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Freddy vs. Jason Mafia Teaser

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5/12/2016 11:56:14 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
It was a stormy and dark night, a man named Mitch Helms was rocking in his chair watching sports while sipping beer. "WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Touchdown!!!" His house was quietly creaking in the middle of the woods with the gentle pitter-pat of raindrops on the roof. "Yeah." A voice behind him snarled. "Touchdown." He instantly spun around to a charred, flakey face. It was wearing a coal black hat and a faded red and black striped sweater with jeans. "What the h--" He was cut short by a giant swipe of a claw-modified glove over his head. The man stared at it. "Ship". It violently flew again strait towards his cheek. He sprang back and tripped over a couch. On his back he armed himself with a fire poker. "That's it punk." He swung at the thing but it effortlessly blocked it and raked it's clawed glove from his gut right into his jaw. "No. THAT'S it, Punk." The man rag-dolled into a pile on the floor. "Sunny side up!" There was a chopping on the door. It rushed to a window. He scoped around. By the edge of the woods there was a bulky figure wearing a worn, beaten hockey mask. The raindrops were now soundless in the fierce void generated by their stare. The figure turned and faded in the shady night. The thing turned snarling and dashed to the door. It cleaved it in half to walk out and to stand it's ground. The figure was nowhere in sight. It dashed off.

-the next day-

"Morning Danielle, heard from Mitch today?" Sheriff Austin inquired. "No sir." "He didn't come to work and won't answer the phone. I'm going to go check it out., i a man named Richard Torres comes asking around for me tell him to wait at my station in the waiting room." The police car fired up.

-ten minutes later-

He got the the house. He got out and casually checked his phone for emails. "Haha! Ramirez." When he got to the door it wasn't there. It was laying in two pieces in the porch with shards everywhere. He froze dead in his tracks. "Holy toledo!" He ran into the house and yelling "Mitch!?!? You ok!?!?" He saw him curled up on the floor in a lake of blood. "CSI, get to 7 Shrute Farms road right away!" The phone didn't work. He tried the wire phone in the house. "Mayor David, call a meeting right away!"

Freddy vs. Jason
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