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WW3 attack year = 2055

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4/13/2012 11:50:22 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
First, actual moves by all players
Second, dramatic retelling of each players moves
Third, interesting stats
Fourth, score after this round
Fifth, Nation killers

Airmax = Israel
1) Attack MrB
2) Attack MrB
3) Attack MrB
Israel unleashed a hell storm against Afghanistan and their glorious leader MrBrooks. It was well timed too because Israel was not attacked and was at full health, meaning no defensive measures were needed. Israel remains at the top of the leader board heading into 2056, but with the number of countries they have attacked they might be painting a target on their backs.

Contra = Germany
1) Attack MrB
2) Defend from Suburbia
3) Defend from MrB
Germany became the second country ever to call two defenses correctly in a single round, the previous country to do so was ironically the one that attacked them. In fact both Afghanistan and Mexico attacked Germany with both countries invading Germany all 3 moves. However the defenses not only nullified 600 miles of attacks, it easily vaulted Germany back up to 1000 health while doing tons of damage to Mexico and Afghanistan.

THEBOMB = Poland
1) Attack MrB
2) Attack MrB
3) Attack MrB
Poland, fresh off of their a** whipping of what used to be Russia, invaded Afghanistan with a fury in 2055, and they did a ton of damage to the country since they had used all three moves to attack Germany, leaving them wide open to an attack. Poland stuck it to where it hurts for Afghanistan, along with many other countries, but unlike Afghanistan the Polish people were not attacked by anyone in 2055. Poland still sits at full health going into 2056, the same could surely not be said for Afghanistan.

OberHerr = Ireland
1) Attack Suburbia
2) Attack Suburbia
3) Defend from Suburbia
Ireland continues to slowly go on the offensive against other nations instead of sticking to their defense, and once again it paid off since Ireland went unattacked for the third straight year. Although they sit at 800 miles, Ireland is still doing very well for themselves in WW3 while nations all around continue to get their a** whipped...

MrBrooks = Afghanistan
1) Attack Contra
2) Attack Contra
3) Attack Contra
Afghanistan used all 3 moves to attack Germany and didnt donate a single move to defense, which might have allowed Afghanistan to still be standing. However the massive invasion backfired, and Germany ended up doing 400 miles of damage to Afghanistan while Israel and Poland swooped in with all guns ablaze, conquering all of Afghanistan. One of the original nation killers now faced their own demise as the armies hailing from Poland crippled the remains of the Afghan military. Once again a nation goes from full health to conquered in a single year, but since the victim was a nation that killed two others it served as a reminder to the remaining countries that anything could happen and anyone can die. The wealth of the conquered United States and the United Kingdom now lie in the hands of the Polish, not the Afghans.

Phantom = North Korea
1) Defend from Airmax
2) Defend from Suburbia
3) Defend from MrB
In 2055 Afghanistan felt untouchable while North Korea felt that they were the ones who would perish. North Korea sat at 600 in health and went all defense in hoping that one attack could propel them back to the top, however not a single attack came. North Korea still sits at 600 miles, only above one other living nation.

Suburbia = Mexico
1) Attack Contra
2) Attack Contra
3) Attack Contra
Mexico did the same thing Afghanistan did and tried to launch an all out offensive of Germany that was defended against. Mexico did 300 miles worth of damage to themselves while facing an almost random attack from Ober and the Irish. Mexico had full health walking into 2055, they now are clinging to half of that (500) and sits at the bottom of the leader board of the surviving nations, the future of the nation killer is now in peril.

Interesting Stats
- 1 player called two defenses correctly, the second time ever.
- Out of the 9 successful attacks, 7 were directed at MrBrooks (77.8%)
- Afghanistan is the first nation killer and the first multi-nation killer to be killed
- THEBOMB and the armies of Poland join the list of nation killers, their victim being Afghanistan
- 2 out of 5 defenses were called correctly (40%) the best margin ever
- 4 out of 7 nations were not attacked
- 5 out of 7 were unharmed
- 3 countries still are at perfect health.

Scores after 2055
1) Airmax (Israel) = 1000
1) Contra (Germany) = 1000
1) THEBOMB (Poland) = 1000
4) OberHerr (Ireland) = 800
5) Phantom (North Korea) = 600
6) Suburbia (Mexico) = 500

7) MrBrooks (Afghanistan)
8) Zaradi (UK)
9) Oldfrith (Russia)*
10) Viper-King (China)
11) 16kadams (US)
12) Apollo11 (Australia)

Nation killers
Contra (Germany) -> Apollo (Australia) in 2050
MrBrooks (Afghanistan) -> 16kadams (US) in 2051
Suburbia (Mexico) -> Viper-King (China) in 2053
MrBrooks (Afghanistan) -> Zaradi (UK) in 2054
Suburbia (Mexico) -> Oldfrith (Russia) in 2054
THEBOMB (Poland) -> MrBrooks (Afghanistan) in 2055

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