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The adventures of Fire, and the Crazy King 4

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8/8/2016 1:59:37 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
They were all galloping onto the desert of the debates. They met some people on, like vi_spex. Fire said with a vi_spex tone to spam Wytled's account, and tell all the trolls to do so. Hopefully vi_spex could have understand what Fire was talking about when he said, "Spam Wytled... doing= killing" Which meant if you spam him, you will make him fall.

They had went into different sides. The challenge and the debating sections had the least amount of people, because there weren't a lot in those sections. So they went into different sections and say what happened in the end of the day, when they needed to give their results to what happened.

"First of all, we need a short president right now to serve us. The president will be the leader of the whole site, and our war. As we said last time, bsh will serve our president for now. Bsh is in the corner right over there." Whiteflame said, pointing to a little house. "Submit your discoveries, and hints to him over in that house." He said.

For thirty minutes, the members has submitted their hints, and were ready.

Bsh came out and said, "There were 25 entries. The last entry was the most important, because it went to the top 10 oldest debates of DDO. There is some chance that it was in the oldest part in DDO. Wytled might cover and destroy the oldest parts of DDO, and make it to dust. He can also go to edeb8. Edeb8 is an island which can be sailed to the oldest debate in DDO. So the best lead we have is to go to the oldest parts of DDO, Before the Rune Wars, all the way to the Age of Trolls."


That was it. They were ready to leave all the way to the oldest part of DDO. Walking would take 12 hours. Airplane would take 2. So they all had to meet to the last debate on DDO, somehow.


Fire hate finding stuff. He didn't want to go the last debate on DDO. It was hard to go. He would rather be at home. He could just have went in the instant travelling search button, but there was a glitch, and it didn't work. So he had to go to the oldest debates, and start from there. He clicked oldest debate in DDO in his private travelling machine which he got from a prize in the VU, and went there.


Fire arrived, and 5 hours later, all the others arrived also. They began searching the whole debate. It only took 10 minutes. There was only one good lead that they needed to follow. The last vote was the end of the debate, it was the start. The beach, the old parts. And there, they saw the footprints of Wytled, and disappeared into the ocean.

Which could mean one thing. Wytled went to edeb8, and was going to form an army.

"Pack all your bags!!! We need to go to edeb8 quickly before the war begins!!!" Bsh exclaimed, and they all hurried and ran to the ocean.

Find the next episode later!!!