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Lady Blacke's obsession with control*

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3/22/2012 1:21:52 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
I have a very important question to ask you people here today. Why is that little girl names Lady Blacke so obsessed with controlling the pace of mafis games. I find her to be a bit of a delight. But she is now like an annoying rhino who just wont let people run their games. I actually would rather have her ramming me with her horns, than to listen to this hitler incarnate yap on and on and on about how running more mafia games is detrimental because people won't be active in every game they are in. I believe that she is overcompensating for something she lacks. She does seem to have an extremely small ki*t*en. Her ki*t*en looks like it went on a crash course on the Atkins Diet. To compensate for lack of size in her cat, Lady Blacke trolls around the mafia forum controlling the pace of games and giving a tongue lashing to anyone that runs more than one game at a time. So, what gives. Why so obsessed with controlling the pace of mafia games. ~