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Hoenn Remake.

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1/22/2014 6:28:48 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Honestly, which pokemon trainers out there don't want a hoenn remake of Emerald Ruby and Saphire. I mean, Hoenn sucked because there was way too much surfing, tentacool, and too little different types of Pok"mon. But now, they could re-forge the story and your rivalry to be better, with amazing graphics, new online features found in Black and White and X and Y, bring back all the diving spots that were conspicuously missing from Black and White, and of course, improved items for secret bases (honestly, I loved those secret bases), and of course, a new and improved battle frontier, and of course, add more Pok"mon from other regions to balance it out. (plus the new swarms from X and Y)

I mean, this has to happen. Hoenn is the only region that has not been redone (except for Kalos, but they haven't had time to do it yet, and we all know they will). And think of all that we owe to Hoenn. It brought Pok"mon to the world of the Gameboy SP and some of our favorite pokemon like Swampert, Dusknoir, Blaziken, note the exclusion of Skeptile, Gardevoir, Gallade, Medicham and Camerupt. (Yes I know some of these pokemon were created later, but they were all made from Hoenn pokemon). Plus, with a mega-evolution of Blaziken, that just makes it necessary to make one for all the Hoenn starters. Then once you have done that, it just makes it more necessary to reintroduce Hoenn. It's been too long, let's introduce Hoenn to a new generation of Pok"mon players Gamefreak.
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1/23/2014 7:49:47 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Hoenn modernized the PC, introduced the running shoes, was the start of 3D graphics for the Pokemon series, introduced the "Mystery Dungeon" and "Ranger" series, started the system of berries having names other than "bitter berry" and "mint berry," started the lasting tradition of Pokemon contests, introduced abilities, and more. I think it's fair to say Hoenn did a lot for the Pokemon series.
That is not to say that other regions have not contributed to the series, however, Generation IV introduced Wi-Fi activity and Generation VI took the 3D to a whole new level, but Hoenn shouldn't be forgotten about in the long list of Pokemon generations.
Considering their last remake was of Gold and Silver, it would make sense that Hoenn would be next. And with Generation VI's new graphics added to the mix, the Gen. III remake would be just plain awesome.