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The pig and the cork

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2/5/2015 12:45:14 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
There was a farmer that had one big pig that he kept in a small pen inside his barn and he tired of always having to clean out the pig poo.

So one day he takes a cork and puts it in the pigs butt.

The pig gets bigger and bigger and before the farmer can get the pig outside to poo the pig has outgrown the gate on the pen.

So the farmer calls up his brother who worked with the circus to come and help him figure out what to do next.

The brother looks over the situation and says that if they take the cork out just long enough to make the pig small enough to fit through the gate that the problem will be solved as best as can be.

Neither the farmer or his brother wanted to take on the job of pulling the cork out of the pigs butt. So the brother comes up with the idea of using a trained circus monkey for the job.

The farmer and the brother watch as the trained monkey goes up to the pig and pulls out the cork and the next thing they they both wake up in the hospital in casts and bandages.

The farmer asks his brother what happened.

The brother said I'm not sure as the last thing I remember is that poor monkey scrambling around trying to put the cork back in the pigs butt.
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