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The Killing Games

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3/14/2014 1:46:48 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
your mission: kill as much people as many times as possible, one person=one point
your limit: people cannot be killed in their re-spawn area, (UNLESS you can go to their re-spawn area and kill them there) (You cannot kill others while in your re-spawn area) you cannot be invincible, or even near-invincible with an insanely hard-to-find weakness (except in re-spawn area), immortal, or have godly powers. You must kill people in "logic" ways that make sense.
if you kill yourself while trying to kill others, minus 10 points and plus no points (see BAD EXAMPLE). If you die from another person killing you, minus one point.
I kill john using my sniper rifle.

BAD EXAMPLE: Everyone but me dies because I poison gas them. (You'd die too!!)

You can also take away others' points by having a logical plot twist.
GOOD EXAMPLE: (reply to "I kill john using my sniper rifle") I luckily had wore a heavy armor below my shirt!

BAD EXAMPLE: (reply to "I kill john using my AK47") I dodge the bullet! (because, seriously, no one can dodge a AK47, not even with the worst shooter and the best dodger in the world)---however, you can hide behind a blockade in this case

NOTE: you only get three bad examples on the house for the "plot twist", otherwise your points start minus-ing (by one)

I build mines all over my re-spawn area, put a anti-gravity floater on my area, jump and go into the sky, make the clouds real (white) blocks and create a gigantic floating castle. The only ways there is the anti-gravity floater on my re-spawn-area, because of my super security laser system around my castle.

anyone can join at any point in the game, alliances are allowed
Equestrian election

This House would impose democracy

Reign of Terror is unjustified

Raise min. wage to $10.10