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Star Wars Saga DP7: The Crowning of Underlord

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12/4/2013 6:43:17 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
The Meeting of the Vigos was never a dull affair. Intrigue always pervaded the atmosphere, and bribery was the name of the game. Having spent all of his money acquiring his army, Vigo Data complimented Vigo Srehtiw's bribery with his vast network of political connections.

Together the pair out-maneuvered and outdid the 7 other Vigos, and managed to win Srehtiw the Underlordship. Later, the pair convened for a private meeting, to discuss how to retake Nar Shadaa. Data had been late, as he and his caravan of security had been ambushed twice by assailants on the way there.

"Kleeg is dead. My...investigators...were a bit to enthusiastic. However, I have been able to convince 50,000 of the Republic's reinforcements to defect to my cause."

"You mean our cause," Srehtiw reminded him firmly. "Ninja has managed to wrest back a portion of the Southwest. We know control just 3/8th of the moon."

The pair were seated at a table, both had a personal bodyguard present and they themselves were armed to the teeth.

Data waved his hand dismissively, "Yes, yes. Our cause. And that loss is less than significant. Unfortunately, my contacts on Coruscant are telling me that the other 50,000 troops are now in the employ of Ninja. Our position, strategically would be little better than the Guild's if it had not been for Yay supplying me with a variety of armaments gratis."

"Yay--he is the main munitions dealer around here, is he not?"

"He is indeed. Unfortunately, he wants my protection, and with my paucity of troops and funds that is hard to provide. But I have a plan."

"And what is the plan," Srehtiws servos grated inquisitively. The Vigo never saw his own bodyguard draw a blaster and open fire into his back. The bodyguard then turned to data, "You promised me a Vigoship. I claim that reward."

Data smiled, "Your naivete astounds me." And then Data's bodyguard shot the one Data had bought off. Reaching down to retrieve the dead soldier's weapon, Data's guard never anticipated the knife Data buried in his neck. "And so no one will know what truly happened here, but everyone will suspect. The other Vigos will fear me, and I shall rise as Underlord of all of the Black Sun!"


Meanwhile, in Yay's fortress, Yay gleefully awaited the results of his actions that night.

His Majordomo, a grotesquely fat Kel Dor, approached him as he sat in his audience chamber. "A representative of the Mercenaries you hired approaches. He brings new of whether Sen. Romni lives."

Yay stood up excitedly, "Send him in at once! I will speak with him alone, so that I may be the first to know of my victory!"

The Kel Dor and the rest of Yay's entourage evacuated the chamber, and a lone figure walked in. He was the head of the Mercenary group Yay had hired.

Walking up to within an arms lenght of Yay, the figure spoke, "Bev lives. But we have not failed."

"How does she live?! How, in the name of the almighty force, is that not failure you bimbo of a mynock?"

The Mercenary smiled, "Because someone else paid us to kill you. We will earn twice the commission."

When the Kel Dor reentered, Yay was dead, blaster wounds scarring his torso, and the Mercenary had vanished.


Meanwhile, Grand Master Qwoorn was visiting Bev at the hospital, discussing what life would be like for her in the Senate, when he felt a disturbance in the force.

Turning, he saw a red-robed figure. "You are the last Sith. It was a mistake to come here, to reveal yourself to me."

Not deigning to answer, the figure unleashed his trademark storm of lightning upon them, and it was all Master Qwoorn could do to contain the blasts. However, it was clear that, unlike with the other Jedi, the Master Qwoorn would not buckle under this type of assault. He would not succeed in killing Bev as long as he was there.

Withdrawing his attack, the Sith turned to run, pursued much of the way by the Vurk Jedi, but managing to escape by slipping through closing blast-doors before the Jedi could reach him.

Panting visibly after the chase, the again Jedi sighed, "The Sith are rising, and I am not sure what I can do to halt them..."
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12/4/2013 6:48:06 PM
Posted: 4 years ago

Active Players:


Inactive Players:

- Data (Hiding + SLW)

Dead Players:

SolonKR: You are a Jawa Soldier. Your ability is Disturbance Sensor: You will be able to sense if you're about to be attacked in a NP. You may hide or summon help after sensing the disturbance in the force. If you chose to hide or summon protection, that counts as one of your three NP actions for that NP.
GodChoosesLife: You are a Falleen Opera Star and Socialite. Your ability is Charisma: you are beloved. When attacked, your fans will protect your from harm. This works only once.
Thett3: You are a Twi'lek Casino, Cantina, and Strip Club Magnate. You are also the Dark Lord of the Sith. Your ability is Manipulation: you will know the abilities of all the other players, except the Jedi for whom you will be given their alibis.
TylerGraham95: You are a Zabrak Lt. General in the Republic. Your ability is Medic: you can shorten people's SLW to 0 NPs and their SVW to 1 NP.
Buddamoose: You are a Nautolan Pilot. Your ability is Sheer, Dumb Luck: t takes a roll of 14-16 to slightly wound (SLW) you, 17-18 to severely wound (SVW) you, and a 19-20 to KO you.
PotBelliedGeek: You are a Human Politician. You are also a Secret Jedi. Your Ability is Jedi Archivist: you can learn the NP actions of all Jedi for any given NP.
Mikal: You are a Nautolan Bounty Hunter. You are also the Dark Lord of the Sith. Your ability is Manipulation: you will know the abilities of all the other players, except the Jedi for whom you will be given their alibis.
Yay842: You are a Human Munitions Dealer. Your ability is Entrepreneur: you can steal any players funds that they have in a given NP. This only works twice.
Srehtiw: You are a Droid Vigo of the Black Sun. Your ability is Hidden Funds: you start out with an extra (and secret) cache of 1,500 Credits.
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12/4/2013 6:49:46 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Just for ease of reference, here is the list of NP actions open to you:

Hire a Spy: For 250 credits you may ask me a question (not about anyone's abilities or whether or not they are Jedi/Sith) and I will answer it. It must be a yes or no question.
Disguise: Disguise yourself in another ability...basically, pick an ability that is not exclusive to Jedi, Sith, or Force-users (unless you are one) and you can have it for the NP. Cost: 3,000 credits
Hire a Smuggler: Hire a smuggler to carry a cargo for you. Earn 225 credits for every 200 credits you pay the smuggler. You can only do this once every 3 NPs.
Hide - go into hiding for a NP. This makes you invulnerable to attacks from non-force users. You can only hide once every 5 NP
Hire Assassin - An assassin can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. He costs 800 to hire for one NP, but will not betray you.
Hire Bounty Hunter - A Bounty Hunter can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. He costs 500 to hire for one job, and will not betray you. He will kidnap one target for you, and will hold them for up to 4 NP. To kidnap someone, you must roll a 16-20.
Hire Mercenaries - Mercenaries can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. It costs 200 to hire them for 1 NP, but there is a 50% chance that they will simply take your money and not complete the job. You must roll an even number first for them to perform their job.
Imprison - expose a Smuggler, Crime Lord, or Unknown Assassin and force them to serve 2 NP in jail. Everyone will know who that player is.
Protect - if contacted by an ally in need, you may attempt to help them. You must role a 16-20 to save their life. You may not proactively protect people; only when you are contacted by someone who knows they are under threat can you protect them.
Kill - you may also kill players yourselves; no need to hire it out
Military Assault - you can only do this if you have an army (one which I have confirmed exists). See my earlier PM for more info.
Fundraise - Only for politicians. See my earlier PM for more info.

Remember: for most of you, using your ability also counts as a NP action.
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