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The Never Ending Story.

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3/1/2014 2:53:20 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
The Never Ending Story

The Never Ending Story thread is of a story that never closes. When one hero passes away, the story will simply move on to the next hero. Anything can happen so long as the writer has the better interests of the story in mind.

It's best to stick with relevant content during a story arc, but if you feel the arc has gone on too long and isn't attracting new writers, feel free to switch things up. Ask in the Commentary thread if you want to post something far fetched, to ensure people like the idea.

1- Main Characters are not expandable. Do not kill one off unless you know it's best. Main Characters can last many arcs if they are popular enough.
2- Do NOT post unless you are adding on to the story. For commentary, post here: (
3- Do not go out of your way to jump the shark or write something that is unreasonably far fetched.
4- Do not curse too much. And no overly adult material. And NO trolling. Do not ruin other peoples story for your amusement.
5- Anyone can write, do not spam the story, give others a chance to write.

Golden Rules:
1- Check here ( before posting. Make sure no one else is posting at that time. When posting, say so in that thread, and name your Chapter (Chapter XII: The End of So and So), so everyone knows you are adding something. If you see that someone is claiming to post a Chapter, and that Chapter hasn't been posted yet, don't post.
2- PROPER, and READABLE English.

I will begin the thread with a starter tale, build off from it. And remember GOLDEN RULE 1.
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3/1/2014 2:57:20 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter I: The Beginning of the End of Nothing

Shadows crept across the Nothing like stars falling through the sky. The All Father created from this Nothing a void filled with bright lights to hide the darkness that crept.

In time, the All Father grew wary of his creation. The stars didn't shine like they had long ago, and he split them among Hot and Cold. The two gods, Hot and Cold, took on the names of Sezil and Zethur. In time, the All Father became bored with them as well. He created a new creation, one of many Gods, who would from that day forth reproduce, create, and manipulate creation.

In short time, the All Father realized the power held by his creation was too much, and they fought among each other and misused their gifts. He put them under a dark sleep, and removed their Godliness, creating mortals of these men. He spread them across the Universe. Each to a planet of his own to reproduce and grow...

Time passed, and the All Father became bored once more. Zethur and Sezil came to be worshiped among the men, and the All Father sought to have a race of his own, and created the world of Arus. From this new world were born people like the others, but alone from the Universe. They were the pure children of the All Father, and he did love them. They grew and multiplied across the five lands of the known world.

Sometimes they look up into the sky, and when the world is turned away from the brightest star, the All Father, they can still see them move across the night sky... Shadows, like fallen stars searching for their destination.
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3/1/2014 3:33:15 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter II: Somewhere on Planet Earth
The world exploded in a fury of flames. It was seen by the one known as Jack Elvurus Mayonar, known by the gods as The Chosen One. He was simply a man, an average mortal, yet all were interested by him. He had made the world's first fire... and all were excited.
But now---reading all of this, you must be very confused. Why are we talking about the beginning of earth and time? Why is Jack important?
Well, I shall tell you this: Jack is an intelligent being known as a man, a Homo Sapien, classified by the gods themselves.
Did you know that the gods are actually quite boring? Try reading chapter one, it was written by them gods! Yes, that explains the monotonic sense.
But now--I am quite more exciting, known as the Do-A-Million-Things God, name known as Nye Draed.
And there I was when Jack made the first fire, and I knew something was wrong. Something was stirring in the dark....
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3/1/2014 4:27:08 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter III: The Fire of Night

The Night slowly begun to light up as men used fire to protect themselves. Men cooked, and stayed warm, and fought with fire.

Jack was sleeping one day, warm by a flame, when he was awoken by a sudden noise, a bright light in the distance. Curious of this sight, he quickly got up and ran to the light. Upon reaching this site, he saw a creature of massive size stand up. It had the head of a lizard, and wings that stretched out from it's body. It looked down at Jack and saw the fire from his stick.
"Are you a dragon?" The creature asked in a deep, rough voice.
"A what?" The young men asked.
"Fire? Beside you, did you breath it?"
"What? no!" Jack didn't understand.
"Than what are you?"
"I'm just a man... I made the fire with my hands..."
The Dragon stared long At him, and spoke again, "Are you a Mitre?"
"No... I'm just a men. What's a Mitre?"
"A creature like you, capable of god-like powers. They live far from here, in another world. If your people are not Mitres, then I have nothing to worry ab..."

The Dragon collapsed before Jack. "I'm too weak, My life will not last much longer in this state."
"What? What can I do to help?" Jack asked in a panic.
The Dragon thought for a while, breathing hard. "Stand there, dark forces are coming from the East. I can not be found here, and I'm too weak to leave this place. What I'm about to do, I can not undo until I regain my strength. Understand that many of my powers will be yours, but when you use them, I will have to regain the power, and it will take much longer to separate us. If you use all my power, I will die, as will you. If you die, I will be passed down to your first born. I trust you, a man I've never met, to use this gift right." The Dragon breathed a strong fire around Jack. When the fire vanished, so had the Dragon.

Jack looked at his arms and hands, what powers? Did the creature really merge with him? And what did he mean, dark forces from the...

"You! Man, name yourself!" A loud noise rang from the East. Jake looked over to see men on tall black horse standing before him... Men from the Black Kingdom of Aslyn.
"My name is Jack..." He stepped back.
"Will did the creature run to?" The man on the horse requested.
"I don't know. I didn't see him."
"Hmm. Kill him" The knight was about to turn around as his men stepped forward.
"But I didn't.... N..." Jack's eye lit red, and before he could finish the word, fire came from his mouth and engulfed the men...
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3/3/2014 8:58:53 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter IV: A Man Born of Gods

Jack burst into his home and slammed the door behind him with a heavy crash. They very foundation shook as the door closed.

"What did I just do? What did I just do!?!" He screamed.

A voice interrupted his rants from the shadows.

"I believe its called murder dear friend." The voice sounded cold and calculating. Jack backed up and stared intently into the darkness.

"Who's there... get out of the darkness this instant."

"Oh please Jack boy, theres no need for hostilities." A man emerged from the darkness. He was taller than Jack, but not by much. He was wearing a dark cloak that covered his body, the hood was down revealing a lively face. He had dark hair that reached his shoulders and eyes like freshly smelted silver. He was smiling nearly ear to ear. Like he found everything about jack completely amusing.

Jack reached for a knife on a nearby table, "Who are you?"

The man giggled at the knife in jacks hand, "I have had many names," the man paced the room examining everything as if to find out what it was worth, "but you can call me Dolos."

"What are you doing here Dolos? Did you see what happened out there?"

"In fact yes. Everyone saw it Jack. You are the chosen one after all. We have had our spotlights on you since day one. Prometheus has taken a real liking to you lately. Although he is not allowed to come and visit like I am. He is currently being mauled by a vulture for what he did for you."

"Prometheus? You mean the God?"

Dolos rolled his eye. "No your local barber."

Jack sensed sarcasm in Dolos' voice. Which means that he actually meant a real god. But why would the gods have an interest in him? How did this Dolos character know the gods? Jack thought hard to answer that question. A sudden epiphany made him realize who was in his house.

"Are you a... god?"

Dolos stopped pacing and walked over to Jack. He held out his hand invitingly and said,

"So your not a complete twit. Hello, I am Dolos. Apprentice to Prometheus, a man of cunning, craftiness and deception. I am the god of trickery and guile and boy do you need me right now."

Jack stood shocked, staring blankly at Dolos' hand which was extended in welcome. He was actually talking to a god! So much had happened today that Jack was overwhelmed. A dragon possessed him, he killed men from another kingdom, and now the gods were just hoping down for a visit. He felt weak in the knees and dizzy in the head. Before Jack could grab anything to stabilize himself he hit the floor with a thud. Knocked cold from his own thoughts.

It was a while before Jack awoke again. As he came to he noticed he was in his bed. A light emanated from the window, telling him it was morning. He heard a voice, no, two voices coming from the next room.

"Dolos you idiot you shouldn't have come here."
"Oh come on Apate he needed me."
"He needed a god bravery and battle, not deception!"
"He just murdered 6 people Apate. He needs us more than you think."

Jack rose from the bed but quickly fell back down as his head rushed and blackened. He regained his balance and began walking to the door. Upon opening it he saw a strange scene in front of him. The man he came to know as Dolos was currently cowering in the corner. Standing over him was a woman of beautiful proportions. She stopped threatening Dolos for one second to look at Jack.

Jack was stunned. She was much like Dolos in appearance, but a little better. Her eyes were the same silver, her hair the same coal black. She had a look that was slightly smarter than Dolos' though.

"Good morning," she said. Her voice was silk in Jack's ear. "I am sorry to intrude. I am Apate, Dolos' sister. A god of fraud, deception and disguise."

Jack felt overwhelmed again. But not by the fact that he was talking to a god. He opened his mouth to speak, raised a hand to wave, and fell flat on his face.

"You see, I think he has a problem with introductions. He collapsed after mine as well."
"Shut up Dolos. Help me get him back into bed."
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3/4/2014 6:41:27 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter V: Jack's Dream

Jack regained consciousness in a large, wooden chair--floating in pitch-black darkness.

Around him, a thousand points of light suddenly ignited, as if distant stars all-in-one instant had discovered the secret to nuclear empowerment and subsequent stellar illumination. Underneath him, a sea of flailing, pink tentacles became visible.

The colossal mass of tentacles appeared to have eyes . . . small, squinted, numerous eyes--at least from Jack"s perspective. And then, as if the entire surface of a planet had rapidly rotated, a large horrible orifice came within view. It came to rest miles below Jack. Inside the grotesque orifice, on the cavity walls, pointed/serrated teeth jutted into space.

The planet (that's what it appeared to be) shook and pulsated.

It seemed to bellow.

From the surface, an extended tentacle coiled and brushed the bottom of Jack's foot. It momentarily wrapped around Jack's leg and let go. It was powerful but thin.

Jack braced himself on the chair with his strong hands.

The planet vibrated once more and then thundered. "Jaaaaackkkkkkk."

Jack shuddered on the floating chair; he hid his face in his chest.

"Jaaaaackkkkkkk . . . monsterrrrr." A tentacle ascended from the planet's surface, writhing as it approached Jack. It swept across Jack at multiple locations, caressing him, as if to get his attention. The tip then pointed at Jack. "Jaaaaackkkkkkk . . . monsterrrrr," the planet rumbled once again.

Jack revealed his face to the annoying tentacle; he was nervous and sweating. "What do you want from me?" he bawled. "I don't know any monsters!"

All the tentacles within view rose to the black sky. The toothed, gaping orifice down below visibly quivered. The planet roared: "Jaaaaackkkkkkk . . . isss . . . monsterrrrr."

Jack quickly turned away from the tentacle and the planet. He braced himself firmly to the chair, clinging to it like a spider on a precarious web. He was completely at the mercy of this hellish world.

The planet now uttered something new: "Waaagesssss . . . ooof sinnnnn . . . deathhhh." It repeated this phrase as if to underscore it to Jack. "Waaagesssss . . . ooof sinnnnn . . . deathhhh." In the distance, along the planet's skyline a luminous blue sun emerged and climbed upwards. It moved across the black sky like a gentile moon in orbit, illuminating the planet underneath.

The planet communicated with Jack again. "Waaagesssss . . . ooof sinnnnn . . . deathhhh." The tentacle that rested briefly next to Jack became lively again and pointed at him. "Deathhhh," the planet cracked. The tentacle then pointed at the stars all around him. "Sinnnnnerrrrrrs." It repeated this statement once again, with the tentacle's tip directed at the stars. "Sinnnnnerrrrrs."

Several tentacles from the surface now coiled their way toward Jack, all violently flailing but pointing at him. "Deathhhh," the planet echoed. Death, thought Jack pensively. Slowly the thoughts in his mind shifted and reorganized, to make sense of what was being communicated. Gradually an answer came to him, and his mouth dropped opened.

He shook uneasily in his chair, trying to maintain a secure grip on the seat.

The blue sun climbed higher in the sky and now approached him. Suddenly it fractured into a million pixelated grains, transforming into a rolling wave of luminous blue debris. As the stellar debris approached him, he realized that it was in fact made up of humanoid beings, swarming his way. The beings were blue and illuminated--winged--and they appeared like muscular humans.

Just as the wave of angelic beings was about to crash into him, they diverted their flight path so as to encircle him and avoid an impact. The swarm of radiant blue humanoids now engulfed him in a violent, twisting cocoon. Inside, Jack looked intently as the tiny luminous men encircled him on every side; he kneeled on the seat, wrapping his arms tightly around the back.

One angel abruptly left its place in the spiraling cocoon to fling itself at Jack and push him off the chair. This was rapidly followed by other angels that took turns tossing him from the seat. With each blow, Jack slid a rung lower--until he was only clasping at the chair's leg with a single hand.

Then he fell.

And awoke.

Except for the two strangers, he was safe in his bedroom. It was three o'clock in the afternoon.
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3/4/2014 2:48:22 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter VI: The Midnight Journey.

Dolos looked at the boy. "You enjoy your dream?"
"No.. no. not at all..."
"Didn't expect so."
Apate slapped Dolos across the arm, "Ow, what was that for?"
"Shut up Dolos. Jack, what did you dream about?"

Jack explained the dream. It was easy since it was burnt so well into his mind. Dolos was examining a map that seemed to evolve to show everything as it was... Like a magical map. Apate Looked over at him, "Dolos, do you recognize anything from that dream?"

Dolos looked up, "Angels? Olympus doesn't have those. I don't know of many Gods who do, creating life takes more power than even Zeus has. Maybe they're Zethur's angels? Or Albadon?"
"Maybe they're the All Father's?" Apate proposed, "This is his world..."
Dolos looked up. The thought was beyond his imagination. "I know where we must go. Look, the city of Hezgod. The Temple of Alddar is there. The monks from that temple can tell us."
"Isn't that the All Fathers temple?" Apate looked back.
Dolos smiled and put up the map. "Start packing Jacky, we're leaving at midnight. That way we'll reach the forest when day is rising."

Midnight came quickly, and the group left the house quietly, making it out of the village in secret. "Jack, has the Dragon spoke to you since he possessed you?"
"No. Why?"
"Hm. That's strange. Dragon's are social creatures when around people. This one must have some secrets to hide." Apate smiled.

The group walked through the hills and reached a river. The Gods begun walking across it, never sinking into it. Jack figured he'd have to swim across, but he didn't. The river froze before him. He looked up to see Apate and Dolos both smiling, like they knew something. Jack had never been this far before, never passing the River... He walked over the ice, knowing he wouldn't be returning, and the journey begun.
"Jack, do you have a girlfriend?" Apate asked.
"Yes... A few."
"Oh, No." Apate laughed, "A girlfriend isn't a normal lady friend... She's a special girl who you love, and she loves you. Like a wife, but not married."
Jack was confused.
"Some worlds have things like that, I guess it just takes a while for it to start up."
"Why'd you ask?" Jack wondered.
"Because it's what women do. We ask personal questions about love."
Dolos smirked.

Suddenly, a noise came from the west, and they could see men on horses race towards them. Knights from Aslyn. The gods stepped back.
"We can help with monsters and creatures, and even with the target if we have permission, but not with normal people. Sorry Jack, you're on your own here." The Gods stood back and watched.
Jack looked forward in time to see the knights stop in front of him.

"Stop, by order of the King of Aslyn."
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3/4/2014 8:22:01 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter VII - An Enchantment at Mid-Day

Two knights dismounted there horses and moved towards Jack. They both stopped mere feet away. One put a hand on his sword, the other a hand into his cloak.

Jack gulped loudly. He was sure they could smell the fear radiating from him. He had no idea what to do. He had made fire, spoke with gods, and absorbed a dragon but he was not ready for another confrontation with a group of armed, trained knights.

The man to Jacks left withdrew a vial filled with black ash. He lifted it eye level with Jack.

"Do you know where this came from?" He asked in a stern and demanding voice.

"What? No!" Jacks voice quivered and cracked at the last words. He heard a small giggle from behind him but turned nothing but air.

The man with the vial suddenly latched a hand to Jacks arm. "Pay attention boy!" He turned to speak to the group of five remaining knights behind him. "Is this the man that attacked you?"

The man farthest away from Jack lifted his head. He had large burns on the right side of his face and he was cradling his right arm carefully.

"Yes, that is him."

The knight with Jack smiled deviously. "Good," he responded. His knuckles cracked as the came into contact with Jacks cheek. Jack felt the searing pain as a gash erupted with blood. Pouring down the side of his face and onto the untrimmed summer grass. He looked up just in time to see the metal boot of the knight swing and connect with his forehead.

Jack rolled down the hill. Spreading both blood and and what dignity he had left over the ground. He coughed and wiped the blood from his forehead. He tried to stand but quickly fell back on his stomach. His head screamed with pain and his cheek...

His cheek... felt oddly enough... fine.

With a weary movement Jack raised a hand to his face and felt the cut the knight had given him. Instead of touching a gash that stung and gushed with blood, he felt the slight burn of a wound quickly healing.

He crawled to the water of the river, only yards away, and looked into make-shift mirror. His brown hair was slightly crusted with blood from his forehead, which to was beginning to heal. His pupils were dilated but slowly fixing themselves. A blow with a metal boot should have killed him. Yet here he was restoring his own being.

Jacks wonder was interrupted by a cold hand around the neck. The knight spun him around and locked him in a death grip.

"How are you not dead maggot!?!"

Glimpsing around the giant in armor Jack could see the men had dismounted there horses and were making there way down the hill. Behind them stood Dolos and Apate. For once it seemed like Dolos had control during an argument. Apate had never before looked so conflicted.

Jack took blow after blow to the head. The knight became frustrated and reached for his sword.

"Lets see how your godly powers work when your head is separate from the rest of your body."

Jack felt something rumble in his stomach, something he had felt only once before. A burning sensation rose from the back of his throat, up up up, till it burst forth from his mouth. This burst of flame was smaller than the last one. It sent the knight rocketing back and into his companions but didn't damage him beyond repair. He rolled over clutching his stomach as the burns cooled on his half melted armor.

As the knight stood dumbfounded the one with a burns drew his sword.

"You messed up my face you fire breathing jerk!" He charged Jack with his weapon raised. In the moment Jack reached for the sword that had fallen near him. He stood and locked blades with his assailant.

Pushing hard against the blade Jack locked eyes, "How about we make you symmetrical then."

Jack pushed his blade to the side with all his might, but he was outmatched. In one hefty swing Jack was off balance. He leaned out of the way as a blade thrust past his face. He felt a boot hit his thigh and he tumbled past him and into the river water. Jack laughed as the man stood, soaking wet, in the river. He sloshed out of the water. His sword was buried in the mud under the current.

"So, I'm defenseless. What now?"

Jack smiled and threw his sword to the ground. "We both leave alive."

"Very well," said the man, "except for one condition."

"And what is that?"

"I cant leave you alive." In a matter of seconds two things happened.

One, the man pulled a dagger from his cloak and charged Jack.
Two, a separate dagger emerged from his neck.

He fell dead and Dolos was standing behind him.

He looked quickly at Jack. "Its time we make our escape." His eye's flashed to the group behind Jack.

Spinning around Jack saw Apate she had a knife stained crimson with three mens blood. She gestured ahead and together the group moved into the woods.
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Expanse: Trapped in Reality
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3/5/2014 2:34:08 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter VIII--The Mysterious Man of Dark
While all of this was happening, a mysterious man in the dark was watching very carefully. He followed Jack around and Jack didn't seem to notice. I wanted to help them, but I could not. I can do a million things, but alas, no god can directly help the mortals. And I had no choice to watch as Jack followed his newly found "friend" into the great dark forest while the Mysterious man of the Dark followed...
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3/7/2014 3:48:22 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter IX: The Horseman's Crypt.

Night was falling on the forest, and soon the only light to guide the trio was the stars, blocked out by the canopy.

The three begin to settle down in an open space. Dolos laid down lines and circles around the camp, to protect them from evil spirits and dark creatures.
"Why did you put those lines down? Spirits and creatures don't exist around here." Jack asked.
"They do when Gods walk around here." Apate answered.
"Gods leave behind a powerful presence that attracts spirits, like how humans are extracted to bright lights." Dolos replied as well. Jack got the reference. "You understand the Dragon will likely never be able to regain it's power in you, right? We're going to make your life very interesting, and that Dragon will be apart of keeping you a live."
Jack understood.

Suddenly, Jack heard a noise. Everyone looked over to see Gravel Wolfs roaming in the shadows. The large demented beasts, thin and filthy, with thick horns extruding from their heads like that of a ram, roamed the area around the camp.

"Dolos, Gravel Wolfs aren't stopped by little symbols and circles." Apate spoke with concern. Lesser Gods could kill lesser creatures, but Gravel Wolfs were the wolfs of hell. Only a Greater God could fight one.
"Hold on!" Dolos looked at his map again. "Ah, here!" He pointed at the map and looked back. Directly behind them was a large building, wide and open. It looked a tomb. "It's the Horseman's Crypt."
Jack just stared, "But... Where did it come from?"
"It appears when I need it, now hurry!" They ran into the crypt, and the doors slammed shut behind them. "Only problem is, well... The crypt entrance is one-way. When we leave, we'll be where we need to be, but first we have to actually leave."

They walked into the closest room. It was dark, and cobwebs cluttered the roof. They cluttered the roof so much, in fact, they couldn't see it at all. The only thing past the webs was darkness.
"There is no roof. Not often. The crypt changes with each visit. Sometimes it's this, sometimes it's wintry, sometimes it's volcanic." Dolos looked at Jack. The boy stared around a while.
"Here." Apate gave Jack a pair of duel sided, bladed tonfas.
"Tonfas? Apate..." Dolos just stared at her. The weapons had blades on both sides, one running down his arm and one sticking out like a sword on both. "Jack, take these." Dolos handed Jack long metal bracelets to protect him from the blades.

A sound could be heard in the room in front of them. They walked back a bit, putting space between them and the entrance. Suddenly, the door broke open, and skeletons roamed to the room. They were armed and in numbers.
"Get those butter cutters ready, Jack." Dolos spoke.
Jack grabbed the tonfas in time to lift his arms and block a blow from one of the skeletons.
Suddenly, the doors to their sides also begin to shake. Jack got distracted and almost didn't see the skeleton try again. Suddenly Jack reacted to the incoming swing, lifting one arm to block, and stabbing his other into the skeletons armor. The creature fall into a pile of dust.

Jack kept his eye on the skeletons around him. They all moved in to attack, and Jack fought back with a combination of blocks and swings. Then suddenly the room lit up and the skeletons faded away.
"That was the last of my Shining Light. Let's go." Dolos yelled. They ran for the empty room in front of them as the doors to the side bust open. Jack was quick to close the door behind them.
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3/11/2014 2:14:14 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter X: The Gymnastic Elf

Jack pulled the door shut; he turned quickly to follow his two friends.

"We must hurry," Apate said forcefully, turning toward Jack. "We must get through that door--at the end of this passageway." She airily pointed a finger at the end of the narrow corridor they were in.

Together the trio sprinted down the corridor, lightly brushing the sides with their hands--which was smooth, flat. It was made of precisely cut stone. The narrow tunnel converged toward a wooden door, which permitted bright light to pour in between its vertical slabs of wood. When they reached it Dolos ducked and slammed the door open with his side.

"Ouch!" he cried. He turned to Apate and Jack, who crouched to get underneath the archway. "Sorry."

When they passed to the other side, Dolos pulled the door tightly shut behind them. "It's self-locking," he eagerly said. He grinned.

They exited out of a lumpy wall of granite; Apate could see that they were on the side of a mountain thinly dotted in trees.

She glanced at Dolos. "Dolos, my dear, you said it would take us where we need to be?" She cocked an eyebrow.

Dolos continued smiling. "Uh . . . yes. The horseman's crypt has never failed me before."

"And how many times have you used it?" inquired Apate, now sitting on a rock.

With apparent vacillation Dolos raised a single finger into the air--quickly followed by a second. He chuckled.

Apate rolled her eyes. Her fatigued head was now resting in her palm, her hair pulled to the side.

"Well, we can't go back," interrupted Jack. "Those things will kill us!" He glanced at the crypt door on the face of the mountain. It was gone. Magic had made it vanish.

When Dolos realized this he tossed his hands in the air, muttering a word of profanity.

Apate tilted her face to look up at him and shook her head. She let it sink again.

Jack placed his arms to his hips, deeply arched his back as if to stretch, and marched down the mountainside, into the forest.

The two gods followed him soon afterwards, trailing him closely.

At the base of the mountain Dolos and Apate vigorously collected twigs to serve as kindling for a campfire, which had not yet been ignited. They told Jack to stay close to the spot where they were stacking the wood, as the area was crawling with dangerous and magical life forms, most of which would kill or eat him. The sun was still high in the sky but it would be dark soon.

Jack could see that in one direction the forest cleared away; he briskly walked in that direction, to investigate.

He came across a curious figure standing on its head--an elf.
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3/12/2014 8:22:56 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter XI: The Gymnastic Elf Part II

Jack entered a spacious, unwooded opening in the forest and immediately recognized he was on top of a cliff face, several hundred meters above verdant, green woodland, which extended for kilometers. In the distance he spotted plumes of smoke that frailly wafted from two locations. He surmised they were the positions of two unfriendly, insular villages.

At the edge of the stony cliff an elven figure stood erect on its head. It had pointy ears and it was thinner in places than a regular human should be--but this was normal for an elf.

Jack quietly approached the figure careful not to disturb it; it appeared to be meditating. Jack could detect a whisper of sound coming from its lips, as though it were singing; the words, however, were inaudible.

Back in his hamlet, they had never encountered a creature such as this . . . a near-human, with such remarkable features. It was dressed like a human, Jack could see. It was decorated in a dark green tunic and a pair of leg-hugging pantaloons to match, which adjusted into pointy shoes where the feet should be. It was also wearing a cone-shaped cap that looked like it should flop over to the side, but which was squashed under the weight of the elf's inverted head. Tucked underneath the cap were strands of curly golden hair. It appeared to have human eyes, but they were shut.

Jack stepped closer to inspect it, approaching its buttocks. Its two legs were hoisted straight into the air; it braced itself with powerful, brawny arms. On the ground beside it lie an unsealed bag with a few contents poking out of the pocket.

Suddenly the elf's erected legs parted, dropping in separate directions. Between them Jack could see the extensive forest hundreds of meters below. He stood motionless, blinking his beryl eyes.

The elf then twisted its hips, forcing its muscular legs to fold close like a pair of cutting scissors, off to one side. He let them fall in Jack's arms . . . which promptly caught them, as if he were collecting firewood.

Jack's lips constricted. "Hello," he proclaimed.

The elf once again elevated its legs, liberating Jack from his abrupt burden. With a powerful thrust, it raised its head off the ground, to perform a spectacular handstand. Once it hoisted itself up, it waddled to the edge of the cliff.

Jack was befuddled. He screwed up his face, feeling moderately spurned. "Well, then, I'll just . . . get going."

"There is a force that no evil can exterminate." The pliable elf spoke. Its voice was deep and commanding.

"What was that?" queried Jack.

There is a force that no evil anywhere can eliminate. It can bring down the greatest foe, smash the greatest criminal, flatten the worst miscreant, wipe-out the toughest malefactor; it can simultaneously alleviate every pain, and avenge every injustice! Indeed, it has the power to bring lasting peace to our world."

Jack watched the elf keenly. "Oh . . . what's your name?" He then lightly tapped his chest. "I'm Jack."

The elf stood on its hands, surveying the forest deep below. It did not respond.

"You know, where I'm from I also go by Jake. My friends call me that, as an alias . . . a codename." Jack casually strolled to a boulder next to the cliff, to sit and talk to the elf. "Of course, my parents found out and now they call me Jakey--don't tell anyone. My sister, she won't stop calling me that!" Jack's hands fanned out to articulate frustration. "My neighbors . . . they call me Jacques, but they're from another country."
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Chapter XII:

Apate leaned against a tree and watched Jack. She smirked and looked at the back of his head. He was sitting on the edge of the cliff talking to an elf like he was his best friend. How could he do it? It seemed everyone he came into contact with was either astounded by him or friends with him. Not to mention he was kind of cute... right?

"Apate's got a crush on the fire human!" Dolos' taunting voice came from behind her. She turned to glare at him and saw him, laying on the forest floor.

"I do not, i'm just interested in his situation, thats all."

Dolos grinned and grabbed a nearby stone, tossing it into the air. "You know for a god of disguise you aren't hiding anything very well." He repeatedly tossed the stone into the air and caught it with the opposite hand.

"Lay off you idiot."

"Just telling the truth. You never look at anything else like that."

Dolos pulled a dagger from his belt and looked into it. His reflection was barely visible from the blood encrusted on it.

"We actually killed humans Apate..."

Her face turned from slightly happy to dead serious. "What were we going to do? Let him die?"

"We don't even know if he was going to die!" They both knew this but acted either way. "I have to get some air." Dolos stood and walked into the forest a little way. He always said he needed air when he was either planning something devious or needed to think.

Apate walked from the tree line and approached Jack. He stopped talking with the elf to look at her.

"It seems we have a mute. He spoke one sentence and now... nothing."

"Is that so Jacky?"

"You heard that?"

"I'm an omnipotent being, what did you expect."

They laughed together for a few second then looked back to the elf. He was off of his head and standing, looking over the cliff.

Apate moved towards him and said, "Are you ok sir?" The elf looked troubled, like there was something on his mind he just couldn't quite speak.

His head turned towards Apate and with a stutter be muttered, "I am sorry for your loss."

"Loss?" Apate questioned, "What loss?"

Without warning a scream erupted from the forest. Jack jumped and faced the shrubs searching for the source of the sound.

"Apate", he yelled, there was worry in his voice,"where is Dolos?"

Apate ran sprinting into the woods. Her feet could not move fast enough to her brother. As she ran her mind ran through all of the different possibilities; bandits, monsters, had there father come for revenge? Jack was following as fast as he could but Apate had years of training and moved far ahead.

It was two minutes before Jack moved into a new clearing. Apate had kneeled to the ground but there was no body. Jack heard the sound of sobbing and saw a glint of light coming from over her shoulder. As he moved forward Jack noticed the knife, once Dolos' covered in a dark red that must be blood. The only question was... whose blood was it?
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Chapter XIII: The Path that Ends. (Part I)

"Apate! What happened?" Jack yelled out to her.
"Jack, don't turn around... Don't even think too..." She requested, with fear in her eyes.

The figure stood tall behind him. It was human in design, tall enough to reach up and grab fruit from the tree. Jack could hear him do it, too. He knew the thing behind him was large.

"You can look, boy." The figure called out. Jack looked back at him, his eyes glowing black. The sun was behind it, so Jack couldn't see its finer details. "Jack. The tiny human with which the God's have such big plans."
"Who are you... What did you do with Dolos?" Jack spoke with anger.
"Your friend, he is gone. Just a showing of my power... Even the God fear me."
Apate spoke, "Jack, step back from him..."

Jack begun to walk backwards. The ground didn't move, but he could feel it rumble when the creature spoke.
"Don't worry Jack. I've no intentions of playing with you, you will die here, before you become an annoyance." He lifted his hand that bared the fruit he had plucked, and the fruit turned to fire, then into a ball of molten ground. He was about to throw it before another figure appeared behind and stabbed through him.
"Run!" The elf yelled out as the creature went out of existence and the lava fell, expanding to greater mass. "The Lava won't stop, we have to run." The elf ran past them both, and they followed.

Apate lifted her arm, and it begun to rain. "Jack, the rain will stop it, but it might take a while, keep running."
"Who was that!?" Jack questioned her while the lava poured in around them.
"I don't know!" She yelled back. She was lying and he knew it. And she knew he knew she lied. He stared at her until she gave at least something. "He's an Arc Demon."
Jake, the elf, began to speak. "Demon? How so? A Demon is the creation of a Fallen God. What generation is he?"
"The first generation demon...?" Jake contemplated it a moment.

They kept running, nearing the edge of the forest before the lava behind them stopped. It had all turned to stone in the rain.
"Okay. Apate. You don't have to explain the creature to me.. I trust you... But explain everything you and Jake just said."
Apate stared a minute, then spoke. "Okay. There are fallen angels, right?" Jack nodded. "Well God can fall to. They become powerful devils. Their creation turns evil. One's creation will always reflect its creator. Angels become Demons. This is different from Fallen Angels. A Fallen Angel's creator isn't evil, so they can still be good or evil. Demon's don't get that option."
"Why? Why can good turn Evil, but evil not turn good?"
"Because an evil creator doesn't believe in free will. A good creator does. This is an Arc Demon. Arc Angels and Demons are stronger then most Gods. The only thing that makes them lesser is that they can not create things."

Jack just thought about it for awhile, then asked, "How can they be stronger than most Gods?"
Jake answered, "Because, Jack, the only people who can create Angels and Demon are the highest of Gods. Like Albadon, Sezil, Zethur, so on."
"Can I ask how the God's came into existence? I only know of The All Father and the Two Primes." He spoke of Sezil and Zethur.
"Zethur and Sezil created them. Like the All Father, they wanted to create. They created Gods of their own. Such as Dolos, Aldadon, and Dirge."
"Hey. The forest ends here, and there is a path to Hezgod." Apate stared at Dolo's map before walking on. Jack and Jake followed.

The path was miles long, and the day grew short before they reached the city. The walls were higher than the tallest tree, and the stones were black and tall. Jack only barely reached the top of the block he stood near. The blocks were covered in circles and symbols, like what Dolos drew.
"Here... Finally." Apate said. She smiled with excitement. "God's don't die, they reappear in the All-Father's presence. Since we are going to his temple, we can prey for Dolo's return." She kept thinking about how the Horseman's Crypt led them to the Arc Demon. There wasn't time to think; however. The doors opened, and two Guards stood before them.

"Whom are you and your party?"
"We are travelers from across the Mountains. We came to prey before the All Father." Jack spoke, taking lead.
"The day is right, and the temple is open. Please enter." The guards spoke, and they did.
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Chapter XIV: The Holy of Holies

Apate, Jack, and the elf entered the immense ziggurat bowing their heads in reverence, just as Apate had instructed them to moments earlier as they approached. The two, hefty guards shuffled aside to let them through, clunking the dull end of their spears on the stony pavement as they halted at their new positions.

Apate's alluring face was covered in a black veil, which she procured from inside one of her tattered sleeves. She sauntered through the temple entrance with majesty and grace, her hands folded in front of her, the other two looking around.

"Where is it that we pray?" uttered Jack.

Apate paused, letting the other two catch up. She stomped on Jack's foot. "Sshhhh!" she told him. A erect slender finger was pressed against her puckered lips. "We're on hallowed ground here. We must respect the decorum of this place."

The elf, upon hearing this, immediately set out to upend itself, placing both hands on the tiled pavement then raising its agile legs. Its soft hat fell to the floor, which it gingerly picked up with one hand and placed in the pocket of its bag, dangling at the hip. It then folded its legs at the knees for balance and waddled forward, into the temple.

Apate looked at the elf from behind her veil, and then gazed in the direction in which they were moving. Jack stared at the inverted elf, unable to turn his head.

Inside the cavernous temple, Jack could see rows of pews scantily sat in by only a handful of people, some also kneeling on prayer pads that could be swiveled down from the pew in front of them.

Apate, Jack, and the elf approached the altar. A few onlookers stared at the overturned elf, blinking.

High overhead, Jack could see a gargantuan golden chandelier swinging through the air, its candlelit flames teetering back and forth. Behind the temple altar stood a priestess preparing for a forthcoming service; she was dressed in fine robes and an elegant headdress.

Apate and Jack kneeled at the wide steps in front of the altar; the upside-down elf tumbled over, instantly taking a kneeling position--

Suddenly a thunderous clang echoed from the temple entrance, followed by the chittering of muted human voices.

Apate and Jack rose and turned to inspect the noise. Unfortunately they couldn't see the entrance corridor from their location inside the sacred auditorium.

A rapid succession of clomps approached the opening to the auditorium, as if a platoon of metal armor was stomping the ground and about to infiltrate the cavernous room.

"You can't be in here," someone shouted, from inside the peripheral corridor. "This is a holy temple dedicated to the All-Father. You cannot draw those sw--" His voice trailed off, as if he were forcibly silenced.

A group of seven knights clad in armor emerged from the passageway into the temple auditorium. They were holding iron rapiers and decorated shields. One of them was clenching a taut chain that led into the passageway, as if he were pulling something . . . something heavy. The group of knights was led by a leader with grotesque burn marks on one side of his face. His neck was heavily bandaged and he hobbled when he walked.

"You!" he said.

A svelte man in a pew off to Jack's left stood up. "Listen to me carefully because this is only coming once." He gently ambled to the main aisle, in front of the stone altar. From there he plodded to the group of knights, where he dropped to his knees and raised his arms. "I completely and unconditionally surrender," he sobbed gaudily. "You will get no resistance from me. Had I known the melon tree belonged to the King I would have never picked the fruit."

"Not you!" bellowed the knight in bandages. "Him!" He pointed at Jack with a heavy finger. He grabbed the man sobbing before him and tossed him off to one side, where he crashed into a pew.

The few remaining people seated in pews got up and began to leave.

Jack motioned to Apate and the elf to sand aside. "I've got this," he said with conviction.

"Oh, no no no no no!" the knight with the burned face blurted out loud. "Not this time, boy." He raised his fingers and snapped them, evidently issuing an order.

The knight clenching the taut chain pushed forward, dragging behind him a hulking, menacing wolf that appeared from the corridor. It growled savagely and dripped puddles of saliva from its enormous naked fangs.

"This one's fireproof," said the knight with the bandages--grinning.
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At this point I was biting the nails of my fingers, down to the wrist. (Yes, I can do that and my hand will regenerate. No worries.) I watched as Jack's eyes panicked, and his hands nevertheless attempted a fire as the strange creature growled and created a sense of fear within him. The Knight laughed as Apache frowned upon the creature.

"Why, why have you misused the Fracove? They are meant for protection, not for harming!" Said Apache as the Fracove advanced forward upon Jack, almost teasing him to shoot the fire.
The creature and Jack continued to circle each other, like wrestlers in a match. Finally, after a few minutes of dramatic tension, The Fracove pounced forward and met Jack's hand of fire in combat......
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Chapter XVI: Elf Indigestion - Part I

Jack reached into the hidden pockets of his buckle-strapped boots and pulled out a pair of shiny objects. He fitted the shiny metal objects onto each of his hands; they were brass knuckles. He raised both of his fists in front of his youthful face and gently moved them up and down. "I always come prepared," he announced at the knights, who took a step back in anticipation of a brutal scuffle. "This isn't the first time I've taken a wild beast--mano a mano." He was right, of course. . . .
The pink pig with protruding canines looked at Jack with an expression of defiance in its face. Its two ears stood alert--even if they flopped over at the tips. It stared at Jack with a slanted head, disclosing both cuteness and a hidden, evil intent.

"Now listen to me, pig!" Jack said boldy. "You're going to get into that pig pen even if I have to push, shove, kick, chain you, oil you up, throw a temper tantrum for all the world to see and bash you through that gate!" He shook his finger wildly at the pig. "I'm the farmer, you're the farm animal; it's time to settle into our proper roles here."

The pig thrashed both of its front hooves on the ground to affirm that it was listening, then it sat down, snorting periodically.

Jack stomped forcefully to the pig. "Listen, sandwich meat: you're going to walk over to that gate and get inside!" Jack placed a hand on the pig's back for balance, then he leaned into it with his thin shoulder to try to get it to move. The pig snorted nonchalantly. Jack pushed and pushed but to no avail. Finally the pig rolled over on its side, sloshing in a soggy puddle of mud.

Jack held a hand up to his face, to avoid getting wet dirt in his green-aquamarine eyeballs. "You're a monster," he declared irately. "For two weeks you've ran off into the wild and now you don't even listen like a good piglet should."

The 150-pound hog continued thrashing in the mud; it picked at a purple flower that protruded from the ground with its extended mouth, chewing. It turned its head up at Jack.

Jack sat on a knot of raised grass not too far from the pig. "Pig," Jack said. "You're not going to like this very much. But me and my friends would regularly sit around campfires last summer and tell pig jokes." Jack's face became serious. "Jokes about you."

Jack gazed at the pig. "What is the difference between swine flu and bird flu? For swine flu you need oinkment; for bird flu you need tweetment!" Jack continued cruelly. "What is a pig's favorite sport? Mud wrestling. What do you call a male pig that mistreats a lady? A male chauvinist pig. What do you call a pig with bad table manners? Normal." Jack clawed at the grass with shovel-like fingers and tossed the dirt and leafy blades at the pig. "What is a pig's best karate move? The pork chop!"

The dripping pig miraculously got up and took several steps toward the gate, as if it were surrendering because of the vulgarity.

Jack's eyes enlarged in disbelief.

It then darted off into the forest, disappearing behind thick arboraceous trees.

Jack gradually lifted himself up to his feet, his mouth wide open. "Em . . . see you in two weeks," he said.
"Like I said: I've dealt with worse," Jack announced to the knights. The gargantuan wolf crouched low to the ground, its shaggy tail stiffly extended, as if the beast was ready to pounce. It growled thunderingly at Jack, focusing on him with its two orange eyes.

Apate yelled out from Jack's side. "No, you don't have this!"

A pew came crashing in between the wolf and Jack, ejecting large splinters at the pack of knights and temporarily establishing a barrier between Jack and the wolf.

"We need to go now!" Apate shouted at Jack and the elf. "That animal is flame retardant. It won't burn."

The wolf slashed at the cracked pew with its paws; the knights took additional steps away from the wolf to avoid being trampled and bitten in the excitement. The wolf grabbed the pew with its mouth of pointed-teeth and hoisted it in the air, ferociously shaking it then tossing it at a stone wall, where it shattered into wooden shards and splinters.

"Follow me," Apate demanded. She guided her two companions behind the stone alter inside the temple auditorium. "We'll be safe here as soon as I conjure up some magic." She removed a little cloth bag from inside her clothing and opened it up, removing a pair of pebbles with strange symbols carved into them. She briefly held them under her nose to breathe on them, then she stood up and tossed each into the cavernous auditorium, in different directions. When they landed they exploded, creating some kind of hazy, incandescent blue wall, but transparent, so that the knights and the enormous wolf were visible on the other side. "That should buy us some time," Apate said.

As the three of them waited for Apate's next move, a weird rumbling could be heard, emanating from the elf"s stomache.
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Chapter XVII: Elf Indigestion--Part II

Jack's brass knuckles clicked as they came to rest on top of the stone altar; he peered over the edge, to discover the positions of the colossal wolf and the seven knights. The pack of knights was desperately trying to find a way to infiltrate the luminous blue wall. The leader--his neck thickly wrapped in bandages, his face grotesquely disfigured--pounded the flat, incandescent wall with his fists"while screaming orders at the other knights to search the edges; the wolf attempted to gnaw on the glassy effulgent wall using its snout and its monstrous canines, clawing at the barrier with its lethal barbed paws. Unable to get through, it yelped in frustration.

Apate's dark eyes remained focused on the events on the other side of the incandescent barrier. Her stringy brunette hair was tousled, but it gave her the look of an adept warrior. "That wall is going to dissolve in a few minutes. We need to find a way to exit this temple--fast."
The entrance corridor--through which they entered--was on the other side of the blue barrier. Jack could see no obvious way to get to it. He searched behind them, near the stone wall at the rear of the temple. "Found something," he said. In the crevice behind a pillar, he discovered a tunnel with steps that seemed to spiral upwards, toward the roof of the temple.

The noise inside the elf's stomach became louder and louder. He folded his arms and gripped his chest, as if he were sick. "I'm alright," the elf stated defiantly. "No need to worry. This is normal elf business." The elf traipsed to the tunnel entrance, following Jack.

"Are you going to be alright?" Apate interrogated, pinching her lips, as if she knew what the trouble might be.

"Yes; of course. An adult elf like me has complete control over this condition." He turned to face both Apate and Jack. "I stopped being a teenager two years ago. I'm now in my twenties. Most male elves have mastered this hormonal . . . complication at my age." The elf stepped into the dimly lit tunnel and began spiraling upwards.

Apate pushed herself ahead of Jack and quickly rotated once to face Jack, giving him an emotionless glance; she then advanced onto the steps. Jack followed.

The three companions trudged up the revolving staircase, palming the walls for balance; there was flaming torches in their niches, every twenty steps or so, providing illumination to the ascending corridor. When they reached the top they discovered the floor was made-up of squeaky floor boards, with apparent gaps disjoining them. Between two of the boards Jack could see the decorated floor of the temple auditorium, approximately 60 meters below. He suddenly felt woozy.

"Jack, don't look through those floor boards! We need to follow this path until we find a way out." Apate proceeded further onto the creeky floor boards. "They squeak--but they're firm. This has to be the exit the priestess took to escape the temple." She flicked a hand at the elf and Jack to follow her. As they reached the end of the narrow upper room they were in, Apate found an archway with descending steps and could hear the howling wind outside. She surmised the exit led to a balcony high on the temple exterior, overlooking the land of Ala-ki. She guessed there was a stone staircase that coiled around the temple's exterior, down to the foundation. "This has to be a way out--"

The silence behind them instantaneously filled with shouting voices and howling.

"The barrier--it's down," Apate declared. "We can escape if we leave now."

Off to the side, the elf dropped to his knees, in obvious pain. He was cradling his mid-section with both arms.

Jack panicked. "Elf, we have to go now!"

The elf waved him off, as if to tell them to leave without him.

Apate turned to the descending steps, then to the elf, then to the descending steps . . . "Fine. We'll stay and fight." She wiped sweat from her nose. "Jack, I hope your body can heal itself faster than that wolf can tear it apart!"

Jack turned to face the long narrow upper room, staring into it. "So do I."

The human voices became louder; finally six armored knights poked out of the archway at the other end of the upper room. They were followed by the leader, who hobbled out of the the archway onto the floor boards.

"So the heroes don't get to escape, after all. Instead, they stand and fight. I applaud your courage." The knight with the pink, disfigured face began to clap. He elbowed the knight adjacent to him to do the same; after a short moment all the knights were applauding and laughing.

Jack interjected. "Hey, knight: nice scarf. It goes well with that limp."

Six of the knights nosily oooohed.

From the archway a mass of fur squeezed out, followed by a long snout and probing, bulging eyes. This was followed by a hairy paw, two muscular legs, and the hind parts of a monstrous canine.

"Oh, look: our friend is here," the knight with the bandaged neck announced. "And it knows everything about you . . . Jack. We let it dig through your personal belongings . . . in your home." He carefully patted the side of the wolf's head, clear away from the teeth. "I think the woman next to you knows what this thing is."

Apate briefly glanced at Jack, then concentrated on the knights and the shaggy beast.

The elf was now lying on his side reeling in pain. The growling in his stomach was now as prominent as a human voice from where Apate and Jack stood. Suddenly he ballooned into a ball of pink flesh; his chest, arms, legs and head expanded like dirigibles. His fingers became swollen and he continued to broaden into something that barely resembled the elf he once was moments ago. His tunic and pantaloons were stretched to capacity but they did not tear. He raised himself up with an enormous swollen arm; he re-positioned his monstrous legs to accomplish this.

Once erect, it was obvious to Apate and Jack that he stood more than three meters high, his head nearly at the ceiling. The elf's face was unrecognizable and pudgy. He inspected Apate and Jack with squinted eyes, then trudged to the seven knights and the enormous wolf, the floor boards beneath him squeaking heavily.

At once the wolf barreled and leapt at the monstrous elf; the elf caught it with his astounding rotund arms. The hairy beast shook violently in the elf's grip, trying to snap at the elf's head with its pincer-like jaws. The elf's mouth dreadfully enlarged to about the diameter of his head. He smashed the wolf into his orifice, absorbing more of it with each attempt at swallowing. The wolf's hind legs continued to kick, even while most of it was deep inside the elf's body, gradually dissolving in acid.

The knights all watched in horror, all of them reposed against the stone wall or viewing from the archway.

As the last of the wolf went down, the elf placed a meaty finger to his lips. He smacked his mouth to express intense satisfaction.

He then plodded in the direction of the knights, holding his hands high. The knights all went scrambling down the archway, the majority shrieking in fright.

The gargantuan elf turned to face Apate and Jack, and advanced toward them. He raised his hands high as if he intended to grab them once he reached them. Then his face expressed severe disapproval. He cradled his mid-section like he ate something unpalatable. Then he dropped to the floor boards, foaming and motionless.

Apate and Jack stared at each other in horror . . . blinking.
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Chapter XVIII--New Troubles Await
Jack and Apache backed away from the elf as he groaned and moaned some more.
" he going to be alright?" Jack asked, a bit scared at the sight of the elf rolling over and over in what seemed like eternal pain.
"I...I don't know. He chose to sacrifice his stomach over our lives." Apache commented, still confused about the way the elf defeated the wolf.
Suddenly, the elf let out a howl of agony, and then slowly got up.
"I'm sorry it I disgusted you two," the elf apologized, "eating the wolf was one of the 7 ways to kill a wolf."
"...and it was the best? Most efficient?" Jack questioned. "What were the other six ways anyways?"
"You don't want to know." The elf said, then walked ahead of the two.
A moment of silence followed as the trio ambled through the forest.
"Why are all these people chasing me, wanting me?" Jack suddenly asked.
The other two shrugged.
"I'm not sure..." Apache replied, "I think it's because of your godly powers. They wish to use you to the bad extent, force you to do their evil plans."
"Ah, well that makes sense. I've been hired by a mysterious god-like person to protect you. I think good people don't want the villains to capture you. I wonder why he hired me though..." the elf trailed off, stumbling on the rocky road.
Just then, Jack saw a light ahead. "Finally, we've reached our destination!" He exclaimed.
"Where were you and Dolos planning to go, anyways?" Apache asked.
"I thought you'd knew, being an omnipotent being. Well, we were going to visit the village wizard. Dolos said he knew a man who was capable of explaining how the dragon managed to keep his power within me."
The elf gasped. "I've heard things about this wizard...he had powers beyond anyone's imagination!"
"Well, let's go and see how powerful this wizard is." Apache said, arrogantly thinking about how she was very powerful herself.
Jack walked through the village, leading the other two. He examined all the houses meticulously, as he knew the wizard's house was very well-hidden. After a while of searching, he finally found the house.
Knock Knock!
Knock Knock Knock!
The door opened a little bit, revealing part of a beard and sparkling eyes behind a pair of glasses. "What may I do for you three?" Invoked the wizard.
"I'm a friend of Dolos, these are friends of mine." Jack said, and the wizard's eyes dazzled a bit more before he opened the door all the way.
"Come in, come in." He said invitingly, waving the trio in.
The three friends sat down beside a table, and the wizard glanced at them all, squinting his eyes and examining them up and down.
"Ah, Jake the Elf, The Protector." He said, and the elf was surprised.
"Ah, Apache the Demigod." The wizard continued, and Apache's eyes went wide-open at how the wizard knew her name.
"And you...Jack Mayonar." The wizard grinned, having said all three names correctly.
" do you know?!" Jack wondered out loud.
"Shush, shush, come here quick." The wizard motioned, and all three leaned closer.
"Time is limited, but I know what you wish for. Jack, the problem is......"
The three held their breathes as the wizard slowed down his pace of speech.
"...Dolos is alive..." The three gasped at this proclamation, but they were even more shocked at the wizard's next sentence.

"And Dolos is your uncle."
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Posted: 4 years ago
Stooge the Worst



"bossy r u like 85 years old and have lost ur mind"

"I've honestly never seen seventh post anything that wasn't completely idiotic in a trying-to-be-funny way."

"SeventhProfessor is actually a surprisingly good poster."
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Chapter XIX: The Inconvenient Truth

The three companions sat on a cozy couch decorated in a pattern of colorful flowers. Their eyes were glazed over as they each digested the news.

"What?" announced Apate. "If Dolos is Jack's uncle, as you claim, I think I would have known." She glanced at the floor, looking for words. ". . . I'm his natural sister!"

The squinting wizard turned to look at Apate, his long beard dangling stiffly. "No. Not Jack's uncle--the dragon inside of him!" With his arms folded across his chest, he leaned in toward Apate. "You're all related." He then smiled.

"My brother . . . Alois." Apate reclined in her seat, deep in shock. "He would take pieces of his soul and combine them with the souls of other animals, to produce immortal offspring." She immediately gazed at Jack. "The dragon inside of you--it's one of his experiments!"

The wizard vigorously smirked; his creased cheeks flushed bright red.

Jack tugged at the thick shirt under his neck; his eyes were glossed over as he contemplated the news.

The silent elf suddenly interjected. "You called me Jake. This is inaccurate."

The wizard adjusted his spectacles and shifted himself on his seat, to look at the elf. "Yes. I understand the name Jake was a misunderstanding on Apate's part when she listened in on the first conversation you had with Jack. Apate called you this once and Jack began to use it immediately afterwards." The wizard peered at the elf over his spectacles. "Would you rather have me call you by your first name . . . hmmm, Chauncey?"

The elf's head sank into his bony shoulders; he pursed his lips and his eyes became humongous. "You can call me Chance," he peeped.

Jack interrupted. "Hey, that's not a bad name. It's a good, reliable elf name!"

Apate smiled at the elf. "I think it's a warrior's name!" she insisted.

"Chauncey Rattlesnake Dracula," the wizard blurted out. "It is indeed a great name!"

"Mmkay," the elf screeched; his nostrils thoroughly flared. "I also . . . accept Chance."

The surprised expressions on Jack and Apate's faces became as immovable as concrete. Both were left speechless.

Apate gradually tilted her head away from the elf, obviously embarrassed.

"Well. Now that everyone knows my real name, let's say we get a bite to eat," the elf announced quickly.

The wizard bent in toward the elf, to lay an enormous hand on his pantalooned knee--and grip it. "Naturally, our friend Chance here stands on his head--not because there's a religious or cultural significance to it--but because he loves the attention. It gives him celebrity." The wizard began to chuckle; he raised a firm hand to his lips as if to quietly say something to Apate and Jack. "People mistake him for someone important when he does it." The wizard cackled loudly, knowing full well the elf had heard what he just said.

The elf's face became as red as a sun-ripe tomatoe. He sat as stiff as a board.

The wizard huriedly leaned in toward Apate and Jack, unable to control himself. "Yes. My kind get a kick out of this elf! Hoo hoo hoo hoo." The wizard tilted his head up in laughter, clapping his covered knees.

Chance raised his arm to disrupt the conversation--like if he were in a classroom. "Is anyone else feeling famished? I mean that long walk . . ."

The wizard rapidly interrupted. "This elf can eat!" He vigorously swatted at his knees, and then thumbed in the direction of the elf. "Just hours ago he devoured an elephant-sized animal and now he wants a second course!" The wizard gripped his chest in riotous laughter.

"Well . . . maybe that feeling in my midsection is because I have to go to the restroom." Chance lifted a straight finger, as if he was trying to convince himself. "Restroom."

Both Apate and Jack stared at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone.

The lanky wizard swiveled in his chair, pointing into a rectangular, barely-lit hall. "Two doors down on the right, elf. But make sure you know which side to sit on! Hoo hoo hoo hoo."

Chance was absolutely flabbergasted with the conversation. He sat on the couch with a screwed-up face. "Nevermind. I think I'll just sit."

"And you're doing that properly," the elderly wizard confided.
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4/8/2014 5:24:16 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
CHAPTER 20: Goin' to the Rescue
After a moment of silence Jack suddenly remembered his original purpose. Actually, now he had two purposes.
So Jack explained his first purpose: "Uh....Sir Wizard..." He attempted, and the wizard's eyes glinted.
"Ah yes, I'm Zombo the Mysterious...." He said, and the name sent a chilling wind across the room, followed by a huge heat surge, and the three's hairs stood up as if in a lightning storm. The lights dimmed down, flickering and almost dying out, as the three glanced about anxiously for the source of this strange occurrence.
"Ah, terribly sorry about that. Names have power within them. This isn't even my full name, and speaking it brings about a wondrous series of explainable events. You can call me..." The wizard thought for a while. "Zoppa!" He exclaimed. The three glanced around for any changes, but nothing happened.
"So you're expecting us to believe you didn't just make that chill-wind-heat-lightning thing happen?!" The elf asked incredulously. "Besides, when you said our names, nothing happened! And these two are demigods, for goodness sake!"
The wizard slyly smiled. "Well, different things happen. For example, when I speak Jack's name, a fire goes off nearby." The three listened, and sure enough--poof! A fire had gone out.
"And Apache, she's practically the opposite--a river stops flowing for a while." Just like the first time, the magic happened, and a few seconds passed before the three heard the nearby river flow again.
"And you....Jake..." The Wizard trailed on for suspense...
But Jake was impatient. "UGHG! I get this! Alright, I trust you!!" He curtly stated, ready to leave the wizard as soon as possible.
"Are you sure you don't want to know?" The wizard teased.
"NO! I want to know how we can rescue Dolos so I can get away from you! Oh, and the weird dragon, I want to know about that as well!" The elf complained.
"Ah, very well then." The wizard said. "I was going to that topic anyways."
"As if." The elf muttered, crossing his arms in frustration.
"I'll tell you. The solution to both of your problems is simple." The wizard, stated, and Apate and Jack leaned forward, ready to listen.
"Well, the dragon can be removed...

by the God Who Can Do a Million Things."
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4/10/2014 5:38:39 PM
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He woke up in a pile of hay, astonished to see himself jailed in a gloomy unknown room. A dark figure in the shadows merely smirked. As the poor man known as Dolos was stuck in the quandary in which was common as the villain's "classic reaction", the dark figure turned around, facing Dolos. Dolos struggled to get out of his chains, searching his jacket's pockets desperately for any tools that might help him. There was nothing.
"Wha---? How? You devil! Release me immediately!" commanded Dolos.
The figure in the shadows nodded, having expected Dolos to say this.
"Well, I have many names. I really don't like devil though." The figure said, pausing for a moment for suspense. "But first, why don't you tell me your name?"
Dolos shook his head. "I will never tell you! You know I will escape from these chains, as I am an apprentice to the god of trickery and deception!"
The figure in the dark laughed. He snapped his fingers and a little demon came to his service, giving him a plate with a cup of tea on it. The figure sipped the tea, savoring the flavor while Dolos muttered a few spells, attempting to unchain himself.
"Save yourself the breath, Dolos. You know very well those chains are god-magic proof. And more, the Arc Demon was just..." the figure trailed off, trying to find the correct word. After a while of silence, the figure found the appropriate word and continued: "... a ploy to throw those three other 'friends' of yours off track."
Dolos frowned. "You'll never get away with this! I have godly friends, and I have helpers on my side."
The figure laughed out loud. "We'll see about that." Then he stood up, walking towards Dolos. As he got closer and closer, Dolos gasped.
" aren't the Arc Demon!" He exclaimed. The figure laughed yet again.
"Of course I'm not. That was only a ploy to distract them while I kidnap you." The figure slyly stated while standing in front of Dolos. Suddenly, the figure stripped off the cloak it was wearing, and the person who appeared was vastly different from what Dolos had imagined.
"YOU?!!!" Dolos gasped, hyperventilating and struggling in the chains, apparently shocked at the woman's relevance of herself.
"Why dear, are you surprised? You really shouldn't be. You had this coming all along to yourself." Commented the woman nonchalantly while Dolos gaped in awe. Suddenly, Dolos remembered the wizard.
"They'll rescue me, they certainly will. My three friends will persuade the one who can defeat you to join them." Dolos nodded in certainty.
"And who is that?" The woman teased, using one finger to bring Dolos's face to hers. Dolos didn't answer, for the safety of the wizard, but was very swayed to do so, seeing the woman's beautiful face. "I thought so." She said, and gave a kiss on the cheek to the haggard man before walking calmly away. Dolos breathed a sigh of relief, for having barely resisted the temptation to tell the wizard's name.
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4/18/2014 6:13:19 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Okay. I'm posting whatever I finish of Chapter 22. If I complete it, I'll post it before noon today. If I don't I'll post whatever I've completed as a chapter.
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4/18/2014 6:54:32 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter 22: In the Land of Revolutions

Meanwhile, in the lands of Barrazania, the dictator Jifpop09 was rallying his troops.

"Tomorrow men, we take over the world, and liberate the oppressed" Jifpop said

"Sir, are you sure were ready? We only have enough ammo to purge half of the rebels" Putin exclaimed

"Don't worry, but trust that our supplies will reach us before the final push"

"I'll make sure to send off my military to some far off country, so you can easily invade" Said Obama.

"Muhahahahaha, the peoples alliance for world domination will succeed. Good thing Bush was never able to tell the people that invading Iraq was the key to stopping us. Poor Saddam, his nukes were needed for the attack" Jifpop said benevolently.

"It was for my country that I invaded. And its for my country that I die." Bush cried

*Jifpop09 chops off Bush's head*
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4/18/2014 10:55:03 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter XXII: And They're Off!

Jack, Apate, and Chance exited the wizard's undercover suburban dwelling and jostled through the wrought-iron, black gate at the entrance to his estate, making sure to close it once they got through.

From the doorway, the lanky wizard fluttered his hand at all three of them, waving them off on their journey. When his slitted eyes abruptly met Apate's he inserted a handful of knuckles into his mouth; his eyes passionately rolled into the back of his head, revealing a secret crush. He recoiled into the doorway, then shut the door.

Noticing the strange gesture, the three companions looked at each other in puzzlement, then focused on the cobblestone road ahead.

Chance the elf gazed at Jack to inquire about something. "What's your secret? How did you find the wizard's house among all these houses?"

Jack peered at Chance with bent lips. "That was easy: the garden statues shaped like dragons gave it away. Plus there's a miraculous pulsating luminous sign on his window that reads 'Abracadabra'."

Chanced placed a hand to his mouth, reflecting over the answer. "Profoundly inquisitive, Jack! You humans hardly disappoint." The elf removed a large, smooth metal object from out of his overstuffed bag, hanging at the shoulder.

After scanning it over, Jack determined it was a silvery helmet with letters on the back that read "This End Up"--an engraved arrow pointed at the helmet's zenith.

"Where did you get that from?" petitioned Jack.

"This?" the elf retorted. "I got this from the wizard. He said I would need it on our journey." He paused, then mumbled. "Apparently to advise me which end is up." Chance looked into the sky with glossy eyes. "You know, when we were inside the wizard's cabin, I came across an impressive sword with a silvery blade and a gold handle, resting gloriously on his mantle. It had the most remarkable decorations--in Edwardian script I think is what it's called. The sword had the initials 'C.R.D.' gorgeously carved on the blade--just like my initials! Before we left I asked the wizard if I could have that sword instead of this helmet. But he told me he could never give it away so recklessly. An object of that elegance, of that beauty should remain in responsible hands, he insisted."

"My gosh--you should have seen it, Jack!" the elf uttered with glinting eyes. "It was the weapon of a warrior!" Chance pursed his lips and twisted to Apate and Jack . "So what did you two get?"

Jack happily reached under a burgundy sash tightly wrapped around his waist. He pulled out a long blade with a gold handle, decorated in magnificent engravings. "This." he said. Jack looked it up and down and recognized the sword the elf had just described. He gazed at the side of the blade. "It has the initials 'C.R.'"--long pause--"'E.'! Nope. Definitely not your blade!" He placed it behind his back. "Zombo the wizard provided me with other gifts. What else did he give you, Chance?"

"Zambo the cruel and ruthless warlock gave me these as well," Chance responded. The elf dug into his bag and removed a pair of red boxing gloves. "He instructed me to put these on while running away from the enemy. It would prevent my knuckles from bruising and scraping in the unlikely, awful event of a physical skirmish." Chance fitted the helmet on his head and flung the boxing gloves over his shoulder; he continued to meticulously dig through his pouch. "Oh. And he also gave me this." He pulled out a small white flag. "It's a magical wand." He lifted the flag into the air and thrashed it around. "Zombo informed me to wave this flag in the air before the enemy in case we're ever under attack. All our problems would miraculously disappear, he said. It would grant us instant peace of mind." The elf twirled the flag at Apate and Jack. "Of course there is this detail that it has a 50/50 probability of working." Chance gazed seriously at Apate and Jack. "He called this the 'wand of last resort.' Poof." Chance twirled the flag in dramatic gesture at Apate. "So what did he give you, Apate?"

Apate had a face evincing confusion. "He gave me a piece of cardboard paper."

"Cardboard paper!?" the other two announced in unison.

"Yeah. He gave me this Valentine's Day card shaped like a heart." She removed a piece of stiffly folded cardboard paper from her sleave and straightened it, and then read the message inside. "Zombo wrote: 'Goddess, you truly are a Goddess. xoxoxo.'" She shook her head in puzzlement. "What does that mean?" She folded the cardboard paper and tucked it back into her sleave. "Maybe it's a powerful magic chant or something." Apate shrugged.

"And he also gave me this black stone." She held up a rounded black stone to exhibit it to Jack and the elf. "It's a space-time portal. I simply crush it by throwing it against the ground and it creates a space-time vortex that leads us to our destination--in our case the lair of the God Who Can Do a Million Things."

When they approached the verdurous borders of the village Apate crushed the black stone in her hand and tossed it against the fresh ground. The wind caught the black powder and it began to spin into a vortex. The three companions rapidly spun, entering the expanding and then diminishing tunnel.

No more than six feet away, a tiny squirrel holding a nut looked intently at the three departing companions. It's bushy tail stood straight into the air while it examined the strange event. A hint of evil could be detected in its eyes; it wore a barely discernable golden necklace decorated in tiny round jewels.

In a flicker the squirrel darted at and into the vortex, following the three companions to their destination.
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4/20/2014 6:03:48 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
***As current head writer I'm invoking a new rule:

Actual people should not be characters in the story (unless they're deceased). Living politicians, actors, or any other factual people should not be incorporated into the story! Period. If you break this rule, the chapter you have written will not be considered part of the Never Ending Story. Additionally, the offensive chapter will be replaced!

In the event that a deceased actual person is inserted into the story, he or she cannot be killed off, nor should anything malicious happen to them. These characters must be allowed to survive the chapter and disappear from the story with dignity.

No exceptions!***
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4/22/2014 3:38:28 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter XXIII: Meeting the Twelve-armed God

The three reluctant warriors withdrew from the space-time tunnel trying to regain their balance--arms outstretched and nearly tumbling.

Apate was hurled from the tunnel spinning on one leg, her hair fanning around wildly. She caught herself against an enormous stone pillar, her silky arms arcing around its sides.

Her two companions--Chance the elf and Jack the teenage human--were flung onto their backsides, now tender from the hard landing. There to greet them were two bloated human guards, each with a dried, leathery warthog head with a detached jaw concealing their faces and giving them a savage appearance. They were naked from the neck down and had only animal fur covering their pelvic region and buttocks.

They both poked at Chance, Jack and Apate with the blunt end of intimidating axes, jabbing at them to reduce their distance from one another; the three sojourners acquiesced.

Apate turned to one of the guards to explain their visit. "We're here to consult with the God Who Can Do a Million Things. We were instructed by Zombo the Myterious that he could help us," she said.

The two bloated guards looked at each other and began to communicate in a language neither of the three understood--a language of grunts and single-syllable words. Finally one of the guards turned to face Apate and nodded in apparent affirmation. "She," he enunciated. "God. . . is. . . she."

"Wonderful!" Chance exclaimed. "I always knew the guy with all the power was a gal! So where is her royal highness? There is so much about my past I want to go over with her. My future is something I also want to cover."

The human guard stared at Chance, lifted his hand to his mouth and pinched his lips, as if he were instructing the elf to remain silent.

"Well. It's always the smart, attractive one that gets mistreated in these introductions." Chance looked visibly frustrated. "Fine. Fine. I'll remain quiet. But when I meet the Lady I'm giving you"--he pointed with an accusatory finger--"a bad review. I"'m betting she'll take away your stock options." He grinned.

The obese guard heaved the blunt end of his axe into the elf's shoulder, pushing him through the entrance of a gargantuan corridor and toward a pair of enormous doors. Apate and Jack were also prodded in the same direction. When they arrived at the enormous shimmering metal doors, two guards dressed differently from the first tugged the doors open, visibly straining themselves to their physical limits.

Inside was revealed a vast room made of black stone--obsidian--and dimly lit by softly-glowing mesmerizing orbs. The sound of numerous voices engaged in chatter could be heard within, like that of councilmen discussing some important matter.

The two almost-nude guards escorted Apate, Jack and Chance into the commodious room and to a colorful, circular pattern on the floor, where they were commanded to stand. In front of them were arranged two dozen council seats on two terraces--one significantly above the other--and occupied by black robed men and women of different species. To the right was situated a micro-phoned podium two meters above the ground, with a spectacled, gray-haired figure standing just behind it, dressed in a gray suit and tie. His hair was unkempt and he had irregular patches of facial hair stubble on his jaw. A monstrous oval mirror with a gold frame hung from the wall above the council seats; it curiously had no reflection.

Suddenly an image flashed across the mirror of a drawing of a blue complacent lion seated upon a small globe of identical color--presumably the Earth--on a white background. Blue text arced above the image that read "High Council of the God Who Can Do a Million Things". Suddenly the image flickered away and was replaced by a live image of a mutli-armed female adorned in a lovely flower dress. She appeared to be sitting and looking into a vanity mirror, applying besame red lipstick and curling her long eye lashes with different arms.

"Okay. I'm present. What do you want?" she demanded.

The elderly man standing behind the podium tapped into the microphone two times then answered politely. "We have three people here seeking your services, your exaltedness. Something about exorcising a dragon and saving a member of their group."

Apate lifted a finger in the air to grab the podium speaker's attention. "Permission to speak, councilmen and women and your highness."

The multi-armed female gazed out of the mirror and at Apate. "Granted."

Apate clutched her hands together and continued. "My friends and I have come because we need your help. We were sent by the wizard Zombo the Myterious, to seek out your services. My brother is missing--but alive--and we need to know how to find him. We were told you have ways of figuring this out. Also, one in my group is possessed by a fire-breathing dragon, that gives him great stress--"

Jack tapped Apate's side to get her attention.

Annoyed by this, Apate smacked his hand and proceeded. "The dragon is too great a burden for him to carry; we're not quite sure what will happen if we let it remain inside of him."

Jack giggled nervously. "Ha ha ha. That's not what she means." Jack quickly thrusted a finger into the air. "Permission to speak, your exaltedness."

The twelve-armed female in the mirror shifted in her seat. "Very well. Please proceed."

"What my female partner here meant to say is that the one possessed by the dragon really likes it. Really, really likes it." Jack giggled nervously again. "What he would like to know is . . . is there a way that more dragons can be placed inside of him?"

Apate flashed Jack a dirty look.

Jack glanced at Apate and then at the twelve-armed goddess inside the mirror. "I mean I really hate raw vegetables. Fire-cooked vegetables are so much better."

The twelve-armed goddess in the flower dress sat quiet for a moment, gazing at the three companions. Finally she said, "What are your names?"

The elderly man at the podium began speaking into the microphone. "The female is Apache, the demigod. Her brother is Dolos, the demigod, who's been missing for days."

"My name is Apate. A god of fraud, deception and disguise," Apate corrected him.

The man at the podium continued. "The elf's name is Choice. He stands on his head in public places to garner attention. He's even a bit of a celebrity in a few small towns, after being escorted from eateries after trying to sing to and entertain the guests without permission. He may require the most help out of all of those before you, even though he has not spoken here today."

The two dozen seated councilmen and women broke out in thunderous laughter; the twelve-armed goddess grabbed at her waist trying to hold back a laugh.

Chance fidgeted in shock. "My name is Chance!" he interrupted.

(Chapter XXIII continued . . . )
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4/22/2014 3:44:45 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter XXIII: Meeting the Twelve-armed God (continued)

"The human's name is Jacques," the podium speaker continued to address the councilmen and women and goddess. "He's seventeen years old, a farmer, and has the spirit of a fire-breathing monster locked inside his body. He's requesting more of these aggressive beasts so that he can thoroughly cook his vegetables at suppertime."

"Sounds reasonable," one of the councilmen enunciated.

"Yes. Yummy fire-scorched vegetables will make any dinner meal great!" Jack declared.

Apate"s eyes enlarged in disbelief.

"And their tiny furry friend is Alice. He stands 18 centimeters high, loves savory nuts, and enjoys the view from high branches."

The tree reluctant warriors looked at each other in puzzlement.

The bushy-tailed squirrel darted into the open, transforming in an instant into a cloaked, tall man. "My name is Alois, you buffoon!" He revealed a mechanical arm underneath his cloak and pointed it at the podium speaker, ejecting uncontrolled arcs of electricity at him.

The podium speaker fell back smouldering and lifeless.

The councilmen and women abandoned their seats and ran for the exits.

The tall man in the cloak gazed at Apate. "Sister. Long time no see."
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4/26/2014 7:37:46 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter XXIV: A Case of Sibling Rivalry

The almost-nude guards inside the black glossy room advanced on the intruder, their battle axes up and ready to strike.

Alois raised his fisted metal hand to show them what they were up against; it sizzled with blinding currents of electricity. He directed simultaneous beams of erratic electricity at all six advancing guards. The beams disappeared in mid-air, absorbed by some inexplicable force field around each guard.

The twelve-armed goddess inside the mirror sat with an elbow fixed on the vanity table, her chin resting in the palm of her hand; she looked out at the unfolding situation with barely any interest. "These sentinels are protected by powerful magic; intermediate-level sorcery will never work against them," she said presumptuously.

Alois quickly glanced around the room for something he could use against the guards. He strutted to one of the lustrous black pillars and cracked off a piece of stone, scanning it over. He then held the stone up to his mouth and proceeded to blow lungfuls of warm air on it.

His sister Apate examined him precisely to figure out his intentions.

He took the stone grinningly and placed it in his right ear, rotating it and lathering it with greasy ear wax.

"Oh gosh. Not the ear wax!" Apate announced frantically.

Alois glanced at Apate and nodded evilly, affirming her suspicions. He then took the stone and gloated over it affectionately, finally inserting it in his other ear and coating it in more ear wax.

"No! Not the left ear!" Apate exclaimed in horror, her hands clutching the side of her face.

Alois tossed the stone in the vicinity of all six approaching guards and let it thud against the polished tiled floor; it exploded into a greasy cloud of greenish/black smoke, revealing six different edible nuts lying helplessly on the gleaming floor once the air cleared. The guards disappeared, seemingly transformed into the hard shelled snacks.

Alois strode to the assortment of nuts and called them out as he collected them in his natural hand. "Mmmm. Pistachio, yummy . . . Pecan . . . Oooh, almond . . . One macadamia . . . Walnut--not bad, not bad . . . Cashew, delicious." He turned to the three companions and smiled. "Fancy mix." He proceeded to pop all six nuts into his mouth, one after the other.

Apate turned to the twelved-armed goddess inside the mirror. "Is there anything you can do to help us?"

The multi-armed goddess looked at the three companions soberly. "There is something I can do, but I'm afraid it would eliminate you all--turn you into wet puddles of goo where you stand. Frankly, I don't know how I would inform your parents." She looked at the three with a frown.

Jack stepped forward. "Well, I"m putting an end to this. Everyone: stand the hell out of my way!" Jack cracked his knuckles, then stretched his legs and his back, finally rotating his head several times to keep it lithe. From the pocket of his pants he retrieved a nasal inhaler and squirted a clear concoction into both nostrils.

"What is that?" Chance inquired from behind.

Jack thumbed at the side of his nose. "Gasoline." He craned his head at Chance and Apate. "Do not try that at home. Very dangerous," he exclaimed.

"Suicidal," Chance announced with a facial scowl. "And people think I'm nuts."

Jack forced his thoracic diaphragm to contract, taking in a lungful of oxygenated air. When he exhaled a torrent of fire erupted from his mouth. He directed the sweltering flame at his cloaked nemesis, who was holding up his baffling metal hand.

(To be continued . . . )