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Concealment Mafia Day Phase Two

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3/2/2014 2:29:29 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Throughout the night TITAN headquarters was a bustle of activity. Albeit activity that was being done mostly by highly trained professional "security" agents. So of course, the activities themself were... unnoticed.

One in particular was more important than the rest. In the barracks within TITAN, Catherine Poliski, known as Helen, slept soundly in her bed. She slept so soundly, that she didnt awake to her quarters door opening slowly, creaking ever so softly.

A dark figure entered the room. Even despite the lack of light, long, braided, waist-length hair, was still discernible. Slowly creeping over to Helens bedside, she gently put one hand onto her shoulder and shook her.

"Wha- what's going on?" Helen mumbled as she awoke, "what are you doi-"

The figure put a finger to Helens lips to quiet her and spoke, "I'm sorry to have to do this, but you really should have realized the consequences of your actions Helen."

Helens eyes went wide with shock, confusion, and then pain, so much pain, as her throat was slit open, and blood flowed out of the fresh cut. Her mouth opened to scream, but the only sound that came forth was a gargle as she drowned in her own blood...


Killed During the Night

TylerGraham95, you are Catherine Poliski, known in TITAN as Helen, you are one of the few people in TITAN that doesn't work as an agent. Rather you work with a small group as an accountant, on the agencies finances. It is because of this that you have no role to use at night.

However, you are a well-liked member of TITAN, and thus, if you are killed at night, or lynched, the subsequent day phase or night phase will be skipped, and all town actions will be forfeited the following night of a day phase being skipped.

You win with the town


Lynched Last Day Phase


Dead Players

1) TylerGraham- Catherine Poliski aka Helen - Beloved Princess

Living Players

1. Hatstand
2. Fourtrouble
3. Andoctuir
4. Zaradi
5. Jopo
6. Josh_B
7. TUF
9. SolonKR
10. NightoftheLivingCats
11. Yay
12. Bsh1
13. Khaos_Mage
14. TheAntidoter
15. Trekie
16. Yraelz

This day phase is now over and all town night actions for NP2 are now forfeit!
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