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Interested In A Dating Simulator In SPACE?

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2/24/2016 4:58:04 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
So I was wondering if any of you people have suggestions for a dating simulator I'm currently working on. It'll actually be a mix of both dating simulator(DS) and bullet hell.(BH)

The premise is that you, the main character, are a female shapeshifting alien poised on infiltrating a human starship by orders of your home world leader. Stay with me here. The way you're gonna take over the starship is by wooing all the men on the ship, or that's your goal at least. However, you have other female alien rivals who also want to woo all the human men on the ship, so they're gonna try to stop you from getting to your goal.

Multiple endings, extra characters, and... that's it for the DS part.

For the BH, you'll be using your invader ship (or human starship) to dodge and attack other people's ships. The bosses will be the bachelors that you don't woo to a high enough level, and may be harder depending on if your rival is all lovey-dovey with them or not.

Ask questions, make suggestions, do whatever. It would be a great help!