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The Resistance!

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3/1/2012 10:17:49 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
This is a mafia variant in that it is an "uninformed majority" vs. "informed minorty" type of game. There are, however, crucial differences:

1. There is no player elimination. Objective is points-based.
2. Players have systematic ways of obtianing reliable information about the enemy; less reliance on luck.

The Resistance is a mafia-type game, as stated. The players represent a Resistance Cell trying to commit acts of terrorism against the Tyrannical Empire. A majority of the players represent true members of the Resistance, whereas a minority (slightly under half) are Imperial Spies that have infiltrated the cell and are attempting to sabotage the Resistance's plans.

Each side has an equal number of bases, the objective of which is to destroy all the bases belonging to the other side.

Game Play:
1. One person is chosen to be the "Leader."
2. The Leader is given a set number of plans (usually slightly less than the number of players).
3. The Leader must come up with a "proposal" to distribute those plans to specific players (he may include himself).
4. Players deliberate and vote on the proposal (Yes/No).
5. From there, two things can happen:

Case A:
6a. If the plan does not pass (a majority of players vote No), leadership passes to the next person, who also submits a proposal.
7a. If 5 proposals are vetoed in a row, a Resistance base is destroyed.

Case B:
6b. If the plan does pass (a majority of players vote Yes), the plans are distributed to the designated players.
7b. The designated players then secretly PM the mod to either "Allow" or "Sabotage" the plans. Resistance members must allow the plans to proceed, but Imperial Spies have the option to either allow or sabotage.
8b. The results are revealed to the players publicly. If no player sabotaged the plans, an Imperial Base is destroyed. If at least one player sabotaged the plans, a Resistance Base is destroyed.
9b. Leadership passes to the next player, and play continues until all bases for one team are destroyed.

1. It is easy enough to structure this game to follow the typical Mafia Day/Night cycle, but it could just as easily be played in a single thread.
2. To avoid meta-gaming based on time, requiring all players to PM the mod is necessary, even though Resistance players don't have a choice. This prevents people going: "Well X-player wasn't online when the plans were being discussed, so he has to be Resistance."
3. The number of "sabotage" votes is revealed to the players publically, so they know, for certain, that at least that many players of those who received the plans must be Imperial Spies. The ability to optionally allow the plans to proceed can help hide the number of Imperial Spies.
4. There is no private communication among Imperial Spies, though they know each other's identities. This adds an element of risk considering #3. If more than one Imperial Spy has received a plan, and they all sabotage, they reveal too much information, if they all allow, then they've sacrificed a base, yet they can't communicate to collude on who should allow and who should sabotage.

I'd like to do a test run of this game with 5 players. I'd prefer active players for a quick game to get a good read on it.

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3/1/2012 10:36:25 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
At 3/1/2012 10:29:41 AM, imabench wrote:
who determines who is an imperialist spy and a resistance member?

I will make the determination randomly and send each player a PM noting their assignment; This will also be the PM they use to allow/sabotage any plans they are given.
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3/1/2012 10:47:50 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
1. TUF
2. Imabench
3. Medic
4. LK
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