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Fictional Senate

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5/25/2015 8:50:23 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is going to be a game in which participants join "States" and elect "Senators" to the "Senate," where they will submit, vote on, and create fictional "Bills."

1.There are 5 states in total.
2. There are 5 "Members" in each State.
3. Therefore, there are going to be 26 players in total: the 5 "Members" in all 5 "States, plus myself.
4. Once all 26 players have been decreed (I will post the total number of players), I will divide 25 players into 5 "States." The players will be from now on be called "Members." These newly created "Members" will vote upon the name of their "State."
5. This game is divided up into turns going in the order as shown here. These will be called "Stages."
A. Election Stage-the five "Members" in each "State" elect one person from amongst them. Each election takes place every two days.
B. Submition Stage-each "Senator" can choose to submit a "Bill" to be voted upon. A "Bill" can be about anything.
C. Voting Stage-"Senators" vote upon the bills submitted in the previous round. "Senators" must vote either "Yea" or "Nay" as a post. At least 3/5 of the Senators will need to vote "Yea" for it to pass. Once the "Bill" is passed, it will become "Law."
D. Amendment Submition Stage-if there are any "Senators" that wish to amend this Constitution, they present the desired amendment. An amendment can be anything.
E. Amendment Voting Stage-Senators vote upon the amendment. At least 4/5 of the Senators
F. Ratification Stage-all "Members" from all "States" ratify the previously voted upon amendment. In order for it to pass, at least 3/5 of all members.
6. This first post will act as a Constitution.
7. "Member" sign-ups will begin directly after this post is created.
8. I, the "Organizer," will post when a turn has ended. At that point, the next turn will begin.
9. If there is a desire for another "State" to be created, there must be a unanimous vote amongst all players, excluding the "Organizer."

States-regions from which "Senators" are elected and represent.
Senators-people elected from the "States" to vote on "Bills."
Senate-the imaginary meeting point for the "Senators."
Bills-the ideas that "Senators" submit, vote on, and create.
Members-those playing in the game.
Yea-voting for the "Bill" or amendment to be passed.
Nay-voting against the "Bill" or amendment to be passed.
Organizer-the one who created this first post.
Stages-the turns.
Law-the new rules that all players must abide by.
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5/25/2015 9:28:27 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
We had this thing called the usddo a long time ago before you probly even heard of the site. It was going good for awhile but the it lost steam and went downhill fast. I'm pretty sure most of the people who also participated in it would also agree: we want to keep the good memories of it with us, and don't want to revive anything like it ever again
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