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Attack year = 2052 FIXED

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3/27/2012 12:02:33 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
I forgot to incorporate a late change in moves and it actually affects the outcome of the round, my bad

First, actual moves by all players
Second, dramatic retelling of each players moves
Third, interesting stats
Fourth, score after this round
Fifth, Nation killers

Airmax1227 = Israel

1) Recover 100 miles
2) Attack Ober
3) Attack Ober
Of all the crazy sh*t that Israel could have done, they certainly picked one of the weirdest. Rather than continue to sh*t on THEBOMB or maybe take a couple shots at the lowest player, Contra, Israel decided to launch a double attack on Ireland, a country that has gone through WW3 completely unharmed until now. Israel reclaimed 100 miles of their own territory in the meantime, and no nation attacked Israel at all this round meaning that Israel delivered a goo a** whipping without getting hurt.

Viper-King = China

1) Attack Suburbia
2) Defend from Zaradi
3) Defend from Contra
Good old China spent 2052 much like Israel, pulling a complete 180 by not continuing to attack Germany (Contra) and instead aimed to invade Mexico while defending from Germany and the UK (Zaradi). China though was unharmed in 2052, meaning that China will continue to be amongst the leaders as WW3 drags on with no end in sight. Why nobody has attacked China for 3 years now is a mystery to everybody

Zaradi = UK

1) Defend from Suburbia
2) Defend from MrBrooks
3) Defend from Contra
UK went all defense this round, but in the end they still got whipped pretty bad by a country they did not expect to attack, and that was by Oldfrith (Russia) who attacked twice and sent the UK falling down on the list. Modern Warfare 3 might have seen this attack on the UK from Russia coming, but thats about it. The UK will spend 2053 deep in thought over whether or not to stick with this defense strategy, which worked very well last year, but this time the UK got blindsided.

Oldfrith = Russia

1) Attack Zaradi
2) Attack Zaradi
3) Defend MrBrooks
Russia did to the UK what Russia did to their elections in real life, they f*cked it up pretty bad..... Russia really pounded the UK this year however Russia got a taste of its own a** whipping from a nearby power..... Ireland. Yes Ireland brought out its lucky gold a** kicking shoes to do some damage to Russia, an attack that nobody in Russia saw coming, who was defending only against Afghanistan. Oldfrith will no longer be in the ranks of the completely unharmed, and knowing how Russians usually respond to bad news, expect Vodka sales in Moscow to go up pretty high in 2053....

Contra = Germany

1) Recover 100 miles
2) Recover 100 miles
3) Reclaim 100 miles
Germany decided to ditch the whole Blitzkrieg strategy and decided to spend 2052 repairing their own country that had been attacked many times while Germany was out kicking a**. 300 miles were reclaimed at first, but then North Korea (Phantom) went on the offensive after blowing last year defending against attacks that never came. Germany in the end recovered only 100 miles, which this round was an excellent choice to make considering the record low amounts of attacks in 2052....


1) Recover 100 miles
2) Recover 100 miles
3) Defend against Suburbia
FIXED Poland decided to pull a Germany this round by focusing on recovering land and not worrying about attacking or defending at all. Unlike Germany though, Poland was attacked only once, and it was by the country they actually defended against. Poland gained a hefty 500 miles of territory in 2052 as they climb back up on the leader board, doing 300 miles of damage to Mexico in the process. THEBOMB went from 600 all the way back up to 1000, making it the biggest recovery yet.

OberHerr = Ireland

1) Attack Oldfrith
2) Attack Oldfrith
3) Defend from Viper-King
Ireland went toe to toe with Russia in 2052, and they came out on top after knocking Russia back 200 miles. However the luck of the Irish ran out in 2052, because years of peace were shattered when Ireland was attacked twice by an unusual enemy, Israel (Airmax). Ireland though suffered only moderate damage, so even though they too will not stay in the ranks of the 1000's, Ireland is still in great shape after three years of World War.

MrBrooks = Afghanistan

1) Recover 100 miles
2) Defend from Zaradi
3) Defend from Phantom
Fresh after completely f*cking up the good old USA, Afghanistan spent 2052 in bunkers against enemies that never attacked. Much like 2051, an entire year went by where not one nation attacked Afghanistan, apparently being Muslim really scares the sh*t out of people. However since Afghanistan was at 900 miles last round, wasnt attacked, and reclaimed 100 miles, Afghanistan has now become the first country to fall out of the 1000 club but then come back. As they celebrate their victory with the traditional burning of infidels though, no one can know if Afghanistan will remained untouched in the years to come.

Phantom = North Korea

1) Attack Contra
2) Attack Contra
3) Defend from Viper
North Korea took n odd route in 2052 by attacking Germany (Contra) viciously, only defending from China (Viper-King). North Korea did a good amount of damage to Germany, and was also one of the five countries to not be attacked at all in 2052. North Korea will hold onto its 900 miles of territory with ease, But that might not be the same scenario in a year.

Suburbia = Mexico FIXED

1) Recover 100 miles
2) Recover 100 miles
3) Attack THEBOMB
FIXED Mexico celebrated the fall of their longtime d*ckish neighbor to the North by fixing up their country pretty good while launching an attack against Poland. Mexico almost go through 2052 unharmed, but an attack by China (Viper-King) spoiled la fiesta, and no es bueno para Mexico. Things only got worse for Mexico though because the attack against Poland was defended against successfully, costing Mexico 300 miles of territory. Mexico lost 200 miles overall, dropping them towards the bottom

Interesting Stats FIXED

- Half of all countries were not attacked once
- 4 countries actually gained territory overall, the most yet
- Only 9 attacks were made this year, easily the lowest for any year in the war
- First year where a country did NOT die
- Of 10 defenses planned, only a single one was called correctly
- The biggest winner of this round was THEBOMB, who recovered from 500 miles to full health

Scores after 2052 FIXED

1) Airmax1227 (Israel) = 1000
1) Viper-King (China) = 1000
1) THEBOMB (Poland) = 1000
1) MrBrooks (Afghanistan) = 1000
5) Phantom (North Korea) = 900
6) OberHerr(Ireland) = 800
6) Oldfrith (Russia) = 800*
8) Zaradi (UK) = 600
8) Contra (Germany) = 600
8) SuburbiaSuvivor (Mexico) = 600


11) 16kadams (US)
12) Apollo11 (Australia)

Nation Killers

Contra (Germany) -> Apollo (Australia) in 2050
MrBrooks (Afghanistan) -> 16kadams (US) in 2051

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3/27/2012 12:04:01 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
um, you mis did it again, I defended against AM, and mauled him twice.
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3/27/2012 12:04:56 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
At 3/27/2012 12:03:30 AM, vmpire321 wrote:
The US died so quickly....

WIll there be another game? I want to join ):

Ya...only the US died. ;)
16k is so stupid....he died in the first 2 stupid do you have to be to do that... -__-

I want in on the next one, too!
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3/27/2012 12:21:46 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
How do I have 600...

I originally had 800, and was attacked once. I recovered 200 miles so I should be up to 900. What happened?
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3/27/2012 12:31:35 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh I see... So I lost 400 and gained 200.
"I'm going to tell you something that you're never going to forget, SuburbiaSurvivor. Women... Are just human beings"