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Aerial Warfare Mafia DP5 (Skipped)

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1/28/2012 10:13:08 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Aerial Warfare Mafia: Day Phase 5 (SKIPPED)


Crash Statistics:

1) Medic0506: _____________

2) ViperKing, you are the Bell UH-1 Iroquois. You are versatile helicopter that was the workhorse for the US Military during the Vietnam war. You used to be able to perform a variety of functions such as saving wounded troops, and surveillance. As time passed however, other aircraft have surpassed you in abilities and features. You are the Jack of All Trades with 4 one-shot abilities.
1X Silencer,
1X Frame,
1X Lawyer,
1X Protect (anyone but yourself).
You win with the town.

3) Vmpire, you are the Beriev A50. You are part of the Russian Airborne early warning and Control system. This enables you to be on the lookout for enemy aircraft. Each night, choose a player and find out who visited that player. You win with the mafia.

4) Oberherr, you are the Eurocopter EC135. You are a civil helicopter used primarily for police work. You are the cop and can investigate one player each night to find them innocent or guilty. You win with the town.

5) Lovelife you are Bell OH-58 Kiowa, an observation helicopter. You are primarily used for reconnaissance and support of ground troops. On odd nights, you can choose to track a player and find out who they visited. On even nights, you can choose to watch a player and find out who visited them. You win with the town.

6) InsertNameHere (OberHerr2), you are the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator. You are an Unmanned Ariel Vehicle that carries cameras and other sensors but not people. You are less useful than manned aircraft. Therefore you are a vanilla. You win with the town. (Lynched DP4)

7) SocialPinko, you are the Boeing F-15 Eagle. You are an all-weather multi-role air superiority fighter and are extremely successful in Aerial combat. You can perform surveillance, air defense, and reconnaissance. Your all-weather nature allows you to perform your action regardless of the weather conditions. You have four one-shot abilities:
1X Aeriel defense: Choose a player and a target. If certain negative actions such as roleblocks were performed on that player, those actions will be redirected to your target instead. This does not work for kills (except reflexive kills).
1X Reconnaissance: find out what action a player performed and who they performed it on
1X Surveillance: choose a player and find out who visited them as well what actions were performed on them.
1X Investigate: Choose a player and investigate them innocent or guilty
(Killed NP5)

8) Ore_Ele, you are GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) colloquially known as the Mother of All Bombs. You are the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed during the time of your development. You are the beloved bomb. If killed during the night, you kill your killer as well as ANY OTHER PLAYER that visited you that night. If killed due to scum actions at night, a night phase is lost, if killed due to town actions at night, a day phase is lost. If you are lynched, a day phase is lost. If you are lynched, you can choose to kill a player on your lynch wagon or choose to not kill. You win with the town.
(Killed NP5)

Active Aircraft:
1) PartamRuhem
2) Logic_on_Rails
3) BlackVoid
4) Xerge
5) Andro
6) Lickdafoot
7) drafterman
8) royalpaladin
9) Lordknukle

There are 9 players remaining.

Night actions please.

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