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Star Wars Saga DP3: The Off-World Bidder

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11/27/2013 11:47:10 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Before I begin: Non-player characters are now factors in the story. To encourage a more cohesive plot line, you may be asked to team up with other players. I hope you're enjoying the game. Now, on to DP3:


"Sh*t!" Jevis Kleeg, Askajian Majordomo to Vigo Srehtiw wasn't prone to swearing, but rarely did he fail to find out what his master wanted. If you failed to often, you became rancor bait. Or, worse yet, you were tortured AND thrown to the rancor.

He had spent the last 48 hours in a frantic search for the mysterious off-world bidder, but he had utterly failed to turn up any information. He had only one more informant, and if that did not pan out...he shuddered.

Deftly hacking through Huttese security protocals, he was able to get a direct, unmonitored link to his contact. "You know why I'm calling. You owe for that incident on Ryloth, and I'm calling in my favor. What sleemo placed that bid?"

His contact's voice was just barely audible on the line: "An off-worlder. No idea why he wants the army, but rumor is he's planning something big. Maybe he wants control of the sector, maybe he has a vendetta against someone and he needs an army to wipe them out. I have no clue, and I don't really care."

Jevis had to restrain his excitement at finally having found a lead. "I need his name though. HIS. NAME. What is it?"

"I just sent you his specs. I can't tell you how I go them, but it's accurate...Oh, one last thing Jevis."

"Yes? Hurry. I can only keep this line open for a little longer."

"He's gone into hiding. Unless your some Sith or Jedi type, there's no way you're getting to him."

"Alright--thanks. We're even now. Computer: End Transmission." In a burst of speed, Jevis dashed up to his master's private quarters, and ran up to the Vigo's power-charging station. "Vigo! I have found the identity of the off-world bidder!"

After relating the story, Jevis listened as Srehtiw gave additional orders. Several things were said, but their conversation was interrupted when a bullet embedded itself in srehtiw's side. It was followed seconds later by a bullet of a different style and coming from a different trajectory.

"Guards! Send help!" With those words, Jevis ran screaming from the room, managing to find help and to get his wounded master into a secret compound.


Across Nar Shadaa, Ninja and one of his newest allies are holo conferencing.

"We have the resources to, combined, defeat the Black Sun. They are leaderless, and it is vital that we act now!"

"Ninja, I agree that it is important something be done. But, our alliance is new, and I am unsure as to your trustworthiness. Trust must come first. But attacking srehtiw can wait; I have an assassin in operation as we speak. What I am about to tell you is of far more import. I have learned, through careful spying, the identity of the off-world bidder. He controls a sizeable army, and it is important that he be taken out of the game before he derails our plans. He MUST be killed. If you can do that, I might be more willing to render aid. Consider this the down-payment on a larger, mutual investment. I share this valuable info, you deal with the target. Agreed?"

"I am currently leading attacks against the Southwest of the planet. My attention is focused their for the time being, and so it might take me a while to take out the target. I'll see what I can do though..."

"Thank you. Contact me when you have finished."

Terminating the connection, Ninja got up and walked to his private quarters within the Guild's compound. Grabbing a glass of liqueur, he sat down on a couch to contemplate his new ally's worthiness. If it had not been for his amazing spatial sense, honed over years of bounty hunting, he would not have been able to dive in time to avoid his assailant.

Rolling back on to his feet and whipping out his blaster, Ninja turned to confront a figure, clad all in black and whose face was obscured by a stylized helmet that depicted the face of the Kryat dragon. The figure wielded a red lightsaber, and stood ready to attack.

"I am Darth Malefice. It is time for you to die." With that, the figure leaped with superhuman strength at Ninja, deflecting all the blaster bolts sent his way.

Frantically pressing a concealed button on the wall behind him, Ninja activated several assassin droids hidden behind panels in the wall and set them upon his attacker. Ninja's bodyguard, Solon, also entered the room, and began to lay covering fire. While it only took Malefice but seconds to dispose of some of the most deadly droids in the galaxy as well as the loyal Jawa soldier, their destruction purchased Ninja enough time to escape, forcing the Sith to withdraw into the night.


A little while later, Lt. Gen. Graham was in his war room aboard his flagship, the Fiery Spirit, discussing strategy with his more senior officers.

"General, we have an incoming fleet! They are not sending out any transponder codes!"

"Shields up! Battle stations, NOW!" Even as he shouted orders, the shipped rocked violently underneath him. The ships lighting failed, and the control room was consumed in darkness as the sounds of fighting outside made their way to the General's ears. After what seemed like seconds (actually 15 minutes), the fighting noises died away. A little after that, power was restored.

"Status update, Ensign?"

"Four transport craft destroyed. Most of the warships sustained minimal damage--it appears they weren't the targets."

"What were the transports carrying? Foodstuffs? Weaponry?"

"No, sir. They were carrying troops. The transports went down with all hands--a loss of 17,000 personnel."

"Crap! Run a diagnostic and find out what happened to the lighting system. I'm going to my ready room to think things out."

In his ready room, Tyler found a piece of paper, with a simple word written on it: "Goodbye."

A few minutes later, the Ensign returned with the diagnostic results, finding Tyler unconscious on the floor. Calling for help, the Ensign manage to pull him out into the hallway, where he came-to, unharmed. An investigation found that the aeration system had been tampered with, and that the room had been filled with chemicals designed to knock out and kill whoever entered the room. Five more minutes, and the General would have died.


Meanwhile, on Chandrila, Gov. Geek had been forced onto the defensive after his controversial stance on gambling. Moreover, Jedi Grand Master Qwoorn had dispatched orders that the election was to be moved to NP4.

Making his way to the first of two debates, Gov. Geek was reading his manuscript while sipping his favorite Corellian Ale. It tasted slightly off, but he paid it no heed until he began choking violently. His chauffeur rushed him to the hospital, and the debate was cancelled. The poisoning was severe enough that Pots will have to stay in the hospital for 1NP at least.

Bev, tow days later, was at a charity gala called "Peace for Nar Shadaa." Data, a featured speaker, stood to give his keynote address, when suddenly, several mercenaries jumped up from within the crowd to open fire. If Bev had not pushed Data to the ground, he would have died. Soon, security arrived and scared off the attackers. Bev's act of heroism in saving Data has also done wonders for her rapport among the voters, with whom her fate rests...

NP2 has now begun...!
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11/27/2013 11:49:33 PM
Posted: 4 years ago

Active Players:


Inactive Players:


Dead Players:

-SolonKR: You are a Jawa Soldier. Your ability is Disturbance Sensor: You will be able to sense if you're about to be attacked in a NP. You may hide or summon help after sensing the disturbance in the force. If you chose to hide or summon protection, that counts as one of your three NP actions for that NP.
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11/28/2013 12:08:54 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Just for ease of reference, here is the list of NP actions open to you:

Hire a Spy: For 250 credits you may ask me a question (not about anyone's abilities or whether or not they are Jedi/Sith) and I will answer it. It must be a yes or no question.
Disguise: Disguise yourself in another ability...basically, pick an ability that is not exclusive to Jedi, Sith, or Force-users (unless you are one) and you can have it for the NP. Cost: 3,000 credits
Hire a Smuggler: Hire a smuggler to carry a cargo for you. Earn 225 credits for every 200 credits you pay the smuggler. You can only do this once every 3 NPs.
Hide - go into hiding for a NP. This makes you invulnerable to attacks from non-force users. You can only hide once every 5 NP
Hire Assassin - An assassin can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. He costs 800 to hire for one NP, but will not betray you.
Hire Bounty Hunter - A Bounty Hunter can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. He costs 500 to hire for one job, and will not betray you. He will kidnap one target for you, and will hold them for up to 4 NP. To kidnap someone, you must roll a 16-20.
Hire Mercenaries - Mercenaries can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. It costs 200 to hire them for 1 NP, but there is a 50% chance that they will simply take your money and not complete the job. You must roll an even number first for them to perform their job.
Imprison - expose a Smuggler, Crime Lord, or Unknown Assassin and force them to serve 2 NP in jail. Everyone will know who that player is.
Protect - if contacted by an ally in need, you may attempt to help them. You must role a 16-20 to save their life. You may not proactively protect people; only when you are contacted by someone who knows they are under threat can you protect them.
Kill - you may also kill players yourselves; no need to hire it out
Military Assault - you can only do this if you have an army (one which I have confirmed exists). See my earlier PM for more info.
Fundraise - Only for politicians. See my earlier PM for more info.

Remember: for most of you, using your ability also counts as a NP action.
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11/28/2013 11:34:28 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
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