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Insurgent Rules

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7/3/2014 11:19:01 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I. Preface

Lannan's recent fate/mafia game inspired me to revitalize the Insurgents game. The last one had full sign ups, but never got a chance to run it. Anyways, learning from the first Insurgents game that was played, and lannan's attempt at creating a arch-type of my formula, I have revised the rules to fix all the problems with the other games. This will contain much more direction compared to the first one, with clear cut goals, and clear cut rules, while opening doors for imagination and story unlike mafia. Basically, it's a good design that fixes all the problems with forum fate, and forum mafia.

I am confident that you will enjoy this game if you sign up.

II. Rules

Insurgents fuctions a lot like mafia, but with story telling and roleplaying taking a slightly more intuitive role. Here are the rules I devised for playing and hosting this game.

- The game starts with a variable amount of players. Games may be large or small, but preference on 12 players for your average game. The 12 players will start out with a personal PM, outlining their characters background, abilities, ect (like mafia, sharing will get you killed if done unwisely).. Your role will be used for examination and reference just like mafia. Roles are strongly encouraged to match the theme of the story.

- Players will all play in a forum. This is where scenarios take place, and where players can communicate and discuss things. You may PM another player about the game, but the mod MUST be in it

- There are 2 factions in the game. Insurgents, and Squad. Squad, will consist of the majority players. Insurgents will consist of the minority of players. Here are the recommended team divisions.

6/7: One Insurgent
8 /9: Two Insurgents
10/11: Three Insurgents
12/13: Four Insurgents, and so on

- Squads goal will be to make it through each scenario alive, within a given time period set by the mods. Scenarios are recommended to test teamwork and trust. Squad's goal is to make it to the end of the game alive, meaning they are not required to help their teammates to finish the game, although they will find it much harder. They lose if insurgents accomplish their goal.

- The Insurgent team, will have one goal throughout the course of the game. This will be set by the mod. It can be anything from "kill the leader", or "find the treasure", ect.. Only one member of squad will know the insurgents goal. This player is known as the informant. The rest of the players will be required to decipher the goal as the story progresses. There will be a hint at the end of each scenario that helps squad identify the insurgents goal. Insurgents will have a PM, so they know who each other is.

- Much like the VTL in Mafia, there will be the option of setting a bomb on a player. Since eliminating players isn't required to win the game, but helpful, there will also be the option to defuse the bomb. Defusing a bomb on a player requires half of the members to vote to defuse it, of the required amount to set it off. For example, if the mod sets bombs to take 6 votes to kill a player, it would take 3 votes to defuse it. If a player is able to defuse the bomb set on him, he may not have the direct next bomb attempt on him. Any player may call for a bombing. This action is known as jihad.

- Insurgent differentiates itself by the institution of actions. These are what make the game interesting. A player may submit an action through their role PM, such as "use y on player x" at any time during the game. This will work pending on two systems. Orthodox and Unorthodox.

-Orthodox games will have actions calculated by a simple 25% (heal injury, ect.), 50% (hide, ect.) or 75%(kill y with x) (If they have a power or item, it will work 100% of the time) chance. If it succeeds, then they pull of their action. The second system is unorthodox, or where the mod gets the action, and decides if it works himself. This leads to more creativity for the players, but could cause errors in the story. Be wise and realistic if you play unorthodox. Also, DO NOT favor a certain player or team.

- If an action fails, in either orthodox or unorthodox mod styles, the player and action they tried to commit will be publicly announced to all the participants in the game. Which means you should be cautious in trying to do things in the game. There are actions which are practical (observe surroundings, pick up, like a text adventure), and will not be tried with a percentage, and will always succeed. The mod will determine what actions are practical or not.

III. Mandatory Roles

There are a couple of roles that at least one player must have for the game to work.

Informant: Squad member who knows the goal of the insurgents.
Officer: Squad leader, possesses the ability to force one action per scenario (besides blowing a bomb). The officer may force another townie to commit an action as well.
The Supreme: Insurgent leader. May trigger a event each scenario phase. The mod will decide the event. May force a bombing once a game.

The rest of the roles may be created to the mods choosing.

IV. Tips and commentary

* Mods, create a fun and evolving story. It's wise to plan it out before creating the game. That includes forming the roles, story, setting, and events beforehand. It requires work, but it only works if your approach is solid.

* Players, there are three things to remember for this game. Use teamwork. Scenario's should be designed to require effort from all players. Insurgents are trying to progress as well. Second thing, is survival. Everyone is in it for themselves. This game can end with only one player left standing. If backstabbing your teammates gets you to the end, then do it. Third, is to trust no one. There is no way to confirm anyone in this game without actions.

* Be aware. Insurgents best course of option is to divide town, and progress among themselves. Fortunately, this is also their greatest weakness. Each role and character is useful, even to the insurgents.

* Claim with caution. Early claiming can cause you to slip, and can screw over your whole team.

* Mods, make insurgent goals realistic. Not zany and out of reach. Two straightforward goals are better than one hard and confusing goal.

Thanks for reading this, if you dared to. I will be hosting the first game, Laotion Missile Crisis, in another forum. This is to serve as a model for future games. I hope my presentation was alright, and I feel this is a precise and well regulated combination of mafia and fate. I'm very eager to play it myself, but for now, I'll be modding. There are two people who asked me recently to mod the game, so that's up to them.
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7/3/2014 11:27:23 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Like this:
I don't care about whether an ideology is "necessary" or not,
I care about how to solve problems,
which is what everyone else should also care about.

In essence, the world is fucked up and you can either ignore it, become cynical or bitter about it.
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