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WW3 attack year = 2054

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4/5/2012 6:55:47 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
First, actual moves by all players
Second, dramatic retelling of each players moves
Third, interesting stats
Fourth, score after this round
Fifth, Nation killers

Airmax1227 = Israel
1) Recover 100 miles
2) Attack Phantom
3) Attack Phantom
Israel spent 2054 unmolested, meaning that nobody attacked them. Israel though saw that coming and instead did a quick patch job and then went right back to kicking a**, North Korea's a** to be exact.... Israel is not back at 1000 (they were previously 900 but due to a scoring error was 1000 even though they werent) and now Israel is back at the top

Zaradi = UK
1) Defend from Oldfrith
2) Defend from Airmax
3) Defend from Suburbia
The UK was sitting at a lowly 300 miles going into 2054, and they used every turn to defend in the hopes that one of those nations would attack and UK would cash in. Only one problem..... UK is dead. Yes the UK was invaded by one nation three times, but it was not any of the nations they expected would attack. The conquerors of UK hail from the Middle East and are the ones that razed America to the ground. Yes it was Afghanistan who snuck through the back door and blasted the UK off the map. UK now becomes the 4th nation to be killed

Oldfrith = Russia
1) Defend from Contra
2) Defend from Zaradi
3) Defend from Ober
If anyone is more unlucky than the now conquered UK, it would have to be the now conquered Russia. You see despite elaborate defenses planned out Russia was attacked by two countries all three times, THEBOMB and Suburbia were the ones who royally teabagged mighty Russia. Oldfrith had 600 miles of territory left, and all that was split right down the Middle by Mexico and Poland, but it was Mexico who had the last laugh and claimed Russia for themselves. Russia now lies in ruin, along with China, Australia, the US, and now the UK. It would appear that the most well respected nations are the ones who end up destroyed.

Contra = Germany
1) Recover 100 miles
2) Attack Phantom
3) Attack Phantom
Germany mirrored the moves of Israel in 2054 who recovered 100 miles then spent the rest of the year attacking North Korea twice. Only problem was that unlike Israel, Germany did get attacked, this time by OberHerr (Ireland). So Germany went through 2054 with only minor success, however they did fare much better than other nations in 2054, and Germany is still in the list of remaining nations.

THEBOMB = Poland
1) Attack Oldfrith
2) Attack Oldfrith
3) Attack Oldfrith
Poland in 2054 did more damage to Russia's pride then the Miracle on Ice and the movie Rocky 4.... Poland was not attacked again so the move to go on all offense was excellently timed and boy did it pay off, almost. Although they did a great deal of damage to Russia it was Mexico who swooped in to lay waste to the capital city. Poland though stays at full health after 5 years of global war

OberHerr = Ireland
1) Attack Contra
2) Attack Contra
3) Defend from Airmax
Ireland for the first time ever decided to go primarily on the offensive, and they picked a great year to do that since they were yet again unattacked. The Irish did a good amount of damage to Germany in a conflict nicknamed the Heineken-Guinness battles.... And it was Ireland who came out on top who goes into 2055 unattacked and still at 800

MrBrooks = Afghanistan
1) Attack Zaradi
2) Attack Zaradi
3) Attack Zaradi
Afghanistan pulled off one of the greatest operations in warfare by launching an all out attack against the ailing UK. Put the kill counter up to 2 for Afghanistan because this one was very well earned since they single handedly brought down the UK. Long live Afghanistan, they enter 2055 unattacked and at full health.

Phantom = North Korea
1) Defend from Suburbia
2) Defend from MrBrooks
3) Defend from OberHerr
North Korea fared the same fate as the UK and Russia, sort of. You see North Korea also defended against 3 nations and also were attacked by other nations and paid heavily for it. North Korea was attacked from Israel and Germany and took 400 in damage, but because North Korea was at full health they managed to avoid the same fate as the UK or Russia. North Korea walks into 2055 in last place of the surviving nations, but if they can hold out for a bit longer they will survive to the top 6 in the game.

Suburbia = Mexico
1) Attack Oldfrith
2) Attack Oldfrith
3) Attack Oldfrith
Mexico were the culprits behind the fall of China, and now they can claim to have done the same to Russia, who with the help of Contra now lies in ruins. Suburbia went unattacked in 2055 which makes since the saying is "Dont mess with Mexican occupied Texas". Glory be to Mexico who marches into 2055 with two kills and full health.

Interesting Stats
- 5 nations were not attacked in 2054 out of 9 total
- Of all 15 attacks, 6 were against Russia (40% of all attacks)
- Not a single Defense was called correctly (0 for 10)
- 2 nations fell in 1 round for the first time ever
- The largest nation still alive land wise is Mexico, who at the start of the war was the 5th largest
- Only nation that gained territory was Israel

Scores after 2054
1) Airmax1227 (Israel) = 1000
1) THEBOMB (Poland) = 1000
1) MrBrooks (Afghanistan) = 1000
1) Suburbia (Mexico) = 1000
5) Contra (Germany) = 800
5) OberHerr (Ireland) = 800
7) Phantom (North Korea) = 600

8) Zaradi (UK)
9) Oldfrith (Russia)*
10) Viper-King (China)
11) 16kadams (US)
12) Apollo11 (Australia)

Nation killers
Contra (Germany) -> Apollo (Australia) in 2050
MrBrooks (Afghanistan) -> 16kadams (US) in 2051
Suburbia (Mexico) -> Viper-King (China) in 2053
MrBrooks (Afghanistan) -> Zaradi (UK) in 2054
Suburbia (Mexico) -> Oldfrith (Russia) in 2054

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4/5/2012 8:09:35 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
So fair MrBrooks, had me there.
But since you failed to fulfill mine, I'll work to make yours fail.
Have fun losing.
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4/6/2012 4:34:17 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Just putting it out there. If you're thinking of attacking me this round, might not want too. I am going all out defense again. With only 6 other nations left in the game, the chances of you losing 300 against me are not small at all. And also if you think I'm not going to defend against the same person twice in a row, that's not the case. I've done so in the past and will likely do so again. So again, might think twice about attacking me.

And I'm a very cautious person, so the chances of tricking me with false information are very small.
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4/6/2012 4:49:41 PM
Posted: 6 years ago

dang. I will be back. Not really.
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