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The Game

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7/19/2016 4:35:59 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
No sign ups. This thread is the game.


Rule One: People are awarded or deducted points based on their posts and the following rules.

Rule Two: I will tell you if your points are increased, reduced, or reset and why. Example, "Player X has gained 5 points due to post 17 and rule four, they now have -20 points" or "Player Y's points have been reset to 0 due to rule six"

Rules 3-12: ???

More rules may be added at a later time as I think of them, and if I do so I will make a post saying so. No posts made prior to a new rule will be evaluated for whether it follows the new rule. Also, none of my posts will be evaluated for any rules at any time so even if I accidentally follow or break a rule, I will never gain or lose any points. My point count is always zero.
Are you a man of peace
Or a man of holy war?
Too many sides to you,
Don't know which any more.

So many full of life
But also filled with pain.
Don't know just how many
Will live to breathe again.