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DDO Hide and Seek

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3/2/2014 7:11:43 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
This game was created by the DDO Members Union, but anybody may play.
It goes like this: the person hiding will post a certain message in a forum/comments section of a debate/comments section of a poll. But first, he must post message somebody else and ask that person to cover his tracks by posting over him or her, so that it doesn't read "last post: person hiding" or something like that. That is, if he or she posts on a forum.
The seekers must find the Hider's post WITHOUT looking at the Hider's profile to see the "recently posted."

For example, let's say that a Member named Bob is the Hider. Before the game begins he tells the players that the chosen message is "Gotta Catch 'Em All." So, when the game starts, the Counter posts ten posts, each one containing a number. During this time the Seekers wait for Bob to hide. Bob gets Larry to post after him, so that Bob's tracks are covered. When the Counter posts "Ten," the game officially begins and the Seekers search for Bob's post. The first Seeker to find Bob must reply to Bob's hidden post.

1. You CANNOT look at the Hider's Profile to see where he or she hid the message.
2. If you are the Hider, you CANNOT post your hidden message on a very obscure poll that has never been touched in 3 years.
3. No spamming random debates, please. If you're the Hider, please just post the Hidden Message and if you're the Seeker, post "I've found you" or something like that one single time. If you're not the first person to have found the Hider, do not post "I've found you."

Note: The Hider cannot win, unless he or she is never found. But, he or she can see how long it takes him or her to be caught.

So, who wants to be:
Hider: (Position Available)
Counter (Position Available)
Seekers (Any number past three will do)
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3/2/2014 7:42:54 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
You do realize that everyone's just gonna look on each other's profiles anyway, right?
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3/6/2014 10:32:02 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
I like this idea. "gotta catch them all" is a good catch phrase, but it could be anything so long as it is the same for everyone playing the game.

I want to suggest a time limit, like a week or something for each round. Then everyone that's playing has a week to find as many users as possible that are using the phrase. Then, they PM you the findings and post the results at the end of the time. The time could even be a month.
And users should sign up too. That encourages all of the users to act as seekers and makes it allowable to check people's profiles for posts because no one will know when or where the phrase is going to be presented by the hider.

If "gotta catch them all" is not used, it should be something equally obscure and noticeable.

The phrase could be changed and published to ensure that seekers are looking for the right quote, or there could be an ongoing search for past quotes, or there could be both. So long as the hider isn't using his Signature block and posting it intermittently, the post could be anywhere such as in a debate, or a mafia game. People could even team up with other users while they are scavenger hunting for the pass phrases.
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