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Star Wars Saga DP4: Death of a Sith

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11/30/2013 6:52:59 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Before I begin, here is a list of names for non-player characters:

- Jevis Kleeg, Askajian Majordomo to Vigo Srehtiw
- Qwoorn, Vurk Grand Master of the Jedi Order
- B'watsha, Ishi Tib Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
- Priceb Goldar, Pau'an Jedi High Council Member


On Coruscant, three members of the Jedi High Council convene to discuss developments.

"Master NightCats, we are ordering you to redploy. We have just learned of Sith activity in Hutt Space, and it is vital that a Member of the Council be present to intervene in whatever plans the Sith may have in that region."

"Mast Qwoorn speaks truly. The Jedi have little direct presence there, so you will be an invaluable asset on the ground." Goldar, the sagacious, wizened Master spoke slowly and with care as he continued: "There is more news. As you know, the identity of the leader of the Black Sun--the Underlord--is unknown. We believe that he, or she, may also be on Nar Shadaa to oversee the war there. If the Black Sun gains control of Nar Shadaa, it will only be a matter of time before they will have control of Nal Hutta. If they spread from the moon to the planet, they will be able to manipulate the Huttese government--in other words, all of Hutt Space will be under the direct control of the Black Sun. The Guild, on the other hand, is becoming too close an ally to the Republic. The Supreme Chancellor is forgetting that the Guild has vast criminal interests in the region too, and it is just as much a threat as the Black Sun is. It is therefore imperative that you discover the identity of the Underlord, and destroy both the Guild and the Black Sun Cartel. Is that understood, Jedi."

"Yes Masters. I shall leave for Nar Shadaa within the hour."

Qwoorn nodded with a mixture of approval and concern. "Good. Meet up with our agent there, formulate a plan, and-most of all--act quickly."


On Chandrila, Election Day has arrived. Both Mayor Romni and Governor Geek have been campaigning furiously.

At an event for the Romni campaign, as Data and GodChooseslLife, wended their way through a crowd of chatting donors, suddenly were grabbed from behind. They were dragged out of the room and thrown to the ground. Shots were fired alerting security, which came running out to drive the mercenary assailants off. Fortunately, the accosters hadn't the time to kill Data, but they managed to kill GCL, a close friend of the Mayor.

Across the planet, Gov. Geek was giving a speech from his hospital quarters. Three pieces of medical devices had failed during the day, all tampered with. His treatment had been set back, but--at the same time--his injuries were promoting sympathy votes within many rural counties, where many undecided voters resided.


Elsewhere in the galaxy, the forces of the Dark side met.

A female Twi'lek, dressed in a tight-fitting black combat suit, walked into the murk of the ally. "Darth Malefice, report. Have your been successful in your attempts?"

Malefice stood before here, his Kryat mask and long black robes shrouding him with an air of vile mystery. "Darth Infuria, you are my Lady no longer. Now, I am Lord of Sith. I have taken an apprentice of my own, and it is I who shall conquer the Republic!" He launched himself violently forward, and locked sabers with her.

She was the stronger force user, but in combat he was more skilled and brought more raw power to bear. It was vital that he stay close to Infuria. If she could lower her lightsaber long enough to use the force to full effect, he would perish.

She swung high to parry his downward strike, but just before his blade crashed into hers, he swiveled, and brought the blade down on her wrist, severing it cleanly. It then took but a second to stab her through the heart, and claim the mantle of Dark Lord of Sith, Master in his own right.

"I am Darth Malefice, and I shall rule the Galaxy..."


Note: One of the players is the Underlord of the Black Sun and another has become the new Sith Apprentice.
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11/30/2013 7:01:15 PM
Posted: 4 years ago

Active Players:


Inactive Players:


Dead Players:

SolonKR: You are a Jawa Soldier. Your ability is Disturbance Sensor: You will be able to sense if you're about to be attacked in a NP. You may hide or summon help after sensing the disturbance in the force. If you chose to hide or summon protection, that counts as one of your three NP actions for that NP.
GodChoosesLife: You are a Falleen Opera Star and Socialite. Your ability is Charisma: you are beloved. When attacked, your fans will protect your from harm. This works only once.
Thett3: You are a Twi'lek Casino, Cantina, and Strip Club Magnate. You are also the Dark Lord of the Sith. Your ability is Manipulation: you will know the abilities of all the other players, except the Jedi for whom you will be given their alibis.
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11/30/2013 7:03:34 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Just for ease of reference, here is the list of NP actions open to you:

Hire a Spy: For 250 credits you may ask me a question (not about anyone's abilities or whether or not they are Jedi/Sith) and I will answer it. It must be a yes or no question.
Disguise: Disguise yourself in another ability...basically, pick an ability that is not exclusive to Jedi, Sith, or Force-users (unless you are one) and you can have it for the NP. Cost: 3,000 credits
Hire a Smuggler: Hire a smuggler to carry a cargo for you. Earn 225 credits for every 200 credits you pay the smuggler. You can only do this once every 3 NPs.
Hide - go into hiding for a NP. This makes you invulnerable to attacks from non-force users. You can only hide once every 5 NP
Hire Assassin - An assassin can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. He costs 800 to hire for one NP, but will not betray you.
Hire Bounty Hunter - A Bounty Hunter can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. He costs 500 to hire for one job, and will not betray you. He will kidnap one target for you, and will hold them for up to 4 NP. To kidnap someone, you must roll a 16-20.
Hire Mercenaries - Mercenaries can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. It costs 200 to hire them for 1 NP, but there is a 50% chance that they will simply take your money and not complete the job. You must roll an even number first for them to perform their job.
Imprison - expose a Smuggler, Crime Lord, or Unknown Assassin and force them to serve 2 NP in jail. Everyone will know who that player is.
Protect - if contacted by an ally in need, you may attempt to help them. You must role a 16-20 to save their life. You may not proactively protect people; only when you are contacted by someone who knows they are under threat can you protect them.
Kill - you may also kill players yourselves; no need to hire it out
Military Assault - you can only do this if you have an army (one which I have confirmed exists). See my earlier PM for more info.
Fundraise - Only for politicians. See my earlier PM for more info.

Remember: for most of you, using your ability also counts as a NP action.
I'm a Bish.