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Why I dont believe in Artificial Intelligence

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10/17/2016 5:34:33 PM
Posted: 1 week ago
Sam Harris (I can link you his Ted talk on AI if you'd like) gives 3 assumptions to arrive to the conclusion that AI will not only arise but also replace us:

1. Intelligence is a matter of information processing in physical systems.

2. We will continue to develop and progress with our intelligent machines.

3. We don't stand on the peak of intelligence.

I think that all 3 of these assumptions have problems. The first neglects consciousness. No matter how sophisticated AI becomes, it will never be more conscious than a toaster. AI will never be philanthropic nor will it be selfish, it will simply run through algorithms and process the data we (or even it) enters.

The second assumption says we will continue to progress, but what about errors and malfunctions? The more advanced a machine gets, the more unstable and vulnerable it becomes. First computers became susceptible to viruses, then that expanded to malware, spyware, etc., and in the future our computers will be much more difficult to maintain because there is that much more to go wrong. Finding and fixing problems with them will become a daunting task and repairing them will require multiple people (or evensystems) to accomplish.

The third assumption has no basis since we know of nothing more intelligent than we are. Its just a guess one way or the other whether we are at such a peak. I suspect we actually are at the peak because intelligence has drawbacks and more intelligence would logically increase these drawbacks. Intelligent life is selfish and indulgent. We are warlike and consumptive. More intelligent life would be even more self-biased, not less, and would not be viable or sustainable.