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Rogue Mafia. All in one thread. Sign up.

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4/10/2016 8:51:12 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Illuminati Mafia

Author(s) and Moderators: The_Perussi
Longest Possible Length: 10 Weeks.
Active: Weekdays only. Not active on weekends.
Players: 24
Complexity: High
Begins: Next monday.



In a rural, American town...

--Local News--
The shocking confession and the murder of now known illuminati member and celebrity Shac S. Ayman shocks the world.

Street Interviewee: I just can't believe he did those things. He deserved to die.

Street Interviewee #2: I don't care what he did! He was a great man who was in the best movie ever. 50 Shades of Black.

As you can see there is great distress at his death.

But the group thought to dissipate years ago is still out there.

The government is ready to find, expose, and imprison all illuminati members.

This is Jack... *cough*Lame, signing off.
--Local News--

Jennifer: I'm turning off this load of huey and heating up some soup. Tommy, would you like some of your daily kibble?

Tommy: Meeeeow

Jennifer: Illuminati? That is just a small group of druggies. They can't kill.

The next day, at a town meeting...

Mayor Toidi: There exists a giant chain of command that seeks to take over our beloved United State of America, it has ingrained itself into our cities, culture, and our towns. The government is not doing enough to stop them. Just last night Yu G. Daed was murdered. *murmurs throughout audience* We cannot let these people control us. We need to find out who they are and execute them. We need to set an example of civil disobedience. We are not above the law, there just is no law. These people will not stop to kill every last patriot. So we need to kill them first. I know some in this room are members. *gasps, people look around at others* Settle down now! Settle down! *they settle down* We the people need to defend our country. We are going to bring early judgment to these people. All we need to do to keep the feds out of this is "misplace" our files. I will talk with Mr. Clink, he will take care of this. He is a professional. Now, on a final note. I would like to inform our illuminati friends that every day we are going to vote for, and kill a citizen of this town. *absolute silence* Now you all remember when i saved us from that drought? I said to cover your houses with that plastic to collect water and draw more to the town, or when i found that one guy who was a terrorist hiding out in our town? I have a plan. Only together will we get though this. Class dismissed. Tomorrow, we are lynching us, a man.




Citizen -- Vanilla
One day they realize the illuminati is
real and that it has horrific intentions.
They must be stopped.

Prepper -- Doctor
Lets one person stay in her/his bunker every night.
This person is safe for the night.
Also takes them against their will.

Conspiracy Theorist -- Modified Sheriff/Cop
"Confirms" people as illuminati.
Owns gun. Doesn't get to know
role he killed. Doesn't HAVE to kill
every night. CAN.

Jennifer -- Kills whoever visits her house.
Little lady. Big gun. Fluffy cat.
Doesn't fire warning shots.
Kills anyone who visits her
house at night due to her vision.

Honeybadger -- Can survive two attempts to be killed.
Third kill attempt does kill. Gets to nibble
on one person per night.

Town Private Investigator -- Gets to see one person's role per night.
Finds and informs conspiracy theorist.

Wealthy Tycoon Tom Clink -- VTL worth 3.
Scammer, spammer, & rich.


Illuminati -- Mafia (Mafia's side)
Vote together to kill someone every night.
Vote to choose who to send.

The Media -- Role Block (Mafia's side)
You are the center of attention on the news.
The story ruins your plans for the day (and night) because everyone hates you now. I'll blow off.

Ghost -- Can't be killed at night. (Mafia's side)
Can only kill once per game for the mafia.
If the only one left on the mafia's side
this rule becomes false.

Illuminati Private Investigator -- Gets to see one person's role per night. (Mafia's side)


Players must have played a mafia once before.
I don't have the time to explain it.
Plus it is complex, join a beginner's mafia.
I suggest contacting Vaarka.

24 people.

Type & post ONLY this to join:


Do this and further instructions will follow.