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Diplomacy & War 2

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10/16/2013 7:43:49 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I've received some notes that NOTC has dropped the ball on his game. I have a pending message out to him, but I've received a request to start mine, so I'll put sign ups out there.

This will be a combination real-time/turn-based game. Diplomatic and Military actions can be submitted at any time during the day (via PM only). At midnight, all actions for the previous day are locked and will be processed as soon as I see them. All submitted actions are cumulative; subsequent actions are added to any previously submitted actions. If you wish to undo an action, you must explicitly say that. Unused actions are forfeit.

There will be a thread for public diplomacy that will be always open. At the beginning of each turn I will provide a report that summarizes the actions of the previous turn. Private communication with players is allowed and does not need to involve me.

The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players.

At the beginning of the game, the diplomatic relationships between each nation will be randomized (tending toward a neutral posture). The possible relationship values are:

[At War!] - No Relations - Worsening - Fair - Improving - Excellent - [Alliance]

Each turn, for each nation, you may perform the following actions:

Improve Relationship
Worsen Relationship

If two nations both attempt to improve their relationship, the relationship improves one level, to a maximum of "Excellent."
If either nation attempts to worsen its relationship with another, the relationship worsens one level, to a minimum of "No Relations." This happens regardless of what the other nation attempts to do.
For all other cases, the relationship stays the same.

Special Case - Alliance:
If two nations have an "Excellent" relationship, they may form an Alliance. Both nations must agree to form an Alliance. This has the following effects on the game:
The relationship between the two nations is fixed and cannot be altered.
The nations are no longer considered to be opponents in terms of winning the game.
[CHANGE] A nation may only be involved in one Alliance at a time.

Special Case - At War!
If two nations have "No Relations." Then war may be initiated through military action (next section). If two nations are at war, the only diplomatic option between the two nations is: Cease Fire. Both nations must agree to a Cease Fire, in which case their Diplomatic Relationship returns to "No Relations." Reminder: Declaring war is a military, not diplomatic, action.

Military (major changes)
There are three types of military units in the game: Ground Troops, Air Forces, and Anti-Air Forces. The relationship between the forces is as follows:

Anti-Air Forces -beat- Air Forces -beat- Ground Troops -beat- Anti-Air Forces

At the beginning of the game, and of teach turn, you are given a military budget. It is calculated as follows:
1. You get 1 point for each active nation.
2. You get additional points depending on your relationships:
0 points for each Alliance/Excellent relationship
1 point for each Improving/Fair relationship
2 points for each Worsening/No Relation relationship
3 points for each At War! relationship
3. A possible 0-2 point bonus.

Each point may be used to by a military unit of your choice. Those units are available for actions that turn. (i.e. whatever you buy can be used in any attacks you launch in that same day).

Unused points carry over to the next turn.

You may invade any nation for which you diplomatic status is "No relations." This sets your diplomatic status to "At War!" You decide which and how many of your troops to send.

Battle Mechanics:
Each Battle has two rounds. In the first round, each unit type eliminates unit types of the opposing army. Anti-air force units will eliminate air force units; air force units will eliminate ground troops; and ground troops will eliminate anti-air forces. This happens simultaneously and depends on how many of each you have.

For example:
You have 2 ground troops and 2 air forces against your opponent's 1 ground troop and 3 anti-air forces. Your 2 ground troops eliminate 2 of your opponents anti-air forces, your 2 air forces eliminate your opponent's 1 ground troop, your opponent's 1 ground troop does nothing, and your opponent's 3 anti-air forces eliminate your 2 air forces. At the end of this round you will have 2 ground groups and your opponent will have 1 anti-air force.

The second round resolves the battle based on the total number of remaining troops, regardless of type. This is determined randomly, the probability of win/loss is based upon the proportion of troops held by each player.

For example:
At the end of the first round, you have 2 units (2 ground troops) and your opponent has 1 unit (1 anti-air force). The total number of units involved is 3, meaning you have a 2/3 chance of winning and a 1/3 chance of losing.

The loser of the second round loses all of their forces involved in the battle.

Scenario One - Mutual Assault:
If two nations attack each other on the same turn, the forces they sent to attack each other engage in battle. The winning nation's forces automatically return to their home nation at the end of the battle.

Scenario Two - Unilateral Assault:
If one nation attacks another that isn't attacking them, the attacking forces will engage whatever forces the nation has left behind that are not committed to an attack elsewhere. If no such forces exist, and the nation has no forces whatsoever, the nation is conquered and is eliminated from the game. If the nation has forces committed to attacking other nations, those attacks are automatically cancelled and those forces will be used to defend the nation.

If an invading nation wins the Unilateral Assault, the losing nation is conquered and is eliminated from the game.

Scenario Three - Many-on-One:
If two or more nations attack the same nation a-la Unilateral assault, the defending nation's home forces will be split evenly among the invading armies. The placement of odd-men-out will be determined randomly. If the defending nation loses all of the battles, it will be eliminated and removed from the game.
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10/16/2013 8:03:38 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is great, I didn't get NOTC's game at all and this one is great.

Im in.
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10/16/2013 9:18:19 AM
Posted: 3 years ago

The rules and mechanics are the same as last except:
1. You can only be in one alliance
2. The amount of troops you get per turn is dependent upon the number of active nations and your relationships with them. The worse your relationships, the more budget you have for military.
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10/16/2013 4:10:06 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 10/16/2013 11:03:31 AM, TN05 wrote:
Count me in again.

I'll be Australia again FTR.
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10/17/2013 8:49:51 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
@all who expect me to participate in games

This is a heads up.

Replace me If this is a problem.
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