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Thoughts on Sense 8

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8/25/2016 1:32:02 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
This is another one of the Wachowski's explorations into multiple storylines running and overlapping. This continue's what they did with Cloud Atlas as they refine their speciality more and more. It's an interesting style and I love it. The art of short stories is amazing. From Poe to Bradbury, the art of writing short stories is amazing. The Wachowski's make it even better by telling beautiful short stories all at once and overlapping them so that they all eventually delve into eachother.

This is what happens with each of the "sensate" in Sense 8. Each story individually is very good, and as they start to collide into eachother via Cluster communication it is cool to see how the characters and their personalities start playing parts in the other stories.

One story dissappointed me though, and that would be Nomi/Michael story. There was no actual real conflict in this storyline except for Nomi living transgender until the lobotomy stuff with the Biology company. It would have been better if the storyline had its own conflict like the rest of the stories, and all of the stories slowly moved closer and closer to the shared conflict at the same pace. With the shared conlfict playing a larger and larger part in their lives each episode.

The group orgy also didn't make any sense either. They are all fine with Cluster communicating all of the sudden so they start having sex with complete strangers? wtf

Anyways, I overrall liked it a lot. It got really really cool at the end when they all started helping eachother out all of the time (when the Indian women becomes the police officers to find the drugs to wake up the Icelandic girl and then the Asian girl becomes the policemen to beat up all of the guards). All of the sensate working together to solve problems was so badass, and I can't wait to see them do it more in season 2 (whenever that comes out.)

If you haven't seen Sense8, its a Netlix Original series, so watch it.