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Yohoho Puzzle Pirates

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1/27/2014 2:41:49 PM
Posted: 4 years ago

Anyone interested can download the game for free. The game involves 101 islands in the Meridian Ocean. There are 3 oceans (6 before the merger,) so I assume there might be 303 islands total.

The DDO community would be awesome at the game. It involves a wide scale use of politics similar to Feudal Politics (only you give other crews alts instead of daughters.) My Captain has an Alt in the flags Imperial Coalition and Antheas, and they have alts in ours.

I helped my friends in a PVP fight against some people they were arguing with, and I looked at who they were afterwards... The queens of Imperial Coalition, Infamous, and Corruption... My captain got quite the talk after that XD.

The game has an equally complicated Economic structure and EVERYTHING is player ran.

If you do join, we can discuss everything here and be Hearties on the game. Just write your pirate names here. :D (No, this isn't spam. I'm looking for more hearties on the game)
(Join the Meridian Ocean so we're all on the same ocean.) (and join the Dark Revenge.)
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