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The Hunger Games

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7/19/2016 5:33:38 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
You probably all know what the hunger games are. And that's exactly what this game will be. Ten people are the max for this game. So sign up fast.

When you sign up, state your name or we can use your username. Then complete the profile below.

Profile Name:

You can fill out the strength, speed, etc. But the max points your allowed to fill them out with is 50. Therefore you could put 20 in health and 10 in all the others and that would add up to 50.
The rest of your profile will be this.

Attack: +0
Defense: +0


Skills will be something you aquire while you're in the arena. (Ex, accuracy, stealth)

Food (10):
Items (5):

Food and items can be held. The numbers in the brackets are the max amount you can hold. If you aquire a backpack, those numbers will increase. If you wear something it does not count as something you are carrying.

Wearing: Clothes

Everyone starts off with the default. If you aquire armor, it may improve your defence.

1. When you die, your dead.
2. You can make alliances.
3. Turns will go in order. If you take too long to post your turn, you will be skipped.
4. You can do anything as long as it is realistic.
5. Spectators can send those little gift thingies to their favourite person. Message me with your gift idea and I will send it to the person.
6. When you kill a person, you can aquire what that person had.
7. Natural events in the arena can kill you.
8. You can backstab your alliance.
9. When your not on your turn you are allowed to talk to the other people.

I'll add rules if there is a problem. Sign up fast because ten people is the max. As for turns. When you've completed your profile post a number between one and one thousand on the same post. It cannot be the same as another number that already been posted. Whoever gets closest to the number that's already been selected goes first. Message me if you have a question.

May the odds be ever in your favor.
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