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Me just to make surethat

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11/6/2014 5:18:52 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The don't want any part at leastat least separate Elliskin car under station and at least one individual education behind this product and that bid to help me in the beginning butI will tell you right now that alarmed not why I am where I am at all getting be people there I happened partly by chance or they sought on my Facebook page youmay contact me like what are you talking about what isthis rats you're talking about I'm kinda curious and I invited him and said what iraq USI would wrap a lot of people pamper 15 bucks ortwenty bucks trespass just gathers on so I could a.m. in est felt that mine which as our stay at home or on they are schoolteachers day are not in a huge you know possibility with they're not and don't girls better on myteam that our leaders have helped me get to where I am so it'san art the salon its dark I think for winedistributors are great because they have great potential I almost did not you the phone part that I was I'm to its full potential but its sicknearly you know I'm right now yeah I know 11 out there too thank that what you areso honored to triple by nan and I'm telling you that's not why no no I don't know I anyone I don'tthink anyone here thinking that because you know you havea certain group a clientele that come and go out they it's just like every sixweeks or so that they could become an and they go out you Yukon outshot a bad with call with your arm actually cold callingon other I facilities Facebook you drive it what everybody else is doing I thinkthat just saying it out really ..