) but I was tired so I fell asleep. Womp womp. I've probably seen about a dozen plays including Moving Out, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera and some others that I'm forgetting. But I love the soundtrack to Rent so I'm biased.

At this point, I would give a whole lot to see Hamilton... but it's sold out for the next, like, 18 months and tickets are going for $1,000 each or something ridiculous like that. I plan on seeing Kinky Boots or Jersey Boys next.

Have you been to Broadway? What are your favorite shows? What do you want to see?