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Satire: All people spy on each other

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5/15/2014 12:20:32 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
This fictitious story took place in a remote village where people used to bathe in a nearby river. To keep all the people, particularly the womenfolk, safe during bathing, the village elders enacted a law stipulated that anybody caught peeping at the opposite sex during bathing would get one stroke of the cane by the village chief.

Lately, an increasing number of women complained that they were being spied upon by a masked voyeur hiding among the tall grass at the river bank. Not only had the women, the men had also complained they were being spied upon during bathing.

A group of young men decided to set a trap to catch the peeping Tom. They got a few female relatives to bathe in the river while they hid at strategic locations near the river. After a while, they saw a masked figure creeping like a rat towards the tall grass at the river bank.

The leader of the group shouted: "Catch him! Catch him!" At once, all the other men surrounded the hiding place of the masked voyeur. The peeping Tom put up a fierce struggle but was finally overpowered by the young men.

When they removed the mask, they found that the voyeur was their village chief. Showing no sign of repentance, the village chief shouted at them: "What's all the farce about? All people spy on each other, even on friends."

By now, all the other villagers heard the commotion and flocked to the river bank. Among them was the village chief's brother who was often at loggerheads with him. Surprisingly, he defended the village chief this time: "Big Brother, you should stop apologizing, stop being defensive."

Turning to the crowd that had gathered around the village chief, he said: "My brother is not doing this for the fun of it. The reality is he has saved many lives not just in my family but also in your families and throughout the whole village."

The village chief's cousin also came to his defence: "This type of action keeps our people safe."

One villager said sarcastically: "I find that a bit mind-boggling and a bit difficult how I can connect or reconcile spying on bathing and how it impacts on our security."

The village chief's cousin explained: "We spy for the benefit of our people and to uphold our values. What happens if potential terrorists try to fool us by disguising as our people with amazingly lifelike, custom-made latex masks? When they wash their faces during bathing, they may unwittingly unmask their real identity."