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Best Epic Mafia Moments

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12/18/2011 12:20:20 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
I thought it would be fun to compile a list of hilarious epic mafia moments.

I will relay my tale first.

I was playing today as a Lookout and noticed that one of my two partners, who happened to be a ninja, was ridiculously arrogant. So, on the fourth Day Phase, I claimed to be tracker and bussed him; the town believed me despite the fact that he protested that the tracker cannot see the ninja's actions. To cover my tracks, my other partner and I did not lynch that round while I visited someone else. The next day, the Journalist confirmed that I could, indeed, watch people and track their activities, thus allowing me to slaughter the few remaining townies and win the game. The ninja's outrage after the end of the game was priceless . . .