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TV 5 Mafia - DAY PHASE 6

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5/21/2012 3:50:29 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
[[ Living Players ]]

01. bluesteel 2
02. LordKnukle
03. Royal
04. F-16
05. OberHerr

[[ Graveyard ]]

Viper-King: You are DEADLIEST CATCH, the Hunter. Your show portrays the real life events captured on fishing vessels. It's name derives from the inherent high risk of injury or death associated with the work. Still, the cast must trek on and get the job done. Like these water hunters, you will fight to the death to help your team win. Upon your death, you will be able to take down any other player with you if you so choose. If you are lynched this will occur the immediate night phase following your death. If you are to die during the night I will make you choose during that same night. You win with the town.

Mestari 2: You are MOB WIVES, the Godfather. Your show is about a group of women who are related to convicted mafiosos. Your connections give you insight as to how to appear innocent upon alignment investigations despite being a guilty party. Further, since the cast members on your show are catty alpha bitches, to assert your dominance you will be responsible for making the mafia's final kill decision each night and decide who will carry out the kill, so pay attention. You win with the mafia.

Airmax: You are PUNK'D, the Miller. Your show is about playing practical jokes on unsuspecting celebrities by convincing them something terrible has happened, when in fact it's a big scam. Since everyone seems to fall for it, the people behind your show have rigged it so that you appear guilty upon alignment investigations despite winning with the town ----> Converted to Cult NP1

bluesteel 1: Kathy - Loudmouth (town)
Mestari 1: Criminal Minds - Show Cop (town)
drafterman: TMNT - Vigilante (town)
UnStupendousMan: What Would You Do - Watcher (town)
westernmarch: Femme Fatales - Prostitute (mafia)
TUF: Long Island Medium - Oracle (town)
tulle: The 700 Club - Cult Recruiter (cult)
tvellalott: Sister Wives - Mason Recruiter (town --> cult)
Buddamoose: Damages - Lawyer (mafia)
Zaradi: America's Most Wanted - Tracker (town)
Thaddeus: Wife Swap - Converter (mafia)

And... here's the thread for the endgame: