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The Cardassian Wars: Pregame

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12/29/2013 9:35:59 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Hello! This is the pregame forThe Cardassian Wars Roleplaying Game!


All communications must include me, the Mod. Failure to include me, or to notify me if you know that this has occurred or is occurring, will result in a mod-kill. There are no second chances on this rule.

Please use the Mod PM to ask any Mod Questions.

Failure to obey your objectives will result in a warning and a mild penalty. A second infraction will result in a stiffer penalty. A third infraction will result in a mod-kill (for an individual offender or for multiple offenders not comprising a full group) or an auto-loss (for a group of offenders.)

No swearing at the mod (I am saying this to one particular person, but it applies to all.) First offense is a warning. Second offense is a penalty. Third offense is a mod-kill.

1 NP of inactivity will result in a player being prompted by the Mod. 2 consecutive NPs of inactivity, or 3 or more NPs of inactivity total, will result in a mod-kill.

You are free to communicate with people outside of your team, and to form alliances with players outside of your team. Please try to stay in character as much as possible.

If asked to do so by the mod, you must provide a justification for any NP actions you undertake. This is to prevent so-called "random actions/kills."


Disclaimer: Just because you are Cardassian does not mean you are on the Cardassian team. Just because you are Bolian does not mean you are not on the Cardassian team. In other words, species does not imply affiliation. Jobs do not indicate abilities or affiliations either.

Roles' Significance: If you need to purchase weapons, go to the weapons dealer. If you need to buy food, go to the farmer. The characters your roleplaying are able to do what they would normally do in a IRL situation.

Secret Addendums: Secret additions to everyone's bio will be PMed to them before the game. This information is secret because it may give away their affiliation, and I don't wish that to be made known. It could also be secret because it contains a directive I want a player to implement. It will not be both.


Species: Klingon
Job: Weapons Dealer
Personality: Highly aggressive, as are all Klingons. 1/4 human, you feel a kinship to both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. You have been a wayward traveler for many years. You have never felt fully at home in either of your two homelands, and so you meander across the galaxy in search of purpose. You are loyal, a fierce fighter, and a prone to react before you think.


Species: Bolian
Job: Merchant
Personality: You are talkative, but you never slip up under questioning. You are the consummate salesman: overly friendly and clearly lying. Yet, no matter what stories you spin your customers, you almost always make the sale. You never say anything that you don't want to say--your smart about what you say and how you say it.


Species: Vulcan
Job: Pilot
Personality: Like all Vulcans, you are emotionless and rational. You respect the rules because you believe they are key to order, but you are willing to break them if you see a rational purpose behind them. You are a utilitarian, and have no particular loyalties of any kind. You work hard, and have no close friends or loved ones. Your family has all died.


Species: Human
Job: Mayor of a small town
Personality: You are very calm and known for your patience and willingness to think things through. You are beloved by your constituents, and a reputed as being a great aim with a phaser. You are a powerful public speaker and are detail-oriented, but you are not vengeful. You believe in morals and are unwilling to compromise your values, even if it means suffering defeat.


Species: Cardassian
Job: Rear Admiral
Personality: You are a great tactical mind, but your personality is rather bland. You appear very normal and nondescript on the outside. You are not a good conversationalist, and are renowned for being a bookworm. You prefer to be by yourself than to be socializing. You have a few confidants, but you do not befriend just anyone. Because you are a rather dull, uncharismatic figure, you are not a good battlefield commander. You prefer to work back at HQ, studying maps and reports, and to advise regarding overall strategy. You detest field commands.


Species: Bajoran
Job: Medic
Personality: You a brash and outspoken. You are eager to show off and are willing to take risks with your patients if you think it will pay off. You get into arguments easily, and you always want to be in control. If a situation isn't going your way, you tend to shut down quickly. You care about your patients as people, but you manage to avoid any close emotional ties to them. You are quick to express frustration and anger, but not affection or praise.


Species: Cardassian
Job: Data Analyst
Personality: You are ruthless and sociopathic, yet few people realize this about you. You exude an aura of calm and when you speak you always seem fair and impartial. You are outwardly cheerful, but inwardly depressed, and you seek a life that will make you happy. You're hard to break, and you have no close friends. You are not particularly loyal or caring; rather, you are cerebral and calculating. You are extraordinarily intelligent.


Species: Betazoid
Job: Politician
Personality: You are a very passionate speaker; youthful and attractive, you are well-liked by many. Your cadre of aids are extremely loyal to you, though you do not reciprocate. You are the ultimate pragmatist--willing to sacrifice anyone or anything to succeed. You are calculating and conniving, but your outward persona is one that seems friendly, disarming, charming, and trustworthy. You are con artist in a sense--you could talk anyone into anything.


Species: Human
Job: Exobotantist (you run a farm as well)
Personality: You are known for being closed-mouthed and not well liked. Yet, you are a person of integrity and honor. You take great pride in your work--it is the one thing you cannot live without. You are considered the 3rd most influential person in your field, and that makes you angry. You're constantly striving to be number one. You're a control-freak but brilliant. You often go for days without sleep while you work. You dedication to your research is both your strength and your weakness.


Species: Tallaxian
Job: Counselor
Personality: You are known for being perpetually happy, and it is your goal in life to make everyone else happy too. Unfortunately, you are not a great counselor because you have failed to master the art of listening, but you try. You sincerely want to make the world a better place, and you devote yourself 100% towards that goal. You are a naive idealist, and you believe very strongly in honor, family, and justice.


Species: Bajoran
Job: Pick-pocket, Thief, ex-Pirate
Personality: Poverty drove you into a life of crime. Your innocence was shattered and you are now a cynical, closed-off, and hard person. You see the glass as half-empty, and you haven't smiled in years. You believe that good and happiness exist, but that you just can never have/experience those things. You have a hard outer exterior and avoid forming friendships to ensure you can lose anyone you care about. You care about Number One, and that is it. You don't enjoy being a criminal, but you just don't know what else to do.

Please try as much as possible to roleplay your character though the game. Remember, nothing in this post indicates affiliation or ability. Good luck. The game starts in 1.5 hours!
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12/29/2013 9:43:17 PM
Posted: 4 years ago

You have these 15 NP Actions available. This list is subject to edit, deletion, or addition by the mod.

Conduct Surveillance: Ask a Yes or No question to the Mod
Kill: Kill a player
Infiltrate: Send a Spy into another faction and they will report 3 random facts to you for 3 NPs. Costs $1,500.
Security Sweep: Scan for a Spy. You have a 50% chance of catching one. This ability will cost each player one action.
Repair Forces: Restore 50% of your loses after an attack. Costs $3,000.
Mind Read: Learn the actions of any one player during that NP. Costs $2,000
Hide: Your chances of being harmed are reduced by 50%. You may not take offensive actions that NP. This can only be done every three NPs.
Hire Mercenaries: Use them to kill or for battle. For every 1,000 Mercs, it will cost you $500.
Fortify: Increase defense stats of land bases by 25, 50, or 100%. Costs $1,500.
Jail: Identify a member of your Primary Enemy and jail them for 2NPs. They may take no offensive actions.
Rescue: Save a groupmate from jail.
Barter: Invest 200 credits and receive 400, 600, 800, or 1,000 back. This can only be done once per player per NP.
Recruit: Invest $1,500 in recruitment and add 3,000 troops to your forces. You max out at 250,000.
Shipwright: Invest $1,500 in building vessels and add 500 vessels to your fleet. You max out at 15,000.
Changeling: Pay $4,000 and change your ability to any one of the options.


There are 22 abilities a player could potentially have in this game. They were randomly assigned.

Body Armor: You have a 50% chance of being invincible each NP.
Sixth Sense: You will randomly learn the identity of a player who attempted or committed a lethal action every NP.
Q: You may learn a player's base statistics every other NP
Chief of Security: You may protect one player from harm each NP. You have a 50% chance at success.
Investigator: You may learn the affiliation of one player every other NP.
Empath: You may learn who visited a player that NP.
Douwd: You may bring one player back to life. This only works once the whole game.
Ferengi: You may steal one player's money. This only works once the whole game.
Listener: You may receive private notes from the Talker. You may only win if the Talker also survives.
Talker: You may send private notes to the Listener. You may only win if the Listener also survives.
Borg: You are unaffected by non-lethal actions.
Horder: You will have an exta $2,000 that no one else knows of.
Seska: You will appear to investigative roles as an affiliation other than your true one.
Manipulator: You may redirect one player's actions to another.
Chameleon: You may mimic any other player's ability. The new ability becomes permanent.
Picard: You will prevent anyone from defecting from your group for 3NPs.
Counselor: You are vanilla. You have no ability.
Doctor: You may speed up someone's recovery time by 1NP.
Dreamer: You will be told the names of three players at random each NP. One of them has attempt to kill someone in your group.
Spock: You will deduce someone's affiliation at random every other NP.
Ship's Manifest: Learn the ability of a given player every other NP.
Roleblocker: Prevent someone from using their ability that NP.


Slightly Wounded (SLW) - Incommunicado for 1NP. May not take offensive NP actions during that time.
Severely Wounded (SVW) - Incommunicado for 2NP. May not take offensive NP actions during that time.
Killed (KO) - Out of the game
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12/29/2013 10:07:46 PM
Posted: 4 years ago

There will be a NP and a DP. Each player may submit up to two NP actions per NP.

During the DP, no one should be communicating. NP is when the action happens.
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12/29/2013 10:39:12 PM
Posted: 4 years ago

Please begin communicating via PMs. Submit you night actions any time after the first 6 hours have elapsed. NP will end in 48 hours. Thanks!
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