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A Problem with Dark Souls

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7/4/2014 8:55:15 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The sense of wonder provided by the encounters of each boss in Dark Souls is a major part of the enjoyment for me. When I killed the second boss, my thought was, "I killed the Taurus Demon." Then I killed a bunch of other demons which were satisfying and amazing in design.

Once I got to a certain point, however, I came to realize that I had not killed the Taurus Demon, but only a Taurus Demon. Once you get to the Demon Ruins, you find that there are scores of Taurus Demons. They go down in a couple blows. They even respawn once you rest at a bonfire. They are suddenly akin to the hollows in the Undead Burg.

Then I found more similar cases: there are scores of Capra Demons, Titanite Demons, Moonlight Butterflies, and even Pinwheels. At this point in the game I'm only wondering which early boss they'll use next. Maybe scores of giant wolves toting enormous swords?

A great deal of the satisfaction in experiencing these boss fights was in their uniqueness. Every Taurus Demon I take down in two blows diminishes the significance of that second boss fight.

I suppose I understand that the developers can only create so many enemies, but at the very least they could have added some variance, as with the crystal hollows. Using the same enemies with scaled-up stats just makes the game feel more like another grinding RPG.
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