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Dragonball Ultimulte Tenkaichi is not good

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11/26/2013 3:18:14 PM
Posted: 4 years ago

I would just like to say Dragonballz Ultimate tenkaichi was not a very good game to start with I will give you 5 reasons and please no rude comments or anything that is impolite. The only thing that I did enjoy was the character creation and the character hero mode story line. Oh yeah this is my first forum post.

1. The battle strategy is not very great.
In other dbz games your able to knock an opponent down without doing a clash scene which means you have to pick assault or power get if your opponent has the same thing as you when there knocked in the clash your chain breaks. If it is different you win the chain but this can cause people to rage and other things like start all over from a part they were about to complete which is not fair.

2.The boss battles
I am not saying this because I want games to be easy, I know games will be hard but the boss battles are very hard even harder then hard. During boss battles you have to hit the boss and then get him to a certain point after you have to do a pressing of buttons if you do it wrong you will lose lots of health. It look me 20 tries to pass the cooler part and you guys in the forum are going to say 'oh I am wrong and it was easy strong and I suck at playing' strong. You may think its easy but it is hard and my statement is true. The only easy one I think was easy in my opinion was jenemba and vegeta that was it the rest was too hard especially in hero mode baby is super hard it took me 30 tries.
I am not judging the characters but the game only has a few. This shows that the game is missing parts in the story because in ranging blast you get more characters then you do in Tenkaichi and the story follows the TV animation. This is what I am going to say
4. Story mode
The story is short and has missing parts in the plot of Dragonballz.

5.It gets boring after you complete it
Once you complete it all you can do is battle and go back in time and do hero mode what is the fun of that it just gets boring and boring

Please feel free to post comments if you disagree or agree and remember no rude words.