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Bond 007 Mafia- DP 6

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4/10/2012 9:19:09 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Pvssy Galore was tracked down and killed last night. MI6 and friends will be attending the funeral today, rather than conducting normal operations.


Quantum of Silence

Buddamoose- Pvssy Galore- You are one of Bond's favorite girls, and thus are the beloved princess. If you are killed, a day phase will be skipped. You win with MI6 (Town).

Mestari2/Blackhawk- Goldfinger- You are the role-stealer. Each night you may steal someone's role and use it against a target of your choosing. You may only target each player once. You win with the Villains (Mafia).

Royal2 (PartamRuhem)- Miss Moneypenny- You are crucial to MI6 because your organizational skills help keep the agents in the know. That requires good communications, so you are tasked with recruiting those who are friendly to MI6 into a pm, where they can plan the attack on the villainous villains. Be careful though, if you attempt to recruit a villain, you will be killed. You win with MI6 (Town).

Zaradi- Jaws- Each night you may take someone into your iron grip and hold them, effectively blocking their role. You win with the Villains (Mafia).

TUF- James Bond (Roger Moore)- You played the role of Agent 007 in the 70's and 80‘s, but you have been called back into action by MI6. Your surveillance skills are needed. Each night you may track one player and be told who he visits. You win with MI6 (Town). **As the second best Bond, you are the backup cop if Sean Connery is killed. May investigate every other night but lose tracker ability.**

HCP- Hugo Drax- On night 1 you may fire a missile at a player which totally eliminates their role, and makes them vanilla for the rest of the game. If you hit Bond, you gain another shot to be used on night 5. There are two roles that are immune. You win with the Villains (Mafia).

Viper-King- Honey Rider- You were a big help to Bond in his fight against Dr. No, thus one time in the game, you may block all mafia night actions, except their kill. You win with MI6 (Town).

Lordknukle- Agent 002- Just like Bond you are licensed to kill, but do so more often. You are the dark side of MI6 and take care of the dirty work. Every other night you may kill a player. You win with MI6 (Town).

Mestari- James Bond (Sean Connery)- You are the original Agent 007, but be careful, you're not the only one. There are others who have played your role as well. Are they on your side, or are they against you?? Each night you may communicate with MI6, and inquire as to the allegiance of another player. Barring any interference, you'll be given their true allegiance. Because of your perseverance as Bond, you are one-shot bulletproof. You win with MI6 (Town)

Royalpaladin- James Bond (Daniel Craig)- You are the current Agent 007. You must find out who is working with you and protect them. You are a bodyguard but are enhanced by the abilities given to you by MI6, so each night you may protect one player from any negative night action. You may protect yourself but not on consecutive nights. You win with MI6 (Town).

Active Players

1. Airmax
5. Jordan
11. Thaddeus
12. F-16
14. MIG

With 5 players it takes 3 to lynch.
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4/10/2012 9:20:28 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Trust Thads judgement! Go for F-16!
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