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The Game

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7/19/2016 4:35:59 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
No sign ups. This thread is the game.


Rule One: People are awarded or deducted points based on their posts and the following rules.

Rule Two: I will tell you if your points are increased, reduced, or reset and why. Example, "Player X has gained 5 points due to post 17 and rule four, they now have -20 points" or "Player Y's points have been reset to 0 due to rule six"

Rules 3-12: ???

More rules may be added at a later time as I think of them, and if I do so I will make a post saying so. No posts made prior to a new rule will be evaluated for whether it follows the new rule. Also, none of my posts will be evaluated for any rules at any time so even if I accidentally follow or break a rule, I will never gain or lose any points. My point count is always zero.
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