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WW3 2051 Fixed

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3/23/2012 9:22:34 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
First, actual moves by all players
Second, dramatic retelling of each players moves
Third, interesting stats
Fourth, score after this round
Fifth, Nation killers

Airmaxx1227 = Israel
1) Attack THEBOMB
2) Attack THEBOMB
3) Recover 100 miles
2051 was a glorious year for Israel, who emerged from 2050 almost unharmed. While launching a brutal attack against Poland in 2051 Israel spent the remainder of the year licking its wounds suffered from last round. That recovery though would be offset by Poland's (THEBOMB's) own invasion of Israel. 2051 Israel did not lose any health and still delivered quite a beating

Viper-King = China

1) Attack Contra
2) Attack Contra
3) Defend from 16k
China was one of many nations not attacked at all over the course of 2051, and while they did deliver an a** whipping against Germany they did set up to prepare for an attack from 16k and the US, an attack that never happened. Two years running now glorious China has gotten through a round with full health, and they hope the streak will prevail.

16kadams = USA

1) Defend from Zaradi
2) Defend from Viper
3) Defend from THEBOMB
USA lies in ruins, although they donated all of 2011 to defense they sadly had defended against the wrong countries.... In 2051 the US was attacked 10 times, and was only able to nullify 3 of them. The beating they took from 2050 had left its mark, and now the US lies in ruins as invaders hailing from Russia, Poland, Ireland, Afghanistan, and Mexico poured in. Although the US did successfully defend against the UK and Zaradi, the final blow came from MrBrooks and Afghanistan, the country that the US had rebuilt back in 2014 had now colonized them....

Zaradi = UK

1) Recover 100 miles
2) Defend from OberHerr
3) Defend from 16k
The UK, much like their now fallen ally the US, spent 2051 purely in defense. However unlike the US, luck was on their side. Not a single country attacked the UK in 2051, and the recovery helped bring the UK back up to 800 miles of territory as the uneventful year passed. Whether or not they will continue to defend and recover or go back to killing is anyones guess though.

Oldfrith = Russia

1) Attack 16k
2) Attack 16k
3) Recover 100 miles (ALLOWED)
Russia had gone through 2050 completely untouched, and they took advantage of this by contributing very heftily to the invasion of the US. In my own mistake though I failed to inform Oldfrith that he could not recover territory since he was at full health, so through sheer luck Oldfrith will be granted this move. The recover flub by me allowed Oldfrith to regain territory to offset an invasion by Germany (Contra)

Contra = Germany

1) Attack Oldfrith
2) Attack THEBOMB
3) Attack THEBOMB
FIXED Yes Germany had a glorious flashback to the days of WWII when they were going all out attacking Russia and Poland, Poland though had anticipated such a move and the defense would cost Germany dearly. Germany also had to deal with an invasion from China (Viper-King) and retaliation attacks by THEBOMB, costing Germany 500 miles of territory in 2051, 400 of which came from Poland. Germany has been all attack since WWIII broke out, whether they will continue such an aggressive strategy though is anyones guess...

THEBOMB = Poland

1) Attack 16k
2) Attack Airmax
3) Defend against Contra
FIXED. Poland decided to continue attacks against the USA, open up a campaign against Israel, and defend against the hated Germans along their border. The attacks went off without a hitch and the defense was played perfectly, nullifying two attacks by Germany which saved Poland 500 miles of territory...

OberHerr = Ireland

1) Attack 16k
2) Defend against MrBrooks
3) Defend against 16k
The luck of the Irish continued into 2051 for Ireland, marking two years in a row where the country was not attacked a single time. They again played a defensive game and played a limited offensive role, and even though the defenses were not needed Ireland 2 years after WW3 started remained completely unharmed, unattacked, and are right now probably drinking in celebration.

MrBrooks = Afghanistan

1) Attack 16k
2) Attack 16k
3) Attack 16k
To say that MrBrooks went into 2051 with full intentions to clusterf*ck the US, would be an understatement. Although many other players had done the job for him it was MrBrooks and Afghanistan who was able to claim victory and bring an end to the US as we know it. MrBrooks was hailed by his own people for doing something so bold and unheard of at the best time possible, for nobody had attacked Afghanistan that year meaning any defense was unnecessary. Afghanistan marches into 2052 proudly with 900 miles of territory and with most of the treasures harvested from the US....... Or should I say, the FORMER US.....

Phantom = North Korea

1) Defend from Viper-King
2) Defend from MrBrooks
3) Defend from Airmax
2051 was a very uneventful year for North Korea, who used all three moves to defense but was not attacked once by a single country. While the world was shelling the US, North Korea sat in its own borders expecting an invasion that never came. 2051 was eerily quiet for North Korea, but as other nations fall all around them such peacefulness will not last much longer.

Suburbia = Mexico

1) Attack 16k
2) Attack 16k
3) Attack 16k
2051 in North America was much like any other year, with millions of illegals coming into the US from Mexico. This time though it was not immigrants, it was the military, and Mexico went all out to try to bring down the US.... Had MrBrooks (afghanistan) not swooped in to kill off the US, that title would have gone to Mexico. Despite the loss of being able to claim to have dealt the final blow though, Mexico enjoyed 2051, considering that they, like so many other countries, were not attacked by anyone at all.

Interesting Stats FIXED

- Only 2 defenses was called right (out of 12 total) making the success rate for defenses %
- 16kadams was the victim of 10 of the 18 attacks in 2051 (55.6%), the next highest was against THEBOMB with 4 out of 18 attacks (22.2%)
- 77.8% of all attacks were directed against Poland or the US (THEBOMB and 16kadams)
- 6 nations were not invaded/ attacked at all
- 8 nations suffered no damage overall
- Zaradi (UK) and was the only player to increase their score from last round


1) Viper-King (China) = 1000
1) OberHerr(Ireland) = 1000
1) Oldfrith (Russia) = 1000*
4) Airmax1227 (Israel) = 900
4) MrBrooks (Afghanistan) = 900
4) Phantom (North Korea) = 900
7) SuburbiaSuvivor (Mexico) = 800
7) Zaradi (UK) = 800
9) THEBOMB (Poland) = 600
10) Contra (Germany) = 500


11) 16kadams (US)
12) Apollo11 (Australia)

Nation killers
Contra (Germany) -> Apollo (Australia)
MrBrooks (Afghanistan) -> 16kadams (US)

VP of DDO from Dec 14th 2014 to Jan 1st 2015
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3/24/2012 11:20:17 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Operation American Freedom

"Oh Captain, where art thou!?"

An eerie silence hung over the capitol grounds. Former monuments to liberty and valor laid as but shadows against the rubble. Trench lines criss-crossed the White House lawn, forming a web of broken bodies and machinery. The capitol dome reigned over the carnage ominously, with a full half of its total sum caved into the White House.

"To lead us through our time of trials!"

The sixteen flags of the Middle Eastern Coalition lay draped over the exterior of the presidential residence. The colors of the coalition itself stood mounted atop the remainder of the capitol dome; a crescent with sixteen stars on an olive drab backdrop. The coalition colors was swept side to side as the wind kicked up.

"Oh Washington, our American Cicero, where are your armies to ignite our revolutionary spirit!?"

The Washington Monument stood solemnly, almost untouched by the destruction; save for the men with rifles and sighting instruments whom looked out from man-made holes atop the monument. From time to time the guns would crack and some place far off a life would be snuffed out.

"Oh Lincoln, where art thou to liberate thy people once more!?"

Twelve congressmen in varied dispositions-from visibly shaken to the exemplary form of stoicism-were caroled into the Lincoln Memorial and forced to their knees. Lincoln looked down upon them with his melancholy gaze as a Turkish officer moved down the line of kneeling men, stopping before each to unload a round from his pistol into the back of their heads. The Turks departed as quickly as they came, leaving Lincoln to stare down at the crumpled bodies of his countrymen.

"Oh Captain, my Captain, have all brave men forsaken our land!?"

Miles outside of Washington D.C., the fields of Manassas were scorched black. Men with guns and biohazard suits swept through the Corps of hollowed out tanks and charred men. The carnage stretched as far as the eye could see.

"Oh Captain, who will lead us through the storm!?"
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3/24/2012 11:23:57 AM
Posted: 5 years ago

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