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Man Sets Refrigerator Opening Record

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7/11/2015 9:01:37 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
World Record For Refrigerator Opening

Paul is having one of those days where he"s so hungry he keeps checking the refrigerator, over and over again. Except this time hes broken the all time record.

Paul has checked the refrigerator a record breaking 49 times in the last hour. This man is insane! There is literally nothing in the refrigerator except for baking soda, relish, an carton of expired eggs and a bottle of mustard. You would think that after 49 times he would have the decently to throw away the eggs but nooo, he just slams the door and paces in a circle before opening the refrigerator again.

What makes Paul keep checking the empty refrigerator? The cause is mental insanity. His mind keeps convincing him that if he checks one more time, its going to be a delicious meatloaf in there for him! And maybe an ice cold sprite, a sweet potato. OOh And desert, banana pudding, mmm!

Except no Paul, there"s not s*** the refrigerator. Are you having a mental breakdown? Get your butt out of the house and go to the grocery store so you"ll actually have something in the refrigerator the next 12 times you check. I mean look at you, you look like you"re early 40"s. You re telling me you don"t know any means of eating other than a refrigerator? Ever heard of a restaurant, fast food, a grocery store. Ever heard of Walmart? You look like you"re trying to get into a secret room equipped with a lazer eye security scanning system...

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