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The heart of the National

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9/19/2014 5:11:38 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The heart of the National problem occurs our economy cannot recover to the housing sector doesn't cover and housing sectors not every cover with their all these for all homes at discounted prices available so that builders they're not bill because there's something this bill is cents on the dollar down the street you know there's a that the altar souls Italy kill he can't sell something else is create is over foreclosed property so it doesn't need to be done I don't know whether there's any connection that you know to this group to be for yes units menus Eileen is enough time has passed yes lost Myanmar and I'm him as well like for yet I'm and let you know a lot of challenges working with public service phased here by let you know even his well you know if this were you are right away I think imp not busy for it was a long tradition I'll let you know public officials I was outburst first become a habit you know a tie we have the first lady will congress's a review dollars you know my city sandlots officials in you know .
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