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Who turned the power off?.

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11/23/2016 9:52:27 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Obi-wan "If you kill me I will become more powerful than you can imagine".Darth "Take THAT".Obi-wan "aaaargh!!".Dies.Obi-wan,now "more powerful blah,blah" then.................What?.Nothing.Nada.Zip.In 3 sequels he does nothing but whisper now and then into someones ear.Where is his power?................Gandalf (1st F.O.T.R.) has the literal firepower to down the Balrog.From there on in every fight he is in he bonks the villains with his staff or sticks them with his sword.In the 3rd F.O.T.R. (R.O.T.K.) at the end,surrounded by thousands of orcs he looks on, powerless, to save Aragorn.Where is his power?.Why does he not rain fire down on the enemy or a deluge of water to wash them away.Why doesn't he make the earth crack and send them into the abyss?.From Daredevil to Supergirl to The Flash our heroes are mere shadows of what they were originally.