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Dexter Mafia - DP8

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11/19/2011 8:49:16 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Active players
1. Andromeda
2. Mestari (medic #2)
3. Blackhawk1331
4. drafterman
5. Chrysippus


PartamRuhem – You are THE SKINNER. You flay people alive and demand RESPECT from people. Disrespect is the ultimate insult to you. And what can be more disrespectful in a game of mafia than killing you. You are a BOMB. If someone disrespects you by hammering you (in a lynch) or killing you during the NP, that person dies as well. You win with the mafia.

Marcuscato - You are Rudy Moser. You are the ICE TRUCK KILLER and Dexter's biological brother. As a serial killer, you win by eliminating all other players except yourself and one other person. Each NP, kill one person. You are also Deb's boyfriend at one point in the show. That may be important. Good luck.

Lickdafoot - You are Angel. You are a sincerely nice guy and a cop, to boot. Each NP, investigate one person. You win with the town.

F-16 - _________________________

socialpinko - You are Yuki Amado. You are an internal affairs agent. If you investigate a cop, you find out their secret. Choose a target each NP. You win with the town.

M.Torres – You are Rita. You are hopelessly in love with Dexter. Target one person each NP. If that person is Dexter, you will be placed in a "lovers" PM with him. If you fail to find Dexter by DP9, you die of heartbreak. You win with the town.

Rusty - ____________________________

Blackvoid - You are Quinn. You are a dirty cop, but are still a good cop with good instincts. Each NP, investigate one person. You win with the town.

M.Torres #2 (mongeese) - ______________________________

MiG - You are Dexter Morgan. To audiences, you are a well-known SERIAL KILLER, but you manage to hide your identity from all of the cops who work with you, so you appear innocent upon investigation. You are adept at killing, so you may kill one person each NP. In the show, you live by a "code" that only allows you to kill other killers; however, you have been known to kill non-murderers to preserve your own survival. And that is your goal in this game: to survive! You must survive until the end of the game, and you win by yourself, which means killing off the entire mafia and town, save one person. This seems to make sense. You do have to kill the bad guys, but throughout the show, there is one person you are unwilling to kill: your sister Deb. You cannot kill her. She must either get killed by another or be the last person standing in order for you to win. You have a blackbelt in jujitsu and have proven EXTREMELY hard to kill over the years, even though you've been targeted multiple times by other hardened killer; thus, you are also BULLETPROOF. Lastly, you are extremely good at disposing of the bodies of those you have killed – their character and alignment will be known (told) only to you, not announced after death. While this makes it hard to claim that you are a townie killing role, it allows you to fake claim many potential things. Be warned: it WILL occur to people that Dexter is either a pro-town vig or a serial killer. As stated already: you win by yourself.

(headphonegut) Lickdafoot #2 - You are Cira Manzon. You are an up-and-coming police officer and seem to have good instincts. As a cop, investigate one person each NP. You win with the town.

Medic - You are Debra Morgan. You are a really good detective and seem to single-handedly solve most of the cases that come before Miami Metro. As a result, in this game, you will be a cop. Investigate one person each NP. You win with the town.

Tvellalot (socialpinko #2) - You are Sonya. You are Harrison's nanny and are the loving mother he no longer has, protecting him from all potential harm. These motherly qualities imbue you with protective abilities. You are the DOCTOR. Each NP, protect one person. You win with the town.

Raisor - You are Arthur Mitchell. You are nicknamed "the Trinity killer" because with you, death comes in threes. So you may kill THREE people in each NP in which you are allowed to act. However, you kill irregularly and only arrive on the show in season four. Thus, you can kill THREE people on NP4. You may not act again until the next cycle, which begins NP8. You are a serial killer and thus win by yourself.

Spritle - You are Ellen Wolf. You are a hotshot defense attorney and are REALLY willing to go the extra mile for your clients. You are the BODYGUARD: each NP, choose a target. If that person is targeted to be killed, you die instead. You win with the town.

Nerdykiller/greyparrot - You are Gabriel. You are a writer who becomes Deb's boyfriend at one point. Each NP, target one person. If you successfully target Deb, you will be placed in a lovers PM with her, but one of her other boyfriends will die (she can't have multiple boyfriends . . . you take his place). Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? It could go either way. You win with the town.

Medic #2 (mongoose) - You are Commander Matthews. Assemble the best possible team to catch the killers. You are the MASON RECRUITER. Each NP, select a target to enter a Mason PM with you. Be careful; you have unwittingly recruited criminals in the past. Try not to repeat this mistake. You win with the town.

LoR – You are Jonah Mitchell. You survive massive amounts of abuse by your father and are thus bulletproof. You win with the town.

Korashk (blackvoid #2) - You are Cody. You're a cute little kid. But not much more than that. You are a vanilla townie and win with the town.

It takes 3 votes to lynch.


Medic – 1/3 - medic
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11/19/2011 8:54:41 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I'm VTL Medic, and here's why:

Mestari avoided claiming all game, and when his replacement finally claimed, his "role" gives him the perfect way to survive unquestioned. With a claim of Terminal Disease running out in NP8, Mestari has the perfect cover story to survive into DP9 and win.

Assuming 2 mafia and 5 town:

Today: 5/2 -1
Tonight: 4/2 -1
DP8: 3/2 -1
NP8: 2/2 -1 and the mafia wins

1 mafia and 6 town:

Yesterday: 6/1 -1
Last night: 5/1 -1
DP8: 4/1 -1
NP8: 3/1 -1
DP9: 2/1 and Mestari has a chance to talk his way out of being lynched. Mislynch and lose.

It's a perfect cover if there are two left; if only one, it's still pretty clever and almost foolproof.

I think we may have finally found the last one.
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11/19/2011 8:59:13 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
medic has been lynched. He was . . . innocent.

Night actions asap.
You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into - Jonathan Swift (paraphrase)