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Insurgents:A Game of Squad Based Tactics

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4/10/2014 4:33:39 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
What is Insurgents

Insurgents is a new team based game, which I feel has a lot of promise. The game is intended to create a nice simple and fun scenario with easy to pick up rules. The game also allows for a certain degree of freedom under a set of limited rules.

How to Play

The game will be divided into two teams, the insurgents and the government. The Insurgent team, will attempt to fulfill a set list of objectives. While the Governments goal will be to prevent the Insurgents from fulfilling them.

For example, an insurgents list of goals might look like this....

1. Sabotage air defenses in the towns of Topeka, Chandelier, and Oldenburg.

2. Disable half of the missile sites in the country.

3. Assassinate the mayor of Bands.

If the insurgents fulfill the goal then they win. The government succeeds if they kill all players of the other team or render the mission goals impossible to complete.

So how does it work

When you start the game, each player will be placed somewhere on the map. The insurgents map will be blank. They will be forced to scout out all locations on the map. The government on the other hand, will already be provided with a full map giving details on every location.

Each player will have a different role in the game, which will define how they can aid their team. The role of the insurgents will be hidden to the government, but the roles of the government will be visible to all players. Each team will have the same roles. All other factors in the game will be handled by the games co-mod. Here is an example on what roles may look like....

Command Squad: Can use the action of any squad in the game. Intermediate in all areas

Intelligence Squad: Can scout a building, town, or area on the map. Good at scouting, intermediate in combat, poor everywhere else.

Attack Squad: Can commit coordinated attacks on buildings, towns, or area of the map. Good in Combat, bad in every other area.

Cyber Squad: Can commit cyber attacks on networks, data, or cam change intelligence and data. Intermediate in scouting, poor everywhere else.

Support Squad: Can send air raids, naval blockades, or send supplies. Intermediate in combat, poor everywhere else.

Every squad will have a designated set of members. They are not actual players, but for statistical purposes. For example, all game squads might have 10 members.

Other Things you might need to know

1. The game is played in PM. Players will receive three personal messages.

- Main Thread, where players may discuss the game freely.

- HQ Thread, where you may talk freely among your team and post actions for the game.

- Personal PM, where you can also post actions in case you don't want your team seeing them.

2. The command squad can change the status of another player. For example, he can make an attack squad a support one.

3. If you want to join the insurgent squad, then you must pm me what role you want to play. You can't say it publicly or you'll reveal your squad to the enemy, giving them an advantage.

4. If your on the government team, then you may reveal your role publicly, as I will reveal it to the other team regardless. You should not reveal locations on the map though, as it will give the insurgents an advantage.

5. The map can change, so even if your apart of the government, you should still scout often.

6. Enemy players can be killed by means of game actions. If your an insurgent, then your permanently gone from the game. If your apart of the government, then you will be resurrected, but with penalty.

I will be starting two games to set a precedent for what I hope will be a successful series. They will be.....

Insurgents: Panama Occupation

Insurgents: Allah in Bissau

I will provide the links shortly :)
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4/10/2014 5:39:04 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Oh man, I did all that work and put it in the wrong forum -__-. Anyways, here's the first game, Allah in Bissau
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