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Open setup.

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5/23/2015 12:40:58 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Okay Lets see if people are interested in my game. Feel free to pm me with any concerns/questions about my game. The flavour of this game will be either Dr. House recounting a single episode or The Hobbit spanning across all three movies. This means that all characters and text will be for entertainment only. Roles will also be flavored. So tracker might have the name "orc scout" or "ranger". This is because I firmly believe in dissassociative slips. In The Dr. House universe the tracker will be an "orderly" or "dr.Nolan" It is up to the player what to claim. So if a mafia players gets tracker he might be dr. nolan or a ranger. I am also hoping to maybe update the VC every two pages or on every third page. Feel free to pre in. But this game wont be on for a while.

13 player game.
10 townies.
3 mafia.

Current role list:
Midnight vengeful - during the np the player x submits the name of another player.
If player x dies during the night so does the player targeted.
gunsmith - detects guns
Guadian angel - Targets a player that player is immune to a single instance of death.
miller - not known to self. Has a toy gun.
oracle - divines a persons role

Roles may be repeated. Players cannot self target.

The mafias factional kill can be acted upon (might change this). Mafia will have a "gun". They may choose at any time who has the gun. Acutely aware that the one without the gun cannot commit the Night Kill.
Night actions: All actions happen unless acted upon. Meaning all actions happen at the same time. If loops happen the mod will use precedence to break loops.

The town wins if at the end of a phase all the mafia are dead and there is at least one townie remaining.
The mafia wins if they are in the majority.

This is subject to change and I have changed it a lot lol. So this current iteration will not be the end result. I am hoping to make the game on the very verge of game breaking.
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