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Mario Party 4

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2/4/2011 1:52:06 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
xxdarkxx and zGodmode vs Korashk and Pissmole(nobody knows him)

Me and Godmode completely and utterly raped the SH1T out of him and Pissmole.

1) 30 turns in I had 8 stars
2) zGodmode had 3 stars
3) Piss failed at stealing a star from me cuz i had a flashlight
4) I stole about 3 stars from piss and korashk
5) Star ALWAYS spawned behind Korashk so he couldn't get it and infront of me
6) Korashk choose the wrong path when he did have the chance for a star
7) I got a star from a coin block
8) I rode the raft
9) zGod had about 200 coins pretty much the whole game
10) We had double their coins virtually the entire game
11) We raped SH1T on the mini-games (i think we lost maybe twice)
12) At the point where piss and Korashk got completely sick of it zGod landed on the "lottery chance" circle place. I said "If he gets the 100 coin then we are finishing this fvcking game" korashk says "I'll agree to that" and lets put it this way nobody EVER GETS THE FVCKING 100 COIN CARD, and zGod fvcking GOT IT!
13) Korashk then resorted to turning of the gamecube and calling zGod a "Saigon WHOOOORE!!!"

mario party utter rapeage is rapeage.