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How to Not Lose Interest in a Mafia Game

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10/12/2015 8:03:05 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
So you've signed up for a mafia game and you're really hyped to play. Cool. And now you're playing and playing and then you see another game. Oh sweet! Sign up for that one!
Then, halfway into the first game, you see a Beginner series starting up. Ah maybe sign up for that one too since you're enjoying Mafia so much.
As you play, however, you realize that you're having to go through a lower bound of almost a thousand posts every day. You're also being forced to analyze multiple players across games which confuses your reads. Honestly, it's too much. You start to lag behind in activity. You're tired. There's too much content to sift through. Tired of reading. So you stop 'catching up'. You're tired of dealing with trying to figure things out. You stop doing that too. You just want to lynch someone and get the f*cking games over with.
Finally, you lose every single game. What a downer right? And ultimately you didn't enjoy any single one of them.

Here's the thing. Mafia games take up a lot of time. When the game becomes less of a pastime and more of an obligation, it's Just. Not. Fun.

You want to play and enjoy mafia? Cool. Focus yourself one one and one game only. Also, make sure you actually want to play when you sign up. Know what you're getting yourself into!
That way you can enjoy the game, other players don't have to be penalized for your inactivity and lack of interest, and maybe JUST MAYBE you might actually win!

tldr; If you really want to contribute to a quality game of mafia, don't play more than 1 game at a time.
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