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The Test (Co-op Game Sign-ups)

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11/30/2015 5:47:44 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
This is an experimental game, the purpose of which is to determine the viability of this genre of game on this specific forum. Similar games exist in other places, but the very nature of the genre insures some originality.


This a cooperative puzzle/adventure game. There are many ways to lose and few ways to win. Fear not -- your ultimate goal is simple: survive.

Your group will start the game in a particular situation, in which a course of action must be agreed upon. There are multiple options in each phase of the game and the majority of the group must approve said action before it takes place.

Additionally, each character has a unique role with public and private abilites that can provide useful during the game, if executed correctly. A character may use a personal action without group consensus and that action may execute immediately or at the end of the phase, dependent upon the action itself.

You may be pitted against diabolical puzzles, perilous traps, gruesome creatures and many other unknowns.

*Acceptable Players*

As this is the first run of this game genre, I ask that players be active users who can regularly check in at least two to three times a day. The length of time you are online is not as important as how often you are online. This game will have more 'phases' than the traditional mafia game, meaning each individual phase will be less impactful. Without active players, this game will grind to a halt. So please be an active user with a history of being active. I will not accept new members into this game or any other user known for having game-interfering troubles with activity.

I, the moderator, generally have a tab open from 1:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. CST. This is when the game will move the quickest, so please be available during these times especially.


You knew it was coming, but you didn't know it would happen this soon...

The Earth trembles beneath you and the screams of the wounded ring in your ears. Behind you, the city is crumbling. A great column of dust and soot juts up from the center of the city, threatening to blot out the sun and the sky.

Ahead of you is a class 4-B Aerocruise. From this ship emerges a man wearing the standard Planetary Protection Coalition gear. He beckons you over and tells you that this is the last ship in this area leaving the planet and that he can only take six people with him.


Will you board the ship and flee to safety?