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I am done with Walking Dead!!

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11/22/2016 3:46:37 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
I decided to watch the show Walking Dead about a month ago, never seen it but I love zombie movies/shows/games so I thought I would give it a go. So I power watched through the first 6 seasons and loved it right until the end of season 6. Last week I started the first episode of season 7 and after 8 minutes I was completely repulsed, disgusted, and felt abnormally twisted, I think I'm suffering from PTSD still,

I turned it off after 7 minutes. This is the worst snuff film/show I have ever seen. Sure people will argue that the whole show was sick and gruesome but that was mostly the zombies attacking people. Not people being bashed over the head over and over while they just sit there, they fought through the prison attack and the governor and then to just sit there and take it like that.

I'm am totally done with this sick twisted show. I have PTSD