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Mestari's Mafia Stats

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8/15/2014 12:27:50 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
All Games

1. Danielle's Classic Mafia - Town Politician - Loss
2. Bluesteel's No NP Mafia - Town Suicide Reviver - Win
3. Mattrodstrom's Starwars Mafia - Town Hated/Bulletproof - Win
4. Bluesteel's Peter Rabbit Mafia - Town Watcher - Win
5. Socialpinko's Ancap Mafia - Town Vanilla - Loss
6. Ore_Ele's Drugged Out Mafia - Mafia Goon - Loss
7. DetectableNinja's Assassin's Creed Mafia - Town Vigilante - Loss (I single-handedly lost this game for the town.)
8. Bluesteel's Dexter Mafia - Town Auto-Die NP8 - Win
9. Blackhawk's Inheritance Mafia - Mafia Kidnapper - Loss
10. TUF's Dragonball Z Mafia - Town Supervig - Win
11. BV's Sci-Fi Mafia - Mafia Roleblocker - Loss
12. HCP's Pokemon Mafia - Third Party Doctor - Loss
13. Medic's James Bond Mafia - Town Bulletproof (Died NP1), Mafia Rolestealer (Replaced In) - Mafia Win
14. Royal's 5DS Mafia - Mafia Item Thief/Journalist - Loss
15. Zaradi's Burn Notice Mafia - Mafia (No Endgame) - Win
16. Marcuscato's DDO Mafia - Mafia JOAT - Win
17. Thaddeus' Ignatious Creek Mafia - Third Party Worst Role Ever Created - Loss
18. Logic_On_Rail's Golden Garden Mafia - Mafia 1x Strongman (lol jk)/1x Roleblocker - Loss
19. Bluesteel's The Wire Mafia - Town Lawyer - Loss
20. TUF's Walmart Mafia - Mafia Universal Lawyer - Win
21. Danielle's TV Mafia - Town Show Cop/Mafia Godfather - Loss
22. Socialpinko's Adult Swim vs Comedy Central Mafia - Mafia Framer - Loss
23. Medic's Vito's Revenge Game - Mafia Something - Replaced in as the mafia was losing, caught the cult when nobody knew there was one, was lynched the same DP - Loss
24. HCP's Items Mafia - Mafia Godfather - Loss
25. Logic_On_Rail's Blaise Massacre Mafia - Town Jailkeeper (Flavor - Doesn't Protect) - Win
26. Blackvoid's Companies Mafia - Town Character Cop - Win
27. Bluesteel's The Mentalist Mafia - Town Reporter - Loss
28. TUF's Redwall Mafia - Cult Vote Disabler Thingy - Win
29. Logic_On_Rail's A Not So Quaint Town Mafia - Town Reporter - Loss
30. Daytonanerd's Singer Mafia - Town PGO - Win
31. Logic_On_Rail's Madness in Delderra Mafia - Town Doctor - Loss
32. Logic_On_Rail's Castle in the Sky Mafia - Third Party Mason Survivor - Win
33. RoyalPaladin's Alexandra Quick Mafia - Town JOAT - Win
34. RocketEngineer's Historical Events Mafia - Town Beloved Princess - Win
35. Logic_On_Rail's The Shades of Our Lives Mafia - Town Something - Win
36. Lannan's DDO Mafia - Town Lynchproof - Loss
37. Yraelz's KOTOR II Mafia - Town Jailer - Win
38. Khaos' Epic Rap Battles of History Mafia - Town Insurance Agent - Win
39. Zaradi's League of Legends Mafia - Mafia 1x Strongman/1x Dayvig - Loss
40. Trekie's TV Tropes Mafia - Third Party Survivor - Win
41. Smithereen's Code Geass Mafia - Third Party Survivor/Town Vanilla - Was NK'd NP1, and then replaced in and was NK'd immediately again. I basically wasn't in the game, so I won't count the town win.


Wins: 20
Losses: 20
Win Rate: 50%

Town: 22 (55%)
Mafia: 13 (32.5%)
Third Party: 5 (12.5%)
Non-Town: 18 (45%)

Town Record: 13-9
Win Rate: 59.1%

Mafia Record: 4-9
Win Rate: 30.8%

Third Party Record: 3-2
Win Rate: 60%

First 24 Games

Wins: 9
Losses: 15
Win Rate: 37.5%

Town: 10
Mafia: 12
Third Party: 2

Town Record: 5-5
Mafia Record: 4-8
Third Party Record: 0-2

Last 16 Games

Wins: 11
Losses: 5
Win Rate: 68.8%

Town: 12
Mafia: 1
Third Party: 3

Town Record: 8-4
Mafia Record: 0-1
Third Party Record: 3-0

Miscellaneous Stats

Games Survived: 13
Games Died: 27
Survival Rate: 32.5%

Town Survival/Deaths (Including Pokemon and Code Geass, Interpreting my Survivor Role in Code Geas as Town)

NP1 Deaths: 9/22 (I replaced into Peter Rabbit Mafia DP2)
NP1 Death Rate: 40.9%
NP1 Target Rate: 45.5% (I dodged a NP1 NK attempt in Alexandra Quick Mafia by using a 1x Commute)
Mislynched: 6/23 (26.1%)
Night Killed: 12/23 (52.2%)
Night Kill Targets: 14 (In Addition to Alexandra Quick Mafia, mafia targeted me in Singers Mafia when I was PGO)
Games Survived: 5/23 (21.7%)

Mafia Elo after 34 games ( 2322
Mafia Rank after 34 games: 11
Record since last ELO update: 4-2


I only counted games that I was not replaced out of. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of my wins come from town and despite being considered an excellent mafia-sided player, I have a 30.8% lifetime win rate as mafia. My record is significantly better in my last 16 games as opposed to my first 24, showing significant signs of improvement.

In 45.5% of my town-sided games I am targeted NP1 for the NK. That is nearly half of my town-sided games. The number drops to 36% if you include all third party games where I made it to NP1 alive, although aside from in Code Geass I have never played pro-town as third party, explaining why the mafia wouldn't kill me. This may or may not have to do with the accuracy of my reads DP1. I know that was the case in Code Geass, but would have to check for the rest of my NP1 deaths.

I personally feel that my mafia win rate would be higher if not for a few unbalanced games and a lot of bad luck. For example, in 5DS mafia, mafia was likely to win until HCP threw the game in a fit of rage. In Golden Garden mafia our "unstoppable kill" was blocked after the mod WIFOM'd us into changing our night actions. In TV Mafia we literally won the game so fast that the survivor who was MIA the entire game won. In Vito's revenge I replaced in extremely late into an extremely scummy slot, called out the cult, and then was lynched. In Item's mafia the town had something like 9 investigative roles, 2 doctors, and 2 vigs. In League of Legends Mafia the mafia consisted of 2/11 players, less than 1/5th of the game. In Adult Swim vs Comedy Central Mafia the game was so imbalanced that after Bluesteel was lynched he outed the rest of the mafia. To be fair however, in Burn Notice Mafia the town never mislynched and mafia still won. Removing those games my mafia record is 3-3. In addition, I lost my first 3 games as mafia. If we only count from my first win, my record would then be 3-0. Further, it is a fair argument to say that I was carried in Walmart mafia by Bluesteel, which would make my record 2-0. Now it may not be fair to remove that many games - it almost certainly isn't - but I think the discussion puts my mafia-sided record into perspective.

I lost my first 2 games as third party. One of which I was the third party doctor and was NK'd, and the other I literally died if any other player in the game died during the first 3 DPs or the first 3 NPs, and every player in the game won if nobody died during that time. Aside from those 2 games I am 3-0 as third party (3-1 if you include Code Geass where I was targeted NP1 by the mafia as survivor), including a cult win and two survivor wins.
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8/16/2014 10:56:53 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 8/16/2014 7:30:54 AM, TUF wrote:
You've won everyone one of my games lol.

May I nominate you for best mod?
"Age is not important" - Airmax 2014
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8/16/2014 4:20:53 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 8/16/2014 10:56:53 AM, Lucky_Luciano wrote:
At 8/16/2014 7:30:54 AM, TUF wrote:
You've won everyone one of my games lol.

May I nominate you for best mod?

That definitely isn't true, I actually despise the way I used to mod. I cared more about orchestrating big and crazy games than I did about balancing them correctly, I am hoping to change that with my future games.