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FoDDO Records.

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1/20/2014 12:33:10 PM
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*Do not Post* If there is a problem with the legislation please PM me. This is for record keeping purposes only and refrense for latter laws and court cases.

FoDDO Constitution
5 voted yay
3 voted nay.

Prelude: Our nation of the FoDDO which is made up of the forums join together to form a more perfect union in order to increase the welfare of our citizens.

Article 1: In order for the citizens of FoDDO to feel safe and secure the federal government must gurrientee them certain rights. The rights must include the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, the freedom of privacy, the freedom and pursuit of happiness, and the freedom from fear.

Article 2: The National capital of the FoDDO is Ft. Chackees. This nation shall be a Capitalist nation. The national currency is the US dollar.

Article 3: It must take the FoDDO a simple majority vote to pass a law or annex a territory. The Congress of FoDDO has the power to declare war on another nation. The FoDDO Congress will be unicameral which will contain the state"s governor and a senator who is from the state. Elections for a governor is every 2 years, elections for Senators are every 3 years, and the elections for the FoDDO President is every 4 pieces of legislation is passed. The President of FoDDO has the right to select a FoDDO cabnet.

Article 4: The main text of the FoDDO Constitution shall not be changed. Only amendments may be added to the Constitution with consent from the Supreme Court and the Congress of FoDDO.

Article 5: No laws made by the states shall interfere with any federal or the FoDDO Constituion.

Article 6: The FoDDO shall be a Capitalist nation where the private industry has the right to reign free until the begin to endanger the lives of their workers. The federal government shall moniter and regulate taxes, the FoDDO Stock Exchange, and criminal laws. The planning of a just economic just system.

Article 7: The FoDDO shall establish a federal court system for Constitutional conflicts and interstate/major crimes. The Supreme Court will interpret laws and have the power of judicial review where the Court will and can repeal laws that are passed that are unconstitutional. There will be 3 Supreme Court Justices (for the sake of the game) and they will be nominated by the president then radified by the Congress of the FoDDO. Court Justices surve until they step down or replaced by the president, but the president may only replace one Justice per term.

Article 8: The President will be allowed to vote on bills in Congress and has the ability to veto a bill passed by Congress. The Presidents veto may be over ridden by a 3/5's vote by Congress.

1st Amendment
Article 1: The federal government has the right to build and maintain a military. The military members will be tax exempt after they had served in the military for at least 4 years and have not been discharged from their service branch.
Article 2: The FoDDO citizens have the right to bear arms. The FoDDO federal government cannot take the guns away from it"s citizens without due process, but they have the right to regulate weaponry.
Article 3: Criminals can be enslaved depending on state"s law. People cannot be enslaved based on race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.
Article 4: Citizens above the age of 16 has the right to vote. There is no barriers on voting except on weather or not the said person is imprisioned then they are not allotted the right to vote.

2nd Amendment
Article 1: The Federal government of FoDDO is above the states to the point where when the federal government passes a law the state"s law is nullified. Local governments and the federal government cannot try to dissolve each other. The Federal government and/ or the states can"t pass ex post facto laws. States are permitted to make their own laws and constitution as long as it does not contradict the FoDDO constitution.

Article 2: The Federal government has the right to regulate trade. Once something has traveled out of a state and is interstate then it"s a Federal responsibility. The FoDDO federal government can post economic sanctions against other nations. States are not permitted to post sanctions against each other.

3rd Amendment
Article 1: The citizens of FoDDO have the right to the freedom of the television and the freedom of the internet. The government shall not place cencorship on the airwaves or on the internet. The government has the right to watch the citizens of FoDDO and track their history in order to track down possible terrorists.

Article 2: The citizens of the FoDDO have the right to peacefully assemble as long as it does not protrude other"s rights and does not distrube the peace.

4th Amendment
Article 1: FoDDO must have a set balanced budget every 5 years and the nation must meet the spending deadline by 1 year at the minimum in as a just in case.
Article 2: The FoDDO must not go into debt. The nation"s debt must not protrude the nation"s debt ceiling, that of which is $10,000,000. If the nation goes into debt than the nation must quickly get out in a 5 year time period before an automatic audit is placed on the nation to pay off the debt to get it under the Debt Ceiling
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