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That sort it drives me andtrying

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11/1/2014 4:45:25 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Had a great accent and he said-all seen another life brother was like the best so extra Colon people-brother now as a result of that show so thanks Desmond in that seeing ok we got a whole bunch more questions-coming in yeah ok bazillion comments here we go an Horton okay so many into this last questionnaires and then there might be some more things coming in okay I am I'm told I'm sorry I didn't put your name Attash I'll might avian says keoghs no more than 50 usually onlytwenty I that's like really really low carb um to answer the I've never actuallygone that no I like to keep it at least abovesummer between 1500 i think is is except upon even 100 150 is more thanokay amid I had no idea you were born inDennis that's great I was born and raised in well born in Boston butt .